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File 12895099828.jpg - (296.47KB , 1400x1050 , APB haruhi.jpg )
34 No. 34 [Edit]
Anyone here play APB? It was a really awful game but the creation tools were fun. Anyway, the game is being revived.
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>> No. 234 [Edit]
and it turns out they are going to charge people to use the character creation beyond a certain point unless they pay. so yeah it will probably be about as worthwhile as it was before (not at all)
>> No. 1118 [Edit]
The latest update has made me really hopeful for the game. It seems the new developers know exactly what people hated about APB, and are trying to fix it. It'll definitely be worth checking out again, for sure.
>> No. 1128 [Edit]
I applied to the CB, let's see if I get in.
>> No. 1130 [Edit]

Looking at the forums it looks like the community is going to be so shitty (then again what mmo community isn't). I really hope some people from here decide to get in on it, otherwise I might not even play it
>> No. 1131 [Edit]
I might, if it's free to play that is.
>> No. 1132 [Edit]
It will be
>> No. 1133 [Edit]
File 129659112849.jpg - (122.50KB , 500x290 , apb1.jpg )
Here's some new pictures, by the way. Looks like they improved the graphics a bit
>> No. 1134 [Edit]
File 129659114863.jpg - (130.15KB , 500x290 , apb2.jpg )
>> No. 1135 [Edit]
File 129659175814.jpg - (170.29KB , 1280x1008 , APB america.jpg )
Also here's one of my favorite APB pics ever (not taken by me, but still)
>> No. 1143 [Edit]
File 129668057097.jpg - (199.05KB , 980x735 , tmnt.jpg )
I really can't stress enough how great the customization in this game was. The only thing that could limit you were the models themselves
>> No. 1144 [Edit]
Can you import your own images or do you have to use in game shapes/icons and stuff to draw things yourself?
>> No. 1146 [Edit]
File 129668401690.jpg - (185.76KB , 832x751 , APB.jpg )
You have to use shapes and such which can all be resized, recolored, and morphed however you want. Apparently it's easier on the servers than letting everyone upload a bunch of their own pictures. Still, people could make some great stuff
>> No. 1147 [Edit]
File 129668427958.jpg - (186.41KB , 980x735 , krabs.jpg )
>> No. 1148 [Edit]
Oh, you could also make your own theme music (which played when you won missions, and for the people you kill as "you died" music) using an in-game music editor that was apparently really good, but I never messed with it myself (got all my songs from people in the auction place). So if you want to have the guy you just killed be forced to listen to a 10 second section of hare hare yukai while he respawns you totally can.
>> No. 1150 [Edit]
File 129668566188.jpg - (362.08KB , 1920x1080 , asp.jpg )
and here's a picture of probably one of the best things I've ever seen made with the editor, on that billboard (pic not taken by me)
>> No. 1162 [Edit]
If TC makes a group in APB then we should make a cop group named the Mahou Shoujos, and dance in front of criminals after we arrest them.
>> No. 1252 [Edit]
File 129728844421.png - (1.79MB , 1533x924 , splosion.png )
Another new pic. I think they might have made explosions more....explodey, because I don't remember them being this big and colorful
>> No. 1294 [Edit]
People have until midnight PST on the 15th to get a chance for beta by putting your email here:

I signed up with two emails, so if both of them get in I guess I'll give the code or whatever to someone here if anyone wants it
>> No. 1299 [Edit]
File 129772633224.jpg - (420.49KB , 1618x1001 , rage.jpg )
>> No. 1311 [Edit]
personally i liked the gameplay, but whatever...

ill probably end up playing it again
>> No. 1312 [Edit]
I have a source in the current friends and family beta who says the game has improved a LOT. There's also a "really huge thing" that is supposedly really great but he can't talk about it
>> No. 1314 [Edit]
File 129783847176.jpg - (172.26KB , 628x664 , pinku.jpg )
I made this character a few days before the game closed.
>> No. 1315 [Edit]
Can't embed this for some reason
>> No. 1360 [Edit]
Looks like the game (or the beta at least) will have separate servers for the East and West coasts of the US. If any of you are going to play, which server would you play on? I live in the middle of the country so I could go either way
>> No. 1361 [Edit]

>This video contains content from Sony Music Entertainment, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.

