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File 130446085339.jpg - (48.24KB , 519x292 , thumb_brink_02.jpg )
2673 No. 2673 [Edit]
Is Brink any good? I remember hearing about it before but brushed it off.
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>> No. 2675 [Edit]
It's not out until next week, and there are no reviews yet. The walkthrough videos Bethesda has up on YouTube look good, though.
>> No. 2676 [Edit]
Oh whoops, with the way I've seen people talk about it elsewhere I thought it was out already
>> No. 2677 [Edit]
File 130446161585.png - (207.57KB , 640x480 , stare.png )
"Strong emphasis on character customization", and you can't even make girl characters.
>> No. 2679 [Edit]
Now that calls for a why.jpg.
>> No. 2680 [Edit]
Because only girls would want to play as girls, and girls don't play video games.
>> No. 2681 [Edit]
If you could make girl characters it would be a day one buy for me, because even mediocre to terrible games can be made 10x better if I can dress up cute girls (APB for example). If the gameplay itself turns out to be great I might get it but if it's nothing special then I'll pass.
>> No. 2683 [Edit]
Think he meant why as in, why wouldn't didn't they include the option to let you make a girl character.

Post edited on 3rd May 2011, 5:54pm
>> No. 2684 [Edit]
Because it's extra work for them to create female models/accessories, and that's what they actually think.
>> No. 2685 [Edit]
Yeah, that's what I meant. Sorry, should've specified.
>> No. 2686 [Edit]
I love it when a dev excuse for something, especially on a big budget game, is "it's too much work". As if they got the game almost finished and it only occurred to them then that "oh crap we forgot female characters!! Well too late now"
>> No. 2687 [Edit]
I'm guessing the real reason is that "heavy" bodytype/class female characters wouldn't have been sexually appealing, so they decided not to bother with girls at all
>> No. 2690 [Edit]
Girls don't go to war, do they? Or fight in armed gang wars.
>> No. 2691 [Edit]
Depends what you mean by that, Yes they join the military, it's a nice place for a woman, they can get paid well and don't get put in harms way, they don't half to do half as much work as men, and fitness tests/standards are much easier for them, same pay/credit as the guys for half the work, they can also leave whenever they want without any questions asked if they get themselves knocked up, but no, they don't really go to war and fight, they get assigned to posts that are usually out of harms way with less chance of encountering any sort of danger.
>> No. 2693 [Edit]
It's a video game. It's not as though they are going for gritty realism

Post edited on 4th May 2011, 10:56am
>> No. 2698 [Edit]
I like it because it's pretty much straight up arcade style shootan with no pretensions of realism. Also it fixes many annoying things about FPS (no OHK unless you're a light body type, sniping is balanced, grenades are balanced, you don't get autorevived when a medic heals you while you're down) plus it does have a good amount of customization despite the lack of female characters. I think it's BS that they don't have them because MGO added them in a later enhancement with no problems. They had unique voices and items, with mostly the same animations aside from charm moves and the addition of boob jiggling. It's not like heavy women have to be hideous 8 foot tall mutants or anything either. They can be muscular and tall without going overboard.

...Honestly being able to have a cute female avatar and playing the team sneak game mode with my clan are the only things that kept me playing MGO for 200+ hours.
>> No. 2699 [Edit]
New video up about the different classes.
>> No. 2701 [Edit]
They said they might add female characters as DLC at some point, so I guess I'll wait until then if I get it. Not going to spend all that time customizing a male character when I'll just have to do it all over again when the kind of character I actually want becomes available
>> No. 2761 [Edit]
File 130500107669.jpg - (22.27KB , 320x306 , jay_sherman_it_stinks.jpg )
>> No. 2762 [Edit]
Eurogamer: 8/10
IGN: 6/10

Really sick of review embargoes until the day of release for games.

