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File 132915060872.png - (697.17KB , 501x2617 , Tulpa.png )
8879 No. 8879 [Edit]
Has anyone here tried this?
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>> No. 8880 [Edit]
I was just starting to look into it after reading that thread on /jp/.
I tried it a long time ago, but I suck too much at concentrating so I gave up half way, and never got too far.
>> No. 8881 [Edit]
File 132915124719.png - (1.31MB , 383x3435 , Tulpa.png )
If you are looking into this, I'm sure you are aware of this story, but I still feel as though I should post it, just to be safe.

Be careful, friend, if you seriously consider this.
>> No. 8882 [Edit]
This guy's problems occurred because he was a normal guy who had friends and went on dates and he couldn't handle the stress of becoming something different. I don't think that's a problem for anybody here.
>> No. 8883 [Edit]
Picking things apart is no good when I'm simply trying to provide a cautionary tale. Its true that it may work better for people like us, but there are ALWAYS risks when dealing with things like this, and you know it.

I guess I'm just trying to say not to take it lightly, is all. This could be a great thing for someone, but could just as easily take a bad turn.

Sorry, I just have a bad habit of trying to look out for people, even when they don't need it.
>> No. 8885 [Edit]
TL;DR I'm not even all too sure what we're talking about but judging by what I gather so far it doesn't even saound plausible, so you're probably way better off working on your lucid dreaming.
>> No. 8886 [Edit]
File 132915630780.png - (142.32KB , 796x2461 , tulpa faq.png )

I think it looks like fun. The only thing I worry about is if it goes wrong and becomes something horrible.
>> No. 8887 [Edit]
I can never control my lucid dreams and they are almost always nightmares, very little times have I ever had a good one and those good ones didn't even take place on earth and I still had no direct control. I try to fall into a direct dream state but I just can't. I tried it many times in my most comfortable position in bed and I ended up getting no sleep that night and I saw or felt nothing. I tried my best to think of what I wanted to do the whole time in the background but got not even the slightest vision. The most I got at one point was a feeling of just floating in emptiness, it was comfortable in a way but nothing I was satisfied with. I have no clue how some people do it my body and mind seems to not let me do it on my own.
>> No. 8888 [Edit]
this story is completely made up
>> No. 8889 [Edit]
You must be some kind of genius!

At least I've been given a reason as to why some of you are NEET's now. It takes more than two brain cells to hold down a job.
>> No. 8890 [Edit]
>> No. 8891 [Edit]
He is the all knowing master of the universe!
>> No. 8892 [Edit]
Tell me something I don't know about myself. I also like how you come expecting anything different. This board is where us retarded, hopeless losers go to die and say our last words. I think that is why I'm here, I'm too stupid to live and probably don't have much longer whether I kill myself or something kills me.
>> No. 8893 [Edit]
i'm so confused
>> No. 8894 [Edit]
oh so does everyone like all pretend to take it seriously
>> No. 8895 [Edit]
I think his point is that the story is very obviously fake, so pointing it out is unnecessary.

well actually now that i've read >>8882 and >>8883 maybe thats not it. maybe I AM stupid ;_;

Post edited on 13th Feb 2012, 3:18pm
>> No. 8896 [Edit]
File 132917570646.jpg - (159.61KB , 565x800 , 27bb9cde3ef3a9a4840082ce3fdd96b4.jpg )

Of course the copypasta is fake, it was made by someone on /x/ after the popularity tulpa threads started to increase in there.
Now, I didn't even believe in lucid dreams until I experienced them myself. I know for sure hallucinations exists, so I can't see any reason why someone can't trick himself to see things that aren't there, and talk to people that don't exist.
It just might take a lot of time to grasp the concept and actually succeed. If something like that story says is actually possible or not, I'd have to experience this myself to know for sure, but assuming what these FAQs and people in the boards say, this is hardly a possibility.
>> No. 8897 [Edit]
Don't most if not all of us already do something like this with our waifu? I have yet to see a thread of someone proclaiming "EUREKA!" upon solving the distance between man and waifu; one guy has had his waifu for a year plus seven more. Probably just a waste of time at this point.
>> No. 8898 [Edit]

I don't know about you, but I can't make my waifu appear in front of me, or else you wouldn't need dakimakuras and valentine days photos.
This is a controlled hallucination, a completely different concept.

Post edited on 13th Feb 2012, 4:33pm
>> No. 8900 [Edit]
I'm talking about the means to create a tulpa: envisioning (our waifu), talking (with our waifu), etc. Though maybe you have to do all that with the specific purpose of creating a tulpa? Who knows.
>> No. 8901 [Edit]
This is a very boring story.

