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File 135716465273.jpg - (20.42KB , 234x310 , neet-shirts1.jpg )
12919 No. 12919 [Edit]
I'm assuming a few of you have or had real world jobs. Perhaps we could start a discussion about our experience with them, ideal jobs, and how to get them (with no experience). I guess the paradox is that the good ones are securely taken, and if everyone knew about the secret good ones, they wouldn't exist. I live in a huge city where competition is rampant, even for the crappiest of the jobs 90% expect some kind of resume.

I can only tolerate a workplace for a maximum of 6 months, however I live alone and got bills to pay. I live in a major US city and have worked a number of different shitty corporate restaurant service jobs, all basically the same. Essentially a huge list of monotonous crap you have to prep or clean all day (or night) if you aren't swamped with customers, the manager will make you clean the inside of some machine, a rack, the entire toilet, twice a day just so you can look busy. I've also done delivery which was probably the best job, but alas no more car. Any other bottom level jobs? There's no upward mobility for anyone besides managers, a position really only ideal for power hungry and workaholics. I've heard retail is similarly mountainous and boring, and the only other entry level fields I can think of are customer service and sales, too much social interaction for me, and again monotonous. Ideally I'd love a laid back job with minimum co-worked at 7/11 or something without having to be foreigner and knowing the people who work there.
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>> No. 12920 [Edit]
I worked for a month in the little factory my uncle owns, operating a lathe and doing some other menial tasks, that's my only experience with jobs.
>> No. 12921 [Edit]
I really want that shirt.
>> No. 12922 [Edit]
try to get a job as a janitor somewhere. I've never done strictly maintenance work but its not overly demanding and quite often you just attempt to look busy.
>> No. 12923 [Edit]
I'm not OP, but every janitor opening I've seen has required 1 year of experience.
>> No. 12925 [Edit]

I work as a janitor and I had no (specific) prior experience. A lot of places need that sort of help pretty desperately.

It's a great job if you can get it, though. Usually short-ish hours, mildly physical but not back-breaking, requires minimal people skills, and you get a sense of immediate accomplishment from creating order and cleanliness. If you're into that sort of thing.

Another thing, although this can be difficult for the socially retarded (myself included), but there's often decent money in doing odd jobs for people. I made $100 last month just wiping the hard drives of a few old computers that my elderly neighbors wanted to get rid of, a job that mostly amounted to booting up a Linux live CD, typing a couple of terminal commands, and then sitting around for an hour. I also made $25/hr cataloging someone's book collection. Talk to your parents or anyone else you know and ask them to keep their ears open for things like that; a lot of people are willing to pay good money for someone else to just do random chores for them. "Networking" in that manner can also be a stepping stone to bigger and better job opportunities down the road.
>> No. 12926 [Edit]
No one will take me into a job, I even applied to multiple places for stocking grocery store shelves and couldn't get past the interview. But I have gotten money from people I live near occasionally doing some yard work for them. It comes natural to me when the weather gets warmer so I just do it for others too. That's all I can do, everything else has blocked me out.
>> No. 12927 [Edit]
Nine times out of ten, even if it says "experience required", you could still apply and they could quite possibly still take you on. At the very least, it couldn't hurt, and you're in the running for the job regardless. Win-win.

They only really put that experience requirement on there as a method of controlling quality of applicants. If you can prove yourself a competent worker without experience, they have no reason to care if you've worked before.

Post edited on 4th Jan 2013, 3:30pm
>> No. 12928 [Edit]
"experience required" Is such bullshit. how are you supposed to get experience if no one will hire you without it?
>> No. 12929 [Edit]
I've had 2 jobs in my life and I don't even know if the first one counts.

I got my current one from my mom. She called a co worker and told her to hire me. the experience requirement is bullshit, nepotism is the only way to get around
>> No. 12930 [Edit]
Yeah through my mother knowing someone is the only way I will ever get a job. It's all about connections. She actually just told me there is another job opening for a job a already applied for a failed a while ago. I'm not going to get it but I'll apply just to shut her up. She will also make me pester the manager the whole time aand I always feel bad about doing it. I can feel the anger of the manager through the phone with every time I call just to tell them to look at my application making me look like an even more desperate loser and possibly having them to put me on a "people to avoid" list that they would pass to other businesses in the area too. I have been rejected everywhere around here so I wouldn't be surprised if I actually am on some sort of black list.
>> No. 12931 [Edit]
Not a real job but I donate plasma to supplement my income. Think of it as getting paid to watch anime and save lives at the same time.
Thank Haruhi I graduated and got all my work experience prior to the 2008 financial crisis. I'd hate to look for a job now days with no experience.

