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File 133365389858.jpg - (268.81KB , 1280x720 , 2012-04-05_00006.jpg )
6464 No. 6464 [Edit]

Show me your cute robot girls!
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>> No. 6465 [Edit]
that is far too much pomp
>> No. 6466 [Edit]

there is never enough pomp
>> No. 6469 [Edit]
File 133365890741.jpg - (267.00KB , 1280x720 , 2012-04-05_00009.jpg )
I'm not very good with color coordination.
>> No. 6472 [Edit]
Looks like a female version of Takamura Mamoru.
>> No. 6474 [Edit]
OP pic is male, sorry for the confusion.
>> No. 6475 [Edit]
I spent like an hour trying to make the cutest little girl possible and I ended up pressing the button randomize by accident.
>> No. 6476 [Edit]
I hope you pressed the undo button afterwards.
>> No. 7015 [Edit]
Is anyone other than me playing the game?
>> No. 7018 [Edit]
Waiting warmly for english release.
>> No. 7019 [Edit]
You could play on Japanese servers if you really wanted though. It feels like ping doesn't matter at all, and there's a lot of English people playing there right now, including me.

I don't understand written Japanese at all and I have been playing smoothly for two days now.

The tough part was starting out and getting things going, after that it's actually really intuitive even if you're new to the genre like me.

Thankfully, some kind guy showed me the ropes