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File 134704900756.jpg - (106.08KB , 480x270 , welcome-to-the-nhk-04.jpg )
11636 No. 11636 [Edit]

I thought this story might be relevant. The gist of it is that scientist discovered strong exposure to light (in other words, from a computer screen) at night can heighten depressive feelings. I've noticed that I get really down at night, and this might be a big part of why.

Just something to think about.
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>> No. 11637 [Edit]
Didn't you post this already
>> No. 11638 [Edit]
You should be sitting in the dark like a truneet, anyway.
>> No. 11639 [Edit]
File 134705761673.jpg - (18.22KB , 738x738 , 1338590457551.jpg )
Well, I always thought that was one of the reasons.
But you see, we who are all the time in solitude have more time to think over actions of people that are more or less normal, there we come to some points that in normal life we wouldn't conclude and that leads to depression because we have enough exposure to knowledge and information about society trough Internet. From that point we form our own opinions with some strong points of other opinions.
I think the main reason for depression is getting to level out with feelings and things that we wouldn't get out if we walked without our heads and just went on with life living from minute to minute. But one striking point to depression is also amount of exposure and ratio between daylight and fake light (e.g. lamp,flashlight etc.) and as far as im aware of I get up at 16:30 and spend my time on internet until 7:30 where I go to sleep. This is optimal time for me because I still get some daylight at the end and am not completely depressed.
>> No. 11641 [Edit]
I remember hearing about this some time ago, I just don't remember exactly when or where.

I guess that this does explain last night.
>> No. 11642 [Edit]
I see what you're saying there, we have a lot more time to think about the actions of other people in addition to learning much more about ourselves than we would have ever learned if we were living the normal life. We learn in depth what we really need in life personally and what is hurting us the most in addition to much more about ourselves whatever that may be. When you can't obtain what you're looking for and you feel weak and hopeless then that causes depression. No desire, no depression. I've learned a lot from self abuse too. Every so often I will down lots of ghost pepper based hot sauce till I'm in so much pain inside that my body releases massive amounts of endorphins. After I can no longer feel pain as I'm out of my mind I feel no depression. Just blissful existence in a space where no earthly feelings or desires exist just raw energy. It's like viewing your life from an outer perspective. Your pain is rooted in your humanity. The more disconnected from this reality you are and the more connected to these universal energies you are, the better you will feel. But those unfulfilled important desires here represent chains to earth. What if there is no way to get rid of them because of your situation? Then you are going to be dragged down. I can't get rid of them myself because of my situation. But I can disconnect and that's what keeps me going even though my earth self is stuck.
>> No. 11643 [Edit]

I have never tried to think of it like that,but I am definitely going to see it out for myself. I don't really want to cut wrists to act like a kid and for everyone to notice how sad I really am. Though people think that I am living my life as a sad loner that will never achieve anything and be meaningful to them.By what measures? Is what the majority does the right thing? Is being different from rest of the people a bad thing? Yes, I think it is not good to go to extremes that I go to, but on the other hand the amount of things I gain this way is massive. I understand how the system works and I refuse to be a drone of this system.Everyone has accepted the system, but where does it say I have to accept it?I don't even want to leech from it, but nowadays it is almost impossible. If I could only go live in the mountains like a hermit and live by land. No electricity, internet, canned food.I would probably die first winter, but I would be happy I did it released from the chains of materialism. Simplest life possible.
>> No. 11644 [Edit]
>I've noticed that I get really down at night, and this might be a big part of why.

Interesting. Normally during day I make my plans to commit suicide and at night I'm ready to start writing that Nobel-prize winning novel and record that song that will be known and liked world wide. I'm somewhat serious, my delusional mode is really strong at night, I am extremely optimistic and full of energy.
>> No. 11654 [Edit]
My street is oversaturated with fake lights, so it probably helped into turning me into a depressive wreck
>> No. 11658 [Edit]
I'm pretty sure many of my problems are caused by consistent sleep deprivation due to being addicted to using the computer.

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