Government volunteer work pays and is practically guaranteed if you meet the requirements. Only problem is it doesn't happen all the time.
>> No. 12938 [Edit]
I worked at my city's baseball team official store. Mostly apparel but anything relevant to the team is sold there. I worked there for most of 2012, during my first year of college. I got the job because my older brother worked there previously and recommended me and the interview was no problem. It was absolute hell. I can mentally adapt anywhere, I can deal with the annoying customers and seriously retarded coworkers, I can hide my powerlevel and act interested and motivated. The problem was physically. Even though the job had me as a sales associate, meaning I pretty much restock everything and help people get to shit, my body couldn't handle it. I'm pretty average, no illness but I don't work out and I'm not fat. During the first month, I had this excruciating pain on my legs and I literally had to grit my teeth just to keep working. My work times were late night and I would sometimes get home at 1 or 2 AM. I thought the pain would go away or I would just get used it, I didn't. Funny part is, my boss and coworkers weren't THAT bad. I didn't have any personal problems with anyone and it was a calm environment.

I quit because of that physical pain. I feel like it was a waste because of my coworkers and how easy the job was (seemingly). I'm currently trying to get a job that just has me sitting down doing whatever, hopefully in front of a computer. Unfortunately, I don't think I can get one with my "experience" and to get "experience", I have to finish college first. Experience is a bullshit requirement to scare off people. What experience really means to me is if you have had training prior. The more they know about your skills in that specific area, the less they have to worry about you. Of course, real experience always helps, just that, if you're completely retarded and have no experience whatsoever, (and you don't show of any prior training to that particular field) then you are just screwed. For example, this job I actually was accepted to work in but didn't due to wanting to finish school : They wrote down that you needed 2 years professional experience working with hardware and customer service. All I wrote down in my resume and what I said in the interview was that I know my way around computers and that the only training I would need is how the process in that specific position works. They called me for the my first, but I didn't go.
>> No. 12942 [Edit]
I got a "hikikiomori" shirt (with Satou from NHK on it) and "Yukkuri" shirt from a locla anime con. I can prolly get the NEET one later on this year....
>> No. 12949 [Edit]
As far as the "experience" thing goes, consider volunteering as well. It's one of the absolute best things you can put on a resume, even if it's just a few hours a week.
>> No. 12959 [Edit]
I've thought translator would be a good job. One you are fluent or just good enough with a language, then you're done. No too much interacting, not 9-5 bullshit, just you and your ability, translating texts and shit because people would NEED you and you don't really have to think or make plans to translate, it's just inside you..

Now if only I wasn't lazy enough to actually learn 2 o 3 more languages I could live all my life of that..
>> No. 12961 [Edit]
Often you have to make "Tactful" translations
>> No. 12962 [Edit]
Please don't link there ( ´Д`)
>> No. 12973 [Edit]
OP here. Can't seem to find janitorial work in the whole city the one listing I found on craigslist required 1+ year experience, I'd probably have to join some kind of job finding program which totally sucked the last time I did it, requires like 10 forms, countless appointments and mainly assisting immigrants or people on welfare. I live in the huge part of the city where people don't really have lawns and don't trust just random people to do tasks for them. The problem with jobs that require experience is 9/10 times someone is applying with experience which essentially cuts me out. I've showed up for dishwashing jobs that say they already had 50 people come in this afternoon. I feel like you either look like a low-level job kind of person or you don't, and I've never heard of anyone who got hired really putting much effort in dressing up for the application/interview. I agree with the neopotism, or at least knowing someone who works there, one of the only jobs I got I had to go in and "be-friend" a worker I already talked to once, kind of a bullshit way to get a job if you ask me. Learning a language and donating plasma seems like the best advice so far, though I Hate needles and bet I'd be surrounded by some low class people... What other government volunteer work is there? I've done food testing and sleep (experiments), but the availability is like every 6 months if you are lucky...

I've found only the Worst jobs seem not to require resumes... resumes are a joke when you have worked at like 2 places and volunteered once, I could explain to you in a sentence, who wants to take the time to read a fricken resume?