Post edited on 9th May 2011, 9:38pm
>> No. 2763 [Edit]
File 130500229579.png - (340.46KB , 1680x1050 , brink.png )
I'm so fucking glad I decided not to get this
>> No. 2786 [Edit]
File 130514262097.jpg - (306.09KB , 922x1040 , better than brink.jpg )
>> No. 2789 [Edit]
File 130514461139.jpg - (373.44KB , 1920x1200 , mission comwhat.jpg )
I have no idea what's going on here
>> No. 2793 [Edit]
Is that you, Clannad?

Can you give us your impressions on the game? Still debating on whether to get it or not.
>> No. 2794 [Edit]
No, I'm not him. I'm just posting random pictures of Brink's apparent shittiness that I'm finding
>> No. 2808 [Edit]
I gave up on splash damage after they make quake wars
>> No. 2812 [Edit]
File 130516896095.png - (474.78KB , 1385x645 , bpc.png )
>> No. 2814 [Edit]
I find this humorous.
>> No. 2815 [Edit]
why does everyone hate this game so much?
>> No. 2816 [Edit]
Because it's not very good, apparently.
>> No. 2822 [Edit]
That's just how we roll. Like a boss.
>> No. 2823 [Edit]
From what I can gather, not only was the PC version buggy as hell (see >>2789), but they didn't even bother making a different tutorial video for it. If the no female characters thing wasn't proof enough that they are lazy as fuck, then this is.
>> No. 2825 [Edit]
Well given Bethesda's recent history I'm honestly not surprised that this game sucks.
>> No. 2841 [Edit]
Their solution for lag issues on the 360 was to cut the number of players in half

Post edited on 13th May 2011, 4:14pm
>> No. 2899 [Edit]
It's a shame the customazation is the best part of this, because it's really not very good.

Wait, the movement is also pretty good. Feels really fluid.

Really, they could of done so much better with what they had, so it's on them.

Should of gotten Mortal Kombat.

Post edited on 15th May 2011, 1:27pm
>> No. 2982 [Edit]
So....thoughts a few days in?

I really wanted to get this because the world design/levels looked real cool. But, aside from the extremely dumbed down teamwork, I hear the whole jumping around aspect was ruined too.

Should I get it or what?
>> No. 2983 [Edit]
Get it if you like all the other shooters out now. It's really no different, except being more team based. There IS a single player option, but the AI is so fucked up that it doesn't even make sense to play alone, unless you don't mind doing everything yourself with the occasional ammo re-supply by the AI.
>> No. 3005 [Edit]

Thanks, I decided to get it. Had to reinstall and re-register for Steam though, but whatever.
>> No. 3014 [Edit]

Managed to play an hour before it started to freeze on startup, and I can't get it fixed at all. Even after reinstalling Steam and the game itself.

Fucking awful game, and I can't believe I spent 50 dollars on it. Controls are awful. It feels like I'm on a console despite playing on PC. FPS seems capped at 30 on a GeForce GTX 480.
>> No. 3015 [Edit]

God fucking damn I want my money back.

Last game I ever fucking buy, seriously. I'm sick of getting ripped off with garbage products.
>> No. 3016 [Edit]
why didn't you wait and see what reviews say? I mean, why spend that much on a game everyone is calling crap?

Try and get a refund if it bugs you that much, steam does do credit refunds I belive.

Post edited on 19th May 2011, 6:44pm
>> No. 3017 [Edit]
I'd try it, but i'm not spending money on it.
>> No. 3018 [Edit]
if you willingly get a game that's gotten as much negativity as this one you can't really complain about being ripped off
>> No. 6221 [Edit]
Picked this up for cheap on 360 and haven't had much fun with it at all, but I can see the potential it had. It's a shame. If the AI was better it'd actually probably be pretty enjoyable.

Has anyone else gone back to Brink?
>> No. 6228 [Edit]
I didn't know people were even playing this anymore.

Yeah, it had potential, but like all Bethesda games, it falls short just before the mark. A shame, really.

If they make a second one, with improvements to the AI and such, then I'll definitely give it a try.
>> No. 6267 [Edit]

I only have it on PC and there are like no servers left. I uninstalled it a long time ago.

Might have more console players, I dunno. It never did well on PC.

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