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File 143608193475.jpg - (104.66KB , 1280x720 , 1436072403775.jpg )
23420 No. 23420 [Edit]
They're making new Dragon Ball episodes. Does this mean we will be get good Dragon Ball hentai now?
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>> No. 23424 [Edit]
>good Dragon Ball hentai
Not even the power of the dragon balls can grant that wish.
>> No. 23430 [Edit]
>good Dragon Ball hentai
Does yaoi count?
>> No. 23438 [Edit]
I hope that Videl gives some of that spring water to Chi chi so she can become hot again
>> No. 23698 [Edit]
File 143876074389.png - (691.25KB , 1280x720 , Insert old Kajetokun meme.png )
I can't be the only person following this. I mean, sure, it's just the Battle of the Gods movie redone to fit in an anime with some changes while also retconning that same movie, but it's DB.

Although it's slow, I like how it's going. The art looks pretty clean and when they do close ups the characters look pretty nice.
>> No. 23699 [Edit]
>I can't be the only person following this.
Welcome to Tohno-chan. where no matter who you are or what it is, You're the only person who watches anything.
>> No. 23724 [Edit]
thats because your the only person on this site
>> No. 23725 [Edit]
you can't trick me! wait, why am I talking to myself?
>> No. 24254 [Edit]
File 144507049389.png - (648.98KB , 1280x720 , talking cat man stabs super duper sun wukong.png )
Okay, so the anime is taking a different and somewhat interesting turn with the Beerus fight. Although it is most certainly being dragged out, some interesting things have been added to show that Goku really is a god now.

It makes me wonder how the Frieza movie will be like once it is in the anime. I hope that they don't do something stupid like almost kill Goku with a freaking gun again while he's in his God form. That was completely stupid and probably the worst part of that movie despite it not being all that good.
>> No. 24261 [Edit]
nope, there are TWO threads for oats Shomin Sample so that means there are two ppl watching it cause I only started one of them
>> No. 24263 [Edit]
I started the second one and I'm not watching it (yet), so now what punk?
>> No. 24766 [Edit]
Dragon Ball Super has been a disappointment and its an obvious cashgrab.

Also I can't say I like this new style of art. Its too shiny and all the colours look wrong.

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