That must be why.
>> No. 1362 [Edit]
What country are you in? I can view it fine in the US
>> No. 1372 [Edit]
File 129833562157.jpg - (58.86KB , 500x375 , small.jpg )
Ha, the subject of why there's no flat chests came up on the forums. They said it has something to do with how custom symbols would display, and if they were smaller it would make the symbols look fucked up. Anyway a dev posted this, the smallest breast size...
>> No. 1373 [Edit]
File 129833567430.jpg - (60.20KB , 500x375 , oh god.jpg )
..and this, the largest. You can also change how much they droop and how far apart they are so your results may vary
>> No. 1374 [Edit]
File 129833659426.jpg - (69.42KB , 500x375 , thin.jpg )
and some different examples of the male form...if that's your thing
>> No. 1375 [Edit]
File 12983366124.jpg - (70.83KB , 500x375 , ripped.jpg )
>> No. 1376 [Edit]
File 129833663233.jpg - (69.42KB , 500x375 , louie anderson.jpg )
>> No. 1377 [Edit]
>louie anderson.jpg
oh you
>> No. 1378 [Edit]
File 12983435182.jpg - (70.46KB , 500x375 , fatty fat fat.jpg )
Actually this one is probably closer to him, since that one I posted is a fat/muscular body. This one is just fat
>> No. 1423 [Edit]

If you registered before then, you should be getting an application key. One of the questions was what mobile phone service you use, and I felt awkward leaving it blank ;_;
>> No. 1425 [Edit]
I have a spare beta (application...) key. If anyone wants it just give your email and I'll send it to you. Or if you don't want to give your email out and don't mind the risk of someone else nabbing it, I could post it here.
>> No. 1429 [Edit]
They still need a bunch of private information from you like last time. Now I'm reluctant to register again.
>> No. 1434 [Edit]
Nothing too private this time though. I remember the old APB's sign up asked shit like where you work and what your marital status is, as if any of that is relevant at all.
>> No. 1435 [Edit]
File 129866011910.jpg - (34.54KB , 500x120 , typical crim.jpg )
I just really hope not filling out the mobile phone section won't fuck me over. Then again given how stupid everyone on the forums are (pic related) I wouldn't be surprised if the devs will let anyone smart enough to give a DxDiag in the beta.
>> No. 1436 [Edit]
Key has been taken!
>> No. 1447 [Edit]
File 129875352469.jpg - (159.82KB , 1240x964 , vocaloid_war.jpg )
Rumor has it the beta starts in 2 days! Pic related, it's the tohno police force
>> No. 1449 [Edit]
>Police force

Don't think so, Tim.
>> No. 1451 [Edit]
Sorry, but the sweet tears gathered from arresting teenagers dressed as the Joker are too hard to pass up. Doesn't mean we can't have a criminal group too, though. Smashing store windows and stealing outdated TVs is pretty fun too
>> No. 1460 [Edit]
New blog post says how much it will be affected. Free players will only get to use 25 shapes for a symbol, and will only be able to put 5 symbols on their cars and 5 symbols for each piece of clothing. Premium members will get 100 shapes for symbols, and 50 symbols for their cars and each piece of clothing. It's not as bad as I thought, but to put things in perspective the Haruhi symbol in the OP would be impossible to make for free players
>> No. 1483 [Edit]
Turns out "2 days" means "sometime this week", and only for the west coast server (followed by the euro sever then the east coast server). What server will the tohno groups be on?
>> No. 1487 [Edit]
aaaand wave one of invites is out and I didn't get one (yet). God damn my luck ;_;
>> No. 1520 [Edit]
Oh shit, I got in! I'll write up some details after it downloads and I play for a while
>> No. 1521 [Edit]
Well, the game feels better in most respects, but I get a lot of lag while driving. Could be a beta thing but it makes things a pain in the ass. Can't really speak on weapon balance yet since I have yet to unlock any new ones
>> No. 1524 [Edit]
I got a key but where in hell do I download the game? Or didn't I get in?
>> No. 1530 [Edit]
The only key is the beta registration key. If you get accepted into the beta you get an email telling you your G1 account is beta-activated and a link to the download.
>> No. 1533 [Edit]
After playing for a few hours I've come to the conclusion that the game is better than before in that it's not as frustrating, but the missions are still really dull most of the time. Then again most of the fun is supposed to come from playing with around with friends, and I have none. Maybe after the game hits open beta/release and a few brohnos get in it will be a good time
>> No. 1536 [Edit]
Got into the beta, gonna start installing it right now

I assume we get the same access paying members would
>> No. 1537 [Edit]
What's your character name going to be? If you make a cop I could play around with you tomorrow. Criminal would be fine too but I'd need to make a new character first
>> No. 1538 [Edit]
On second thought maybe you should wait until you actually make your character before you tell me a name. I wouldn't want to send a message to some stranger if your name is already taken
>> No. 1539 [Edit]
i was about to say, ill tell you when i get him made.

