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File 133505094757.jpg - (491.59KB , 624x881 , 1333820113347.jpg )
9671 No. 9671 [Edit]
Does anyone else resent their parents for having them?

I think having kids/creating life is possibly the most selfish thing you can do. To put it into my reasoning its basically "I don't know if this thing wants to exist or not, but fuck it, its all about me, its going to." then they have the nerve to insist you do things like get a job and repeat the process of selfishness they have.

I haven't seen anyone else make this observation but the more I think about it the more having kids seems like a dick thing to do to me.
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>> No. 9672 [Edit]
I wish I was never born, but I can't blame my parents for wanting a child. If anything they would resent me for being so terrible
>> No. 9673 [Edit]
Eh, I don't know. I agree with all that you said, but I don't really resent my parents, not for that at least.
But it was more or less through the same line of thought that I ruled out the possibility of having children myself(that was before I opted for 2D, therefore it was still a somewhat valid concern)
>> No. 9674 [Edit]
You're not alone

(etc many in the linkbar on those blogs)

I don't resent my parents, well i get pissed but it's DONE. You are HERE. The only thing you can do is not continue the vicious cycle (have kids) and minimize personal suffering

Post edited on 21st Apr 2012, 4:58pm
>> No. 9675 [Edit]
Yes, I do.

My mother had no reason to have me when she already had some other kids that she didn't care about. Then proceeded to be the retard that she is and make my shitty half brother with some abusive piece of shit.

I haven't enjoyed life all that much, if at all, so my existing has been nothing more than a waste and just a stepping stone for her to get things she probably wouldn't have the opportunity to do herself.
>> No. 9676 [Edit]
If everyone thought like that then humanity would die out.
>> No. 9679 [Edit]
I don't think it necessarily has to be a selfish thing, but it often is.
I resent my father somewhat. While he was very supportive of some of my pursuits that appealed to him, he was very insulting and belittling when it came to my qualities and interest that he didn't like. My mother, on the other hand, was always able to make me and my siblings feel loved and appreciated, even while disciplining and scolding us. Even that we're all adults now, my mom still thinks of us first and herself long afterwards.

Not that it's anything more than the remotest of possibilities now, but the thought of having children is horrifying.
>> No. 9682 [Edit]
Yeah i guess a bit.
In all honestly, I'm little more than a burden (and embarrassment) to her.
>> No. 9690 [Edit]
I think of all the things I experienced here and feel slightly thankful but otherwise I really do think they shouldn't have had me. If they hate me also and keep me around just for the sake of doing so I understand. I'm a failure in just about every possible way you can think of. There is no value to my life that I can see. I'm just a frustrated, broken, and stupid piece of shit. Just all in all the worst child anyone can ever have. I wish they would deny I'm their child altogether.
>> No. 9692 [Edit]
And what's wrong with that?
>> No. 9696 [Edit]
I think that it's a bad idea in most cases.

Not so much if the parents are totally selfless.
>> No. 9697 [Edit]
That'd be nice.
>> No. 9704 [Edit]
My mother had me when she was 17, both parents are poor, both lived in my grandmother's house.

I was probably an accident, not sure if I resent them though. Could have been worse.
>> No. 9706 [Edit]
File 133510278721.jpg - (120.48KB , 827x1199 , 128292811351.jpg )
I completely agree with you OP.
That's also the reason why I've disowned my parents.
I think it's especially selfish if you really don't have the capabilities of offering a decent life standard to your offspring.
For starters, I think reproducing should have some kind of salary limit, like under 35k€ a year for either of the parents and you are not allowed.

Love and care don't mean anything in the long run, they'll just make you weaker for this sick and twisted world.
>> No. 9707 [Edit]
Can't really say that I do, at least not significantly.

I just figure that I got the shitty luck of the draw when it came to being born, or something like that.
>> No. 9710 [Edit]
I think my parents resent me for being born the way I am.
>> No. 9715 [Edit]
File 133512323674.jpg - (133.37KB , 853x363 , The Baby of Macon.jpg )

Reproduction is a serious bussines...
And little results, but sickness and sadness.

>> No. 9718 [Edit]
I don't necessarily resent them, but it was a shortsighted decision on their part.

Nowhere near as retarded as having two more kids after me, though. Just as their life is falling apart, they decide to have two more.

I mean, why? She just complains about them all the time and how hard it is for her. Yet, when I asked her if she regrets it, she said "No, why would you ever think that?"
>> No. 9767 [Edit]
I kinda agree OP. And I don't think there's much I could add. I bet all people who feel miserable about themselves/their lives sooner or later reach that conclusion.


You say that like it's a bad thing.


>I think it's especially selfish if you really don't have the capabilities of offering a decent life standard to your offspring.

That's no longer selfish, that's retarded. When I hear about also those poor (literally) children I can't help but feel resentment towards their parents.

>For starters, I think reproducing should have some kind of salary limit, like under 35k€ a year for either of the parents and you are not allowed.

Funny because I remember coming up with something similar back in the day.

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