It's not even convincing or anything. Even the Majora's Mask kopipe made me feel a little fear, but this was a complete waste of time.
>> No. 8910 [Edit]
File 132935893230.jpg - (143.79KB , 850x929 , sample_75faa285a9a868ee6694a7c3fe6792d916aa6563.jpg )
Enjoy your psychosis.
>> No. 8914 [Edit]
What Majora's Mask story are we talking about?
>> No. 8917 [Edit]

I think that this might be it, but I'm not entirely sure. It seems a bit different from the last time I read it, but I mostly just skimmed it and it starts off the same, so this might be it.
>> No. 8918 [Edit]
I really enjoyed where that was going but I stopped following it as soon as it went from a cool, creepy romhack-thing to some shitty ARG and was driven into the ground.

Back on topic, has this actually worked for anybody here? I want to know if it's worth the effort.
>> No. 8919 [Edit]

I think so too.
The guy posting parts of the tale frequently was fun, and the videos were a nice touch, but the whole thing after it with the channel possessed and the roommate got really dumb, it felt like the guy just didn't know how the end the story.
Going a bit off-topic though, we should have a creepypasta thread, there are some good ones out there.
>> No. 8921 [Edit]
I've just heard about it, but I think I'll try it.
Seems interesting, although I'm not sure whether I should just copy a VN character I'd really like to be around, or if I should make a Tyler Durden rip-off who will push me to do crazier and crazier stuff and push me out of my shell.
>> No. 8922 [Edit]
I've started trying when I first got to know about this.

I noticed that when I wake up and I get into the "mindset of thinking about the tulpa" I'm happy even if I feel like I'm forcing it, before this I had very depressed thoughts before sleeping and right after waking up.

So it's at least being a bit useful for me even if it won't work for me in the long term (I wish it does)
>> No. 8952 [Edit]

I will.
>> No. 9045 [Edit]
Why not both?
>> No. 9066 [Edit]
I'd like to try this.

Can the tulpa take any form you want? And what does the author mean by "bad ideas"? It seems like he could have been a lot less vague there.
>> No. 9069 [Edit]
I think what the author means by "bad ideas" is putting any negative energy into it. Basically make it like just your good side you want to see everyday. I've never tried this, I might soon but I'm not sure if it is really worth it. Would it really be like there is always someone with me I can actually physically see and speak to after a while or would it just be a stupid endless game of pretend that goes on till you get tired of it because it never does anything good for you?
>> No. 9074 [Edit]
Has anyone been inspired by this thread to try this? How far along are you? Any results?
>> No. 9075 [Edit]
The guide suggests that the process takes the better part of a year, so I can't imagine much of anything's happened yet. I might start soon, though.
>> No. 9127 [Edit]
I recently started yesterday.
Whenever I'm too tired to be on the computer anymore, I just sit on floor (to avoid falling asleep) while imagining myself talking to my 2D wife.
It takes a lot of effort for me to do (due to lethargy), but listening to white noise surprisingly helps me focus a lot.
>> No. 9152 [Edit]
Trying it out. I think I may have done it incorrectly, but whatever. It works.
>> No. 9153 [Edit]
It actually works? What is it like?
>> No. 9154 [Edit]
Basically it's like an extremely vivid imaginary friend. Haven't gotten deep enough in this shit to start hallucinating my tulpa right next to me, but he has his own personality entirely.
He hasn't really helped, hindered or otherwise influenced me yet as far as I know, which is why I think I probably did something wrong and just made up someone to have odd conversations with in my head.
>> No. 9155 [Edit]
Sounds interesting, well if you are that far already no use stopping now.
>> No. 9156 [Edit]
How can you have sex with something that doesn't exist? The only reason this sounds appealing is to create a perfect imaginary girl to have sex with, yet the 2nd png strictly warns not to use it for such intentions. I'm sure how this would even work.

And how do you communicate with it? I imagine everyone will think you're blinking mad.
>> No. 9157 [Edit]
>I imagine everyone will think you're blinking mad.

You've got to be a little mad to be able to make this work.
>> No. 9158 [Edit]
Well this is an all in your head kinda thing, I doubt you'll ever get delusional enough to do anything with it. And even if you actually get to a point where you can actually see it, interacting with it physically would be impossible.
>> No. 9159 [Edit]
>interacting with it physically would be impossible.
That's not necessarily true, I've seen people on other sites post that their tulpa would do things like pull on their cheeks and lean on their shoulders and stuff.
I think it varies or depends on how much freedom you actually allow your tulpa.
>> No. 9163 [Edit]
>How can you have sex with something that doesn't exist? The only reason this sounds appealing is to create a perfect imaginary girl to have sex with, yet the 2nd png strictly warns not to use it for such intentions. I'm sure how this would even work.

