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File 132221532440.png - (29.19KB , 371x437 , Kyongnam_SK.png )
7422 No. 7422 [Edit]
I've developed a new working theory about Kyon and his mysterious origins: He is Korean. Kyon is not a normal Japanese name and it isn't his actual name, he is just called Kyon in reference to the location of his origin (see Ayumu Kasuga for a similar example of this fairly common Japanese trait of renaming people from distant locales). Kyon is called Kyon becuase he is the only Korean guy in town, so everyone knows who they're talking about when they say Kyon without have to try to pronounce his weird sounding foreign name.
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>> No. 7423 [Edit]
File 132221561243.png - (209.79KB , 704x392 , BF.png )
I forgot to add that Kyon's Sister is called "Kyon's Sister" because she was born in Japan, but she still has a weird sounding IRL name because of her korean parentage. They don't call her "that loli from Kyongnam" or some such because she is from Japan, and they don't want to deal with her last name, so they just call her "That Korean guy's sister" AKA "Kyon's Sister".
>> No. 7424 [Edit]
>> No. 7426 [Edit]
Well okay then.
>> No. 7430 [Edit]
That can't be. Anime always draw other Asians with narrow eyes.
>> No. 7438 [Edit]

Or dark skinned, even if they're from Corea.
>> No. 7450 [Edit]
Kyon can't be Korean; He makes sense and can control his anger without having a childish fit.
>> No. 7451 [Edit]
I could tell you wrote this post just by looking at it on the front page. True story.

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