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File 141788433841.jpg - (4.92MB , 1920x6932 , 1.jpg )
21457 No. 21457 [Edit]
Winter 2015 season
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>> No. 21458 [Edit]
File 141788438592.jpg - (2.90MB , 1803x4604 , 2.jpg )
>> No. 21459 [Edit]
Look forward to the Assassination Classroom adaptation, along with Jojo and Junketsu no Maria.

Didn't know they were making another Milky Holmes. Hopefully it's more like the first season and less like Futari.
>> No. 21460 [Edit]
Guess there's Yuri Kuma Arashi.

>Hopefully it's more like the first season and less like Futari.
I see little cause for optimism with FWMH's director still at the helm and all.
>> No. 21462 [Edit]
Really? Fafner at this point?

Anyway, apart from Monogatari nothing really gets me this time. Might check out Tokyo Ghoul for the heck of it.
>> No. 21463 [Edit]
Tsukimonogatari is the only thing I have confirmed to watch.
>> No. 21464 [Edit]
I feel like that junketsu no maria might be interesting.
I might also pick the anime that explains autism.

Other than that, meh.
>> No. 21466 [Edit]
Looks like shit. Why even try for more milky holmes?

>Hopefully it's more like the first season and less like Futari.
It says right there that it's a sequel to the futari wa milky holmes tv series.

Post edited on 6th Dec 2014, 9:49am
>> No. 21470 [Edit]
gotta milk your cows for all their worth.
>> No. 21473 [Edit]
Looks pretty boring.

I'll give Milky TD one episode.

I'm preparing for the worst.
>> No. 21474 [Edit]
I'll give milkies 0 eps. I ain't preparing for shit.
>> No. 21499 [Edit]
its not airing winter season, the chart is wrong.
a lot of other stuff on that chart is wrong too.
>> No. 21506 [Edit]

Except it's not wrong because Milky Holmes TD will begin airing on Tokyo MX TV on December 31.
I sincerly doubt anything else on that chart is wrong either and if it was it's just because it was made based on data avaible at that time and it'll be corrected in the 3.0 version. Feel free to point all the countless errors, too.

Here, have the Milky PV even.
>> No. 21586 [Edit]
File 141933176973.jpg - (96.68KB , 618x1000 , Rooster.jpg )
What is the audience for Milky Holmes? It just feels so bipolar as a show...

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