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File 138348762449.jpg - (275.09KB , 700x900 , 1383214422490.jpg )
16197 No. 16197 [Edit]
Did you know anyone who has commited suicide?
>> No. 16199 [Edit]
My first friend, a girl whom I met in nursery school, died of suicide three years ago. After a few years living with an affective disorder and some family problems, she hanged herself from a tree.
>> No. 16200 [Edit]
A couple. My best friend in high school killed himself, but that was an accident; he was choking himself for sexual pleasure, and it ended up badly.

That really fucked me up.
>> No. 16201 [Edit]
Oh man that sucks. I sympathize with you. If you ever want to talk about it, here's the place, I'll listen to every word.
>> No. 16202 [Edit]
No close friends, but a couple of people I went to school with (from ages of 12 - 16).

A girl commited suicide at 17, overdose. She had a very troubled upbringing.

The second was more of a shock. A young guy I knew hung himself from a tree after he cheated on his fiancee and she found out.
>> No. 16203 [Edit]

Thanks. It happened a long time ago, though. I'm more or less over it.
>> No. 16206 [Edit]
Some family, but no one I was close too.

My father's family has a history of suicides.
>> No. 16207 [Edit]
No. My mother attempted on it 7 years ago, though.
>> No. 16208 [Edit]

I didn't speak to many people, and I didn't pay attention to news of any people I didn't have any business with. I'm also not close to many people in my family.
>> No. 16209 [Edit]
Sorry, but: is that a full doujin? looks pretty good.
>> No. 16210 [Edit]
Yes. Me. I am a ghost.

Even in hell I'm an outcast so I still just lurk on tohno-chan.
>> No. 16211 [Edit]
My friend's brother.
>> No. 16212 [Edit]
A kid I had known since we were toddlers shot himself in high school. We were never all that close, though.

My sister's boyfriend hanged himself last year. She was the first one to find him; I can't even imagine what that's like. She's still having a very hard time recovering, even though she tries not to show it.
>> No. 16213 [Edit]
An acquaintance, she was 18, closer to my sister. It's possible that some of my old online friends have succeeded in their attempts, I wonder about some people I haven't talked to in years. Many of my friends (past and present) have tried and failed. I have too, and quite frankly I suspect it runs in the family along with depression but I haven't asked.

Sorry for slightly off-topic, just needed to vent this... I was personally more messed up about somebody I knew that got murdered at a young age by another acquaintance of mine. I can understand suicide, and I think it's your choice to kill yourself for better or for worse and if you've really thought it over then whatever I'm not your boss, but I can't forgive murder.
>> No. 16216 [Edit]
It's so strange, but no. Even during the four years of high school, nobody killed themselves. I don't have much of a family or a friendbase, so maybe that would explain it.
>> No. 16233 [Edit]
A neighbour of mine, he was in his 50s. Had a wife and a daughter, quiet guy but didn't look unhappy, meek but polite. Left his home one day to go buy something, they found him hanged somewhere on the next morning. Didn't even leave a note from what I gather but for one reason or another there's no doubt that it was suicide; didn't really ask, not sure if I even wanted to know.

Weird feelings. He was around on one day, gone on the next, attented his funeral and forgot about him altogether. That's death for you I guess.
>> No. 16236 [Edit]
I've never known anyone who has gone through with it, though I had a friend who attempted suicide multiple times in high school. I never knew how to help him or truly understood what he was going through. Not being able to have helped him is a big regret of mine.
>> No. 16240 [Edit]
I don't quite understand whats going on in the bottom right picture.
>> No. 16276 [Edit]
I wonder how many people on imageboards like this killed themselves. There must be a lot of "ghost posts", posts that outlived their posters. Especially on tohnochan and other slow-moving boards. It's a bit sad in a way.
>> No. 16279 [Edit]
I take the optimistic (or some may say skeptical) view. There aren't many that off themselves and lots of posts claiming that are phony (pics or it isn't real etc.). They probably just fade away into further seclusion. It's exactly like what Yamazaki said in NHK. A dramatic death like putting one in your own head doesn't suit reclusive NEETs.
>> No. 16282 [Edit]
Funny concecpt of optimism you have there
>> No. 16285 [Edit]
I believe a large number of us became Ford Drivers.
>> No. 16286 [Edit]

Depressing if true. It's like a zombie movie; better to die than become one of "those things".
>> No. 16293 [Edit]
>They probably just fade away into further seclusion

How is that more optimistic? The "at least they're alive" is what everyone who believes that there's nothing worse than death says. This is one of those cases where death is the preferable option.
>> No. 16298 [Edit]
Physically they'd be classified as quite alive. Just really, really dead on the inside whether through becoming more secluded or a Ford Driver. Whether or not they're better off alive is another question entirely. Just doubt many take a dramatic exit.
>> No. 16304 [Edit]
I think you guys underestimate how many people kill themselves. Statistically it's one person every 40 seconds. That's quite a lot.
>> No. 16307 [Edit]
Lots of them drive a Ford though. Economic hardship is top spot for suicide reason in Japan. Would be a solid bet for top spot worldwide too. After all, economic hardship is the root of a plethora of issues that make you more suicidal. For example no job leads to drug abuse or gold diggin' spectacular family breakdown.

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