Ill make a cop when the download finally finishes.
>> No. 1549 [Edit]
Don't play this game if you are an angry person. This is the kind of game where you could be kicking the other team's ass the entire time, but dying once at the wrong time means you lose the entire mission (some of which last up to half an hour depending on how many objectives you or the other team have). If I wasn't such a mellow person I probably would have snapped my keyboard in half by now.
>> No. 1554 [Edit]
Name is Sideburns.

Im not seeing any real differences from the original...besides the fact people now have grenade launchers instead of just super powered AK-47s
>> No. 1562 [Edit]
File 129946744913.jpg - (40.27KB , 427x433 , crying.jpg )
I spent 4000 on the marketplace for a JG shotgun only to find out they suck ass now. I used to be so good with it ;_;
>> No. 1569 [Edit]
I search your name whenever I get on but you're never on when I am, apparently. I'd like someone to play with, since now the game has decided that I deserve only 2v1 missions, which are always such bullshit that I lose the will to play 5 minutes after starting the game up.
>> No. 1573 [Edit]
Sorry, im usually pretty random about what games i play and when
>> No. 1603 [Edit]
I don't know if I can play this anymore. My session tonight was so unfun and frustrating that I'm considering uninstalling it. Then again, it's beta so maybe "fun" will be patched in later, and I don't want to have to sit through another 3 hour install of the game to find out.
>> No. 1604 [Edit]
Fun is a 50 dollar DLC coming out next year
>> No. 1605 [Edit]
Or a premium feature
>> No. 1608 [Edit]
I decided to play again this morning and immediately got into a 2v1 mission against two 4channer ntec users, and of course my newly purchased stun gun was of no use (and neither was my shotgun, surprise surprise). Why I keep trying to play this game when all it does is depress me I have no idea
>> No. 1655 [Edit]
For anyone who still cares, 10,000 more invites went out today:
>> No. 1883 [Edit]
Now that I've decided the game isn't worth playing I decided to do some of that "dumptruck griefing" all the kids are talking about. Good lord I have never had so much fun with the game. A team will be hanging out in their car minding their own business when my dumptruck zooms onto the scene and smashes their car to bits like I was the goddamn terminator. I'd like the game to be fun on it's own merits and all, but so far being a total asshole is great.
>> No. 1990 [Edit]
  Behold! I've found the fun in APB!
>> No. 2017 [Edit]
This game really isn't all that fun? I like the concept. Was it just a matter of shitty pull off?
>> No. 2019 [Edit]
I've heard it's fun with a group of friends, but I don't know. Combat is pretty much all luck, and missions are dull and frustrating. A common scenario is "guard this place from the other guy for 10 minutes", and even if you whoop his ass for 9 minutes he can kill you once and win the whole mission. Customization was the only saving grace, but since it requires you to play the awful game to get the money to buy things it's not even worth it.
>> No. 2519 [Edit]
So with open beta coming up I'm wondering if anyone is going to play, and if so what server they'd play on (US east or US west) and what faction (cops or crooks). Apparently you can only have one free character slot and you need to pay for extras, so it's important to get this straight before anything starts. If nobody else is going to play I probably won't bother either.
>> No. 2703 [Edit]
They let you recover your old character, along with all their clothes and symbols even if they go over the free limit. Unfortunately you can only have one free character slot so hopefully the one person who cares about this news doesn't mind abandoning all but one of their old characters
>> No. 3082 [Edit]
Open beta has started apparently. Servers are down now though
>> No. 3101 [Edit]
I'm downloading the game now. I played back during the brief time it was run by RTW. The game was enjoyable when you had a group to run around with (even if we weren't very good.)
>> No. 3102 [Edit]
I wish the game would have given me back my K-on death theme since all the default ones suck and I can't make shit myself. It gave me back everything else though just the way I left it
>> No. 3104 [Edit]
I just read that they had to wipe themes for some reason. That stinks.

What server/faction are you playing? I should be in-game soon, though I imagine I'll spend a long time in character creation. My old character isn't really worth reclaiming.
>> No. 3105 [Edit]
Enforcer, East server. Post when you have your character made and your name and I might hop on later
>> No. 3112 [Edit]
Sorry for the slow response. I ended up having to go out for a bit.

I made an Enforcer on Joker. My character's name is Illyasviel. Just let me know you're from Tohno when/if you message me, so I know it's not some random.
>> No. 3120 [Edit]
That was a fun little time we had murdering the hell out of those guys!
>> No. 3187 [Edit]
I've been able to kick more ass in 2v1 missions now for some reason. I still lose due to the whole "die once and they win" thing, but I've felt like rambo.
>> No. 5571 [Edit]
Apparently Reloaded is going to start using steam. I haven't played the game in months (because it sucks) but if enough people get interested I might start again
>> No. 5572 [Edit]
I'm probably one of the few that sees APB and thinks Red Alert: A Path Beyond and that people are playing that again.

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