>>12938 Also reversetrap! you a girl? lol, if I was a girl I would totally get a job where I could just act cute... eh
>> No. 12974 [Edit]
night security
look online on craigslist or even in a local newspaper under security jobs, call the company up and ask for more information. you usually need to get a couple of licenses that make you eligible to work security in your state, those are easy to obtain (just pay the license costs & attend a couple days of training)
very easy to get a night shift position if you ask for it, most of the time you will either work alone or rarely with another person

the work itself is fairly easy & undemanding, you will either spend most of your time checking up on some cctv screens or occassionally walking around the place & logging stuff down in the journal
if anything serious happens, you're supposed to call the police so they'll take care of it

also depending on where you work you can even read a book or bring your laptop to browse the internet while you're at your post, if its a night job you'll rarely be bothered by people anyway
>> No. 12975 [Edit]
Factory job, cleaner, put lawnmowing ads in the local classifieds, catalogue distributor (usually shit), private tutor (only if you have the knowledge and social skills), security guard, mechanical turk (shit).
>> No. 12984 [Edit]
>I'd probably have to join some kind of job finding program which totally sucked the last time I did it

Really? My experience was the opposite. That's how I got my current job (I'm >>12925). It was basically through this place that helps people with mental illness get job skills and work, and they were really great about it.

I don't know if you have any sort of diagnosis, but if you're on /tc/ then I'll venture that it wouldn't be too hard to get a shrink to say you have something like social anxiety or Asperger's. If you can find an agency that specifically works with folks like that, they can be a lot more helpful than other places that just assume everyone can do "simple" things like call strangers on the phone or express themselves confidently on a resume.

Believe me, I tried doing the normal Craigslist thing at first, and had just as much success as you're having. Finding an organization that (a) has far better local leads and contacts than Craigslist and (b) is willing to hold your hand through the entire process made all the difference in the world.
>> No. 12985 [Edit]
You could be a paperboy.

You work nights in solitude, and get paid surprisingly well.
>> No. 12986 [Edit]
>donate plasma
This sounds interesting. I've found a place nearby, I'll check it out later this week.

>government volunteer work
Are you talking about this: www.usa.gov/Citizen/Topics/PublicService.shtml
Or something else?
>> No. 13001 [Edit]
OP here, I have an interview for a new dog walking firm coming, seems like the perfect job...
>> No. 13005 [Edit]
>>d donating plasma seems like the best advice so far, though I Hate needles and bet I'd be surrounded by some low class people...

not reall
>> No. 13007 [Edit]
on the topic of plasma, try to go during low-traffic times.
Like 6am - 8am here. Just a few other donors at those times.
There's standards, like no stds, no arm rashes, etc, so shouldn't be a lot of gross people, but I suppose it depends on your area.
I went at 10 my first time, and was already anxious about the needles, and then I had to sit around a bunch of strangers. That's why I go early.
>> No. 13040 [Edit]
I went to the other extreme and became a bagger at the grocery store back in may(also my first job at 21)
At first I was quite scared because of all the people I would have to deal with on the front end, but it really wasn't that bad. It all boils down to whether or not you get along with the people you work with. In this case, I did.

It's still not the best job(pay is horrible), but not the worst. Heck, the other week some couple from another town even left me a letter with 40 dollars in it for returning a purse I found outside in the parking lot!
>> No. 13046 [Edit]
Thus far at age 20 I've stuck it out in a number of dishwashing positions. Whether they were good or not (not horrible) really depends on how much I was able to pull myself together mentally (not freak out, keep anxiety under control), and whether you can manage to get along with the people. Sometimes you just luck out and score something that rubs you the right way for various other reasons. For instance in the the part time job that I have now, the kitchen was constructed so that the dishpit is away from the rest of the kitchen, so I only have to do deal with light small talk. I've even gotten good at it, and shared a few laughs, somehow. I don't go looking for conversation at all, but I've somehow managed to relax enough so that work isn't an anxious pit of hell anymore.

I'd like to look for something else though. Maybe I'll look for part time janitorial work or get some sort of night security thing going, as was mentioned in this thread. Or donate plasma. They all seem like good ideas.

Best of luck. I hope you can all make that haven for yourselves someday, and escape those wretched feelings.
>> No. 13083 [Edit]
It's just too easy to stay NEET here in Finland. You get a decent apartment and just have to deal with bureaucracy every now and then and you're fine. No-one really forces you to get a job so you end up settling in the situation pretty quickly. Not that it would be a bad thing for an unsocial nerd as I don't want to meet people, but one day I probably want a change and there's no way I would get a job anymore. As people have mentioned, certain experience is always required, and I haven't had a single job in my 21-year-old life yet. Well, there's always this sudoku.
>> No. 13084 [Edit]
just to point out, if you're like me you have jack money so you cant even afford the $1-500 for the classes :/

So its a bit fucked.
>> No. 13085 [Edit]
Job Fairs seem to be worthless. You dress up (sometimeS) and they have a few shitty sales jobs, or they tell you to go online to apply there.....when you went to a fair for a job. Ignores the point of going to a Job fair if they tell you to go online.

