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File 136419732385.png - (263.21KB , 500x309 , 386.png )
13750 No. 13750 [Edit]
What's the longest period of time you've gone without leaving your home, or doing so very infrequently (as in once every few months)?
>> No. 13752 [Edit]
Probably a month and a couple of weeks. I can't remember.
>> No. 13754 [Edit]
Around half a year probably. Ironically I'm not a hikki and have no problem going outside, it's just that now that I started downloading books and stopped borrowing them from the library there's just no reason to go outside.

Since November I left my home once.
>> No. 13757 [Edit]
9 months, once, without going outside at all.

Haven't really gone out for a long period without it having to be a doctor's or government appointment since late 2010.
>> No. 13758 [Edit]
I went from Christmas 2011 to Christmas 2012. I don't want to and nobody makes me go outside.
>> No. 13770 [Edit]
It's hard to keep track, but probably somewhere between 3 and 6 months.
>> No. 14809 [Edit]
Mother goes to the store for food. Everything in my life is on the computer. The last time I left the house was a doctors appointment in December 2011.
>> No. 14810 [Edit]
Probably a month or so, I don't know. I have a shitload of doctor and psychiatrist appointments that force me to leave on a weekly basis nowadays.
>> No. 14811 [Edit]
Almost a month I think.
>> No. 14813 [Edit]
Longest was seven months, broke it when I wanted to escape and went to get a driving instruction permit that I didn't use.

I get out a lot more now, though.
>> No. 14826 [Edit]
Without going out at all? 9 months.

Now? I go out every 3 months to get my SSRIs represcribed.
>> No. 14854 [Edit]
3 or 4 months, I think.
>> No. 14882 [Edit]
I haven't gone out since I've gotten myself a gym bike, except for putting the thrash outside. I have no reason to. 10 months and counting.
>> No. 14908 [Edit]
almost 2 years. life was easier back then
>> No. 14910 [Edit]
How do you guys keep real accurate track of time? I find the longer you're NEET, the less aware of time you are even when the references and tools to do so are right in front of you.
>> No. 14914 [Edit]
I use daylight coming through the shades (when I'm not sleeping), an alarm 3 times a day at constant times, and setting alarms if there's timed events to remember.
>> No. 14919 [Edit]
I used to keep a diary. Used to.
>> No. 17611 [Edit]
If taking a walk at night, alone, once every few month still counts, then about 6 years. Could be 7. Crazy, to think that the last time sunlight directly hit my skin was 6 fckin years ago. Jesus what am I doing ;_;
>> No. 17621 [Edit]
How old are you and are you extremely pale or something? You may be one of the few that legitimately need vit D supplements.
>> No. 17627 [Edit]

I'm 24. I am extremely pale, which makes it even harder to re-integrate into society (if I ever wanted to). People would probably think I am a drug addict or final stage cancer patient. It also doesn't help that my teeth are really fucked up and yellow (obv. if you don't go to a dentist in years), which is a nice contrast to the pale skin. I should probably look into vit d supplements...
>> No. 17663 [Edit]
You could be a Voldemort impersonator.
>> No. 17665 [Edit]
Pale skin is really under appreciated. You don't want to look like some dipshit guido do you? Bronze beauty?! hah! Bitches please, bronze is what they hand out to the losers! what you gotta go for is the mother fucking platinum!!!!
>> No. 17811 [Edit]
Yes use to advantage
>> No. 17985 [Edit]
Almost a year, in late 2011-early 2012. I only left for psychiatry appointments. I would have continued quite comfortably, but I had more and more appointments and was hospitalized. Then I didn't leave the hospital for another year.
>> No. 17989 [Edit]
I only leave my house for doctor's appointments and therapist appointments (autismbux). If that counts then I haven't gone outside for any random reason since about the middle of 2009.
>> No. 18029 [Edit]
Hey fuck you Italians are nice people, you use spics as examples for these things

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