All he says is to avoid "bad intentions". I don't see how sex is necessarily a bad intention. If it's forced, then sure. But if I can't really control the form my tulpa takes, as seems to be the case from what I've read, is there even a point?

This is of course assuming that any of this bullshit is real.
>> No. 9208 [Edit]
>This is of course assuming that any of this bullshit is real.

Why, of course. The only magic here is the fact that you make yourself crazy, nothing more.
>> No. 9209 [Edit]
File 13314133305.jpg - (72.03KB , 469x469 , 469px-1240599216844-large.jpg )
Just create a tulpa made specifically for rough rape sessions.
>> No. 9214 [Edit]
That's fine with me, as long as I'm happy.

This, on the other hand, sounds like a recipe for disaster.
>> No. 9218 [Edit]
It's okay, she's a masochist tulpa and loves it.
>> No. 9221 [Edit]
I agree with the guy, I can only see it ending badly.

...and by badly I mean becoming mentally unstable, losing grasp of reality and possibly kidnapping, raping, and killing real women in confused insanity, possibly caused by confusing the real people for your tulpa.

You're talking about a possibly already mentally unstable person training their mind long and hard for at least a year to become a rapist with an imaginary rape victim, most likely self aware, that he wouldn't be able to tell is part of his mind if done properly.
>> No. 9266 [Edit]
File 133157774796.jpg - (37.60KB , 230x300 , Interupt.jpg )
That would add excitement to my life at least.
>> No. 9267 [Edit]
I've never heard of this being called Tulpa but I understand the gist of what it does and where it comes from. There is a gentle and pure method of materializing spirits (specifically and more importantly, the other 'I' or Tulpa that you want to create) so that it doesn't end bad which seems to be a concern itt.

I will try to make an image or text file later explaining it and I'll put it in here. A lot of it has to do with making sure you define things correctly so that when going through the processes of creation that require you to use language, you are not ambiguous.

Ambiguity during any phase of materialization is one of the worst things one can do.

Post edited on 12th Mar 2012, 2:51pm
>> No. 9268 [Edit]
So making all your incantations or something in lojban is actually a good start?
>> No. 9269 [Edit]

Most languages a person would know on this board is expressive enough to create without ambiguity. If that language "lojban" is more accurate in defining things and you have a complete understanding of it, I would think it would be fine to use.
>> No. 9272 [Edit]
So...basically this is going to let me get my own stand?

I want Star Platinum!
>> No. 9287 [Edit]
File 133168895353.png - (939.37KB , 383x3620 , GUIDE.png )
taken from http://oni.so/help/
>> No. 9295 [Edit]
I'd like to try it, but I have some problems.

I can never imagine something "pure". As in, trying to relax and think of a good shape for a tulpa, I see it in my mind, I even talk to it, and then, a spider leg comes the fuck out of it. Or the tulpa makes a scary face. Or the tulpa changes from good to scary, and then back, and so on. Or I somehow Know that it wants to hurt me. And then I try to picture a calm room, a white room or something "good", but then spiders come out from the ceiling, or shadows move around my room, or faces, like a bad horror movie, and the more I concentrate on "Make It Good Already!", the more shit it gets.

It's like I KNOW I should be thinking of something good, and some part of my mind says Fuck You. Well, fuck me then.
>> No. 9296 [Edit]

