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File 133218556598.jpg - (26.41KB , 551x387 , joctave_ch33_ts_1600_octave_ch33_credits.jpg )
1014 No. 1014 [Edit]
Octave is a really great gay romance if you feel up for it. I feel that a lot of the time a gay characters often end up being insulting or made fun of. Or the romance itself being very unrealistic. But Octave is a huge exception on both counts.
>> No. 1016 [Edit]
I might pick it up.
>> No. 1027 [Edit]
I really grew to love this manga over the course of its run, and was pretty deflated when it ended. I still miss it.
>> No. 1137 [Edit]
This sounds great, I'm definitely going to start reading.
>> No. 1139 [Edit]

Finished this last night when I couldn't sleep.

Main character was kind of annoying at times but I really enjoyed this series a lot.

Sadly the author doesn't have any more works besides 1 thing.

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