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File 13373867451.png - (125.75KB , 346x326 , dota.png )
6664 No. 6664 [Edit]
So... anyone playing this?
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>> No. 6665 [Edit]
I have it, but seldomly play it.

Some people in IRC seem to be playing quite a lot.
>> No. 6666 [Edit]
Yes! I've been playing this a lot actually. I'm not very good at it but I'm getting better every day. It's a lot of fun to play with friends.
>> No. 6668 [Edit]
File 133739811015.jpg - (1.02MB , 1500x1500 , 1334348559231.jpg )
I've been playing it, but it's pissing me off. So far I have been terrible at it and I keep ending up on teams full of Brazilians who get mad over the slightest mistakes and then throw the game while calling everyone LIXO LIXO LIXO.

I've had some decent games though, but I'm on one hell of a losing streak and it's not doing any wonders for my confidence in this game.
>> No. 6669 [Edit]
at least they aren't russians
>> No. 6670 [Edit]
I practiced in LoL a bit and that helped. Playing with friends and reading guides online, too, that helped a lot. If you have a good team, you'll have a good time. If your team sucks, you'll probably be unhappy. That seems to be what kind of game it is...
>> No. 6672 [Edit]
the only foolproof way to avoid team rage is to play with 4 friends (although even that doesnt work with the wrong friends)
>> No. 6677 [Edit]
I usually play with friends only. Solo is just too many stupid RUS pubs.
That said, we don't exactly win every game. But at least it's more fun than solo.

If anyone wants to play, just search t'Guile.
>> No. 6714 [Edit]
I added you!
>> No. 6808 [Edit]
Invoker is kind of hard to use. How do you guys usually play him?
>> No. 6809 [Edit]
theres two main builds, wex/quas which is more of a disabler build and exort/quas which is more damage orientated. wex/quas is probably easiest for a beginner.

max wex and put off-points into quas. your main spells are tornado, emp and cold-snap. use tornado/emp combo to start teamfights and cold-snap to stun important targets.

get 4 points each in exort and quas for double forge spirits, then max exort. i suggest maxing wex afterwards as you never really need more than 4 levels in quas. Use sunstrikes whenever you can, if you can't hit moving targets, hitting a stunned target during a gank still really helps. use cold-snap like the previous build. your forge spirits will deal large damage at large range, especially when you have 2 of them.

It's also important to remember to use ghost walk (QQW) to go invisible to escape whenever you're about to die. I suggest getting one point in Q and W whatever build you go so you can use this skill

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