Yeah, I don't think you need to be making a tulpa.
>> No. 9297 [Edit]
I've never heard of this being called Tulpa, but I pretty much have one of these. I've always just thought of her as my imaginary 3DPD. She's pretty great.
>> No. 9309 [Edit]
I'm going to do this. I don't care if it turns me crazy and shits in my brain. I have no other future. I hope it works!
>> No. 9315 [Edit]
I know if I made a tulpa I wouldn't be able to resist having sex with it. Since it says that's a bad thing, I think I'll just avoid this whole thing. I also have always had a problem with thinking the opposite of what I want to think when I try really hard, like my subconscious is being a dick to me. When I was a kid and was religious, I wondered what the worst thing to think is, and then couldn't stop thinking shit like "I hate Haruhi" even though I didn't really, just because I didn't want to. If I try to make a tulpa that isn't fucking creepy, I know my mind will just be an asshole and make it creepy as possible to spite me.
>> No. 9327 [Edit]
Same here but at least it would just be like having sex with yourself and even better if you actually manage to make it look how you like. It's not all I care about but sometimes I can't help but think about sex because of how starved of it I am, in fact I haven't been closer to anyone beyond a hug. I get really horny easily and can almost never be satisfied by myself anymore, doing it on my own is like taking a piss that feels slightly better than a regular piss. I get so desperate and frustrated sometimes when my mind really starts waving something I want in my face, taking it away at the last second and just doing it over and over again. This has been going on my entire life and now I think it's beginning to be one of the now many things that's really driving my sanity over the edge. I spent quite a bit on small some small sex toys in pathetic attempts to fill the frustration dug hole, even putting down buying stuff for my music collection for a while just to do so. When I get frustrated it leads to me now getting pretty sensitive to what anyone can do to me to cause negative emotions and amplifies them enough to cause knee jerk reactions. I almost beat the living shit out of someone when they just pushed my buttons a little bit during my frustration periods and that thing never bothers me enough to do anything about it. Have to hold myself back from hurting myself and others so much more often now and there's nothing I can do about it. Over time my desires will only increase more and more which worries me.
>> No. 9617 [Edit]
I read through the thread, there are two things that bugs me:
1) The descriptions of the potential "hazards" of this process sounds an awful lot like case studies of shizophrenia.
2) Only one poster mentioned waifus.

Personally, I can't picture myself ever imagining someone imaginary other than my waifu. I had a go or two to do some light experimentations, as in only a few seconds imagining what I might see. I exclusively see my waifu, and I exclusively see her in a cheerful state. When I tried to picture otherwise it fell back to my waifu. What I see is bits and parts of a stop motion like scene of my waifu looking at me lightheartedly, just as I look at her lightheartedly (note that this is very standard for her personality).

Notes of interest: I'm calm, introverted and suffer from a long-term, stable type of depression.
>> No. 9618 [Edit]
I have to add that I'm unsure whether I've understood this correctly to begin with, and if I didn't I have a feeling I never would. I don't know. I don't know.
>> No. 9620 [Edit]
Isn't this what porn is for?
>> No. 9622 [Edit]

It isn't just usable for some sort of sexual purpose, it can have many others as well as that.

I've considered it a few times but I don't think I'm capable of loving, and the only thing I can think of to make a tulpa for is something to love and sympathize with.
>> No. 9623 [Edit]
I can't even watch any kind of porn most of the time because it just makes me more depressed and it usually sucks anyways. All I would end up doing with mine is having sex with it every day. It would just be a realistic sex toy to me that I can imagine however I want. I would probably never have any feeling for a piece of my fucked up imagination.
>> No. 9645 [Edit]
So this is basically similar to what Gaius had in the first season of BSG?
>> No. 9933 [Edit]
So, this is basically what http://daemonpage.com/ is about, right?

"The dæmon, though pronounced the same way, is something much different. Plainly put, your dæmon is you. Everyone has one. The consensus used to be that a dæmon was simply a reflection of a person's soul, but over time the community has come to see them more as a part of the subconscious assigned a gender, name, and a symbolic animal form."

Inspired by The Golden Compass, but sounds like tulpas.
>> No. 9949 [Edit]
HDM was pretty damn cool. But if I recall correctly, the daemons in it weren't simply a reflection of their owner. Pan was sort of the opposite of Lyra sometimes, even.
>> No. 13812 [Edit]
So, it's been like a year. What happened to those "I'm trying"?. Did you give up?
>> No. 13833 [Edit]
I started. I am treading down the path of tulpa.
I managed to visualize my wife's body and got a basic outline (shilouete if you will).For an hour I couldn't get it right because of complex outfit, but since she has blond hair, I visualized her in black tracksuit with white shoes. I can tell you that contrast really helps.
Visualized her walking around and sitting. I found her leaning on the wall and crouching the easiest to visualize. Also I did it with open eyes in a bright room without problem. Made a list of 22 traits and have to work on it a bit and perhaps add some more.
I think that smell is the hardest thing that awaits me.
Will inform how this is progressing. Probably in about a week
>> No. 13939 [Edit]
>taking any infographic written in Comics Sans seriously
I just can't even

(polite sage)
>> No. 13940 [Edit]

I think I am past the visualisation point as I can pretty much imagine my tulpa in any attire in every angle. Im on the "touching" part. So I'll see how that goes.
>> No. 14087 [Edit]
I always thought this was one of the most ridiculous types of ad hominem. I could possibly understand if the image was plastered with /b/ memes or something, but...the font? Really?
>> No. 14090 [Edit]
apparently a lot of people hate comic sans....
>> No. 14091 [Edit]
I'm well aware of that. It just seems excessively silly to make such a huge deal about it, to the point where anything posted in the font is automatically considered invalid.

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