This guy I know from Steam told me it's better to use LinkedIn to network with & gain connections.....HAHAHAHA.

In order to use that well I think you need to spend money on that.....and there's something fucked about spending money on a website in order to network to get a job :/

The more I deal with the bullshit capitalist system, the more I go communist.

I;m sure a lot of you have the same "we were told if we go to college, worked hard, etc we would find a good job and not be forced to work in McDonald's" thing. Well that is bullshit now as a bunch of us are working in shit fast food jobs when he have degrees.
>> No. 13095 [Edit]
Don't think you'd be in those ragged shoes if you studied Petroleum Engineering or somesuch.
>> No. 13101 [Edit]
File 136051501945.png - (348.87KB , 853x480 , EI9jU.png )
I plan on becoming a pizza delivery driver as soon as I obtain my driver's license. I hope it pays enough to at least get me living on my own. That's all I want. I would literally set my face on fire and have a leper colony gather around me for warmth if it meant not living with my family and being constantly ashamed of myself.
>> No. 13102 [Edit]
I'm living the otaku NEET life, but I would rather be working, even at a shit job. I wouldn't go full Ford Driver, but would live a kind of dual life, both working and able to have otaku things, even nice things like quality figs and maybe a place of my own. I really don't ask for much, but feel so let down. I keep hope though.
>> No. 13104 [Edit]
I don't know if this will help you but you could try to find warehouse work if there is any in your area. I work in a warehouse, there is no interaction with customers, although there is some interaction with salespeople and other warehouse workers but I find as long as I am polite no one bothers me. I can usually go out into the aisles by myself picking orders and you get extended periods of alone time. It can be tough physically mostly on your feet / legs from standing and walking all day but I got over it after a few weeks.

Obviously every warehouse will be a different experience than my own but for me it has been a nice way to earn some money with a low skill / low interaction job it might be worth looking into if you haven't found something else.
>> No. 13105 [Edit]
This sounds nice.
How did you get that job?
From what I can tell, most warehouses around here are near the perimeter of the city, so they are about 20 miles away. Do they hire people from that far away?
>> No. 13106 [Edit]
If you can ship your ass to work as required, I don't think they care where you live.
>> No. 13107 [Edit]
>How did you get that job?
I responded to an open job listing by emailing the manager directly with cover letter and resume. Obviously economic conditions of the area you live will dictate if people are even hiring, you may find there is no one looking for people.

>Do they hire people from that far away?
Like >>13106 said as long as you can get there I don't think they care where you live. In my situation the job is a short 10 minute walk from a train station so, it is easy for me even without a driver's license. Maybe it would not be so easy for you.
>> No. 13108 [Edit]
Thanks. Where did you see the job listed?
>> No. 13109 [Edit]
As a former pizza delivery driver, I wouldn't recommend it.

Driving constantly, dealing with asshole coworkers and customers and the chaos within the store itself during the evenings (especially on weekends) is highly stressful. The only time I didn't feel stressed was when I was out of the store on the road during the later hours of the evening when there's less traffic, the management where I worked was very in-your-face and there was always some faggot who worked late asking me if I could switch shifts with him so he could go watch the Ravens game. Assuming you live in the US, your hourly pay will be about $2 below minimum wage depending on where you live because of tips. The amount you make in tips per night varies greatly, generally the longer your shift the more you'll make due to more deliveries. Honestly, if you're good at it/lucky you'll be making more than minimum wage, but the stress you put on yourself and your vehicle isn't worth it.
>> No. 13114 [Edit]
File 136067294537.jpg - (76.76KB , 477x530 , r15PU.jpg )
I assume you live in a city. And if I'm very clever I'd say you lived in the US as well.

I live in a small town of about 20,000 people in Australia. Traffic is more than manageable, pay is usually a minimum 500 AUD a week and the people that work there are relatively harmless.
>> No. 13123 [Edit]
I assume that's gross payment. Mind if I ask which town you live?

The western part, southern part, northern part, north eastern part, eastern or south eastern part of Australia?
>> No. 13124 [Edit]
what about that shadowy part?
>> No. 13125 [Edit]

The shadowy part moves around quite a bit, it often depends on the time of day and what mood I'm in.

