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File 130379648452.png - (827.99KB , 704x400 , shot0002.png )
3487 No. 3487 [Edit]
My download of the first episode of Showa Monogatari just finished, I haven't watched it yet, but I read a bit about it and what I've read says that its the first anime made with senior citizens as the target demographic. Is there a name for this type stuff aimed at people older than the seinen demographic? What would you call it?

random screen shot from the episode
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>> No. 3492 [Edit]
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>> No. 3512 [Edit]
It might not be a wholly new genre, Yokohama Shopping Trip didn't have and human characters under the age of 60.
>> No. 3513 [Edit]
i forgot to add that i'm really that this series is popular and it leads to development of h-doujin of old people
>> No. 3558 [Edit]
I watched this, liked it. Seems like SOL set in 1964, but maybe the first episode was just for introducing the characters. Time will tell, next ep should be available subbed tomorrow.
The music reminds me of sukiyaki which is cool too.
>> No. 3565 [Edit]
I watched it, and it's very interesting. Kind of goes back to the very very early days of Japanese animation, like the 1970s and stuff.
>> No. 5636 [Edit]
Too bad no one is subbing this.
>> No. 7357 [Edit]
It sucks, but at least it gives me another reason to actually try and learn japanese.
>> No. 7361 [Edit]

It's time we get [T-C] off the drawing board and into reality.
>> No. 7362 [Edit]
It's not going anywhere without some translators.
>> No. 7380 [Edit]
KiteSeekers would be subbing it if they had an interested translator.

Just saying.
>> No. 8760 [Edit]
A new fansub group is now working on Shouwa as of Jan. 18, but they still haven't got past the point that herpaderpa did before dropping it. Of course, herpaderpa never formally dropped it, they just stopped working on it.

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