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18451 No. 18451 [Edit]
>> No. 18596 [Edit]
Does this show give anyone else a really strong Valkyria Chronicles type of vibe?
>> No. 18695 [Edit]
Why do I feel like the only person on this site following this anime?
>> No. 18956 [Edit]
I found it funny how the fat kid no one likes was the first to die, that the douchebag dies almost as soon as he stops being a douchebag, none of the girls get killed, and the show's overall quality takes a nose dive on ep 9. It's as if they figured everyone probably drooped the show by this point now that everyone's dead so why bother. Also, whats up with the way whats his face discovered Claire's true identity? I can't see how he was able to make that connection at that point. those bitches don't look nothing alike. Did the creator's have some big reveal lined up but then just say fuck it who cares? and his sister inexplicably finding out soon after ontop of that was hilarious.

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