Post edited on 15th Feb 2013, 5:19am
>> No. 13128 [Edit]
There no jobs for good for nothings.
>> No. 13129 [Edit]
I've had 2 really good job offers in the past year and turned them both down due to being too anxious to be able to go to a job interview.
>> No. 13130 [Edit]
I don't understand why some companies would do interviews via Skype. I'm usually too anxious and self-conscious to use a webcam to communicate with others.
>> No. 13131 [Edit]
There are companies that do interviews through Skype? I have never heard of that before, sounds like a really bad way to perform an interview even though your in the comfort of your own home. That's the only good thing that I think could come from an interview through a webcam along with it may be a little less socially stressful since you aren't in the same room with each other.
>> No. 13132 [Edit]
Phone interview is pretty typical so I quess Skype is just next step of it.
>> No. 13135 [Edit]
A step too close to resembling something like chat roulette.
>> No. 13136 [Edit]
For a prostitution job, why not?
>> No. 13138 [Edit]
Who thought video calling would be a good idea? I hate it, I feel exposed for some reason.
>> No. 13141 [Edit]
I hate it too.
One time, someone was like, "buy a webcam." I felt like I had been raped.

My rapes. That's a fruit, right? Isn't there somehting called, like, rape oil or something? Like some sort of rape lubricant? Like, man, I was gonna rape this chick, but my rape machine, it was all, out of oil and shit. It needed a change. If I tried to rape without the oil, it would make this terrible screeching sound, and it wouldn't work very well.

You've gotta be efficient, you know?
Like, my turning radius was totally fucked, when I tried to rape without rape oil.
Ahd!!!!!!! Canola oil. That is rape oil! Oil from the rape seed! I remember! See! I can remmeber! I am the rememberance11!!!!!!!!! YES!!! YES!!!!! YESS!~!!!!
>> No. 13142 [Edit]
Work for a retailer in one of their warehouses, even in store. I was at an IKEA for nearly 3 years until I got something better, I only had to sign papers and deal with other warehouse workers who were also social outcasts (work hours were 0200-0600 or 2300-0600 depending on workload, so I even got home on public transportation/ bike before the masses were out in full effect). I know that IKEA (at least in my case) lets you wear headphones/ play music depending on your position, so that's a definite plus. I've heard receiver and/or backroom at Target/ Home Depot is also sick because you only deal with vendors and there's no required socialization since you're there in the wee hours of the morning. No clue about these two employers personally or about their corporate culture overall, but I know a couple of people who work at both and are much more anxious than I *shrugs*.

Good thing my new job requires ZERO interaction: I work online from home giving tech support by text. Before a million people ask... These kinds of jobs are SUPER hard to get and I only got it because of a medical related deal that's a tl;dr story and basically the place gets a writeoff for having me on board. Good luck everyone, I was unemployed until I was 21 and had to get a job or I would have been homeless. Hope you guys NEVER have to face this (having a job or being homeless).
>> No. 13143 [Edit]
is working really all that bad if there is no required social interaction?
depending on what it is, it can be calming, or at least make you feel like you're doing something. you can day dream, la la lalala, 6 or 8 hours and you go home. it's not so bad, at the very least.
>> No. 13144 [Edit]
No, it wasn't, but working at home > going out for sure.
>> No. 13145 [Edit]
>Work for a retailer in one of their warehouses

I looked for a storeperson job for a while but they always want someone with experience. and for socially awkward people its not like youre going to charm them into taking a risk on you.

I am lucky enough to have a job myself but for unemployed people with l-i-t-t-l-e experience its hard.
>> No. 13241 [Edit]
some engineering guy in a blog was approaching graduation & he realized all his classmates were either engineers cause their parents were engineers or they had other connections and he wa swondering how the hell to get a job.

P.S.some of us cannot handle the stresses of hard science majors. I -wanted- to go into engineering
>> No. 13300 [Edit]
Fuck, there are no jobs for good for nothing people, except cleaning the toilets.

And even this, you gotta have to overcome the degrading feel, especially when your cleaning offices, and people are still actually working.

There are some people in this world, who shouldn't be...simply....
>> No. 13301 [Edit]
File 136219759313.png - (152.61KB , 936x662 , fuck of tewi.png )
>> No. 13304 [Edit]
I'm not the guy you're talking to, but I don't think that picture's right. Systematically, your work is reckoned to be worth that much, but you aren't your work, and what's valued systematically isn't necessarily what you value, let alone what you (or even society) should value.

For example, why is some asshole with a business degree worth $80,000 a year while a teacher is worth $40,000? Why is a copyright/patent lawyer worth hundreds of thousands while an electrician usually around $50,000? The job market isn't a just world where a person's job and its salary reflects his essential nature and worth as a human being. The salary doesn't even reflect one's value to society as measured by productive contribution during a job. It only reflects the current pressures of the market, both locally and globally (which necessarily reflect the distribution of capital).
>> No. 13305 [Edit]
It's a facetious macro to make you sad.

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