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File 129773891298.jpg - (206.18KB , 768x1024 , 41aadcad4c555f76a4bae77229044d4e.jpg )
1767 No. 1767 [Edit]
I don't mind going out to public. I can handle myself in the real world and I just look average.

The real problem comes after. When I arrive home I can't stop thinking in the smallest mistakes over and over, like a loud speaker on my head. Sometimes I even want to scream or punch something. This can go on for days.

Does anyone else experiences this?
How is this feeling called?
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>> No. 1768 [Edit]
I know what you're talking about. Hell, I still think about things that I did and realize what I may have done to seem awkward, and I feel awkward just remembering it.
>> No. 1769 [Edit]
I get that a lot too, the thoughts are called "ruminations." It can be pretty bad, since a lot of things remind me of my little mistakes. I've hammerfisted the arms of my computer chair plenty of times and my neighbors probably think I'm dangerously crazy if they hear me seemingly randomly shout cusses.

It's one of the symptoms of social anxiety/phobia and probably depression.
>> No. 1770 [Edit]
Not sure what it's called. Anxiety, I guess. I experience the same thing. Handshakes are my worst nightmare when it comes to this. I'll sit there for hours thinking about how awkward it was and how they must be laughing right now at my weak bony hands. And I'll kill myself over pretty much any other random situation I consider embarrassing. I once called someone I knew by accident when trying to call my dad, and immediately hung up when I heard the weird voice on the other line. I was so scared it was unbelievable, because talking on the phone normally is hard enough, but doing something embarrassing on the phone is just unthinkable. It plagued my thoughts so badly that I started yelling out loud at myself.

I hate phones.
>> No. 1771 [Edit]
To this day I still think back on small mistakes I made years ago and get angry over them. Even the smallest thing I've said to someone five years ago or anytime i've had a complete fool out of myself. It still bothers me
>> No. 1774 [Edit]
I don't get this problem because I am too socially retarded to notice my own mistakes.
>> No. 1778 [Edit]
I get like that anytime I do something like a essay in college, I nitpick at every little thing and somehow get a good grade. In social things I'm afraid of talking to people for similar reasons--I'm afraid I'll embarrass myself or say something odd, things like that. I can go out, I just can't talk to people and its starting to make me hate going out more, I'm afraid I'll mess something up and hence have to talk to people risking that I'll upset someone.
>> No. 1779 [Edit]
I get like that on the internet. I can spend 10 minutes writing and rewriting even the smallest posts. I don't have that problem so much here, but on forums where I have a name (admittedly not many) sometimes I just don't post at all.
>> No. 1782 [Edit]
I used to do this all the time. But after I lost all hope of being able to communicate with other people like 99.99 percent of humanity can, I stopped giving a shit. I'm tired of caring, I can't care anymore.
>> No. 1786 [Edit]
Sometimes I wonder if this dilemma would be less of an issue if I socialized more out of my comfort zone - making all my thought mistakes vanish in the greater quantity of it, or just seem more the irrelevant. I'm very well aware that most of these "mistakes" made in public are illusional, but it still manages to bother the hell out of me at times.
>> No. 1798 [Edit]
I do the exact same thing, but I only recently really became aware that I do it, so I've decided I'm going to make it a goal to stop. For psychological and neurological reasons, rumination gets worse the more you do it and better the less you do it, so even if it's a tough habit to kick it's really an effort I have to make.
>> No. 1801 [Edit]
I was at the doctors yesterday getting another prescription for depression/anxiety meds. He asked why I was there today, to which I replied "an appointment" without thinking.

I'll never be able to forget any stupid little thing like this, but at least this one makes me laugh.
>> No. 1803 [Edit]
Same thing here. I can't remember when it started, but I've always done it, even when I was a kid. Constantly worrying and 'rehashing' things, almost going mad with regret over trivial things. But it used to be a select few scenarios only that I replayed in my head -- now I'm actually afraid of going to sleep because I know I'll 'review' my day, so I try to read or watch something before I go to bed so that my mind is occupied.
>> No. 1823 [Edit]
I'm like that OP, but the thinking comes before the going outside.

I usually think of where I'm going, and if I will encounter any embarrassing possibilities there. Takes hours for me just to go pick up my mail from the post office.
>> No. 1835 [Edit]
It's a sign of depression/lack of confidence. The 'mistakes' are often trivial. It's best if you don't blame yourself for them, and move on so to speak.

That's how I dealt with it.
>> No. 1921 [Edit]
I have felt this way since my high school days which sadly for me has been some time ago.

I can handle small talk somewhat, but most of it employs me butting into others' conversation. I have a really hard time starting one, and I have been a professional wallflower for half of my life. I don't want to overhear others; it is just that I can't tune them out. Funny thing is that I suck at active conversation. I often have to ask people to repeat themselves.

Afterward I do over analyze what I said. I have difficulty forming sentences often, and just that will make me angry realizing how stupid I sounded.

Please don't hit us with the "If I can do it, anyone can!" mentality. A lot of us can't. This is something completely lost amongst the masses being outside their own personal experience and all. My apologies if that wasn't your intent.
>> No. 1923 [Edit]
>Please don't hit us with the "If I can do it, anyone can!" mentality. A lot of us can't.
Looks like someone never got a pep talk by Anthony Hopkins.
>> No. 1934 [Edit]
or you could say fuck that and go a step further

what one man can do another can do, thats why you have to do what other men cant.

Surpass the impossible and kick reason to the curb and what not.
>> No. 1976 [Edit]
File 12987605697.jpg - (109.46KB , 1280x720 , asuka strikes.jpg )
ever say "good morning" when its actually afternoon?
>> No. 1977 [Edit]
Actually I always say "good afternoon" or "good evening" even when it's still early. Something about "good morning" bothers me, like it makes me sound more vulnerable/immature.
>> No. 1978 [Edit]
Say goodnight to a girl makes me feel odd because thats the sort of thing couples say to each other when they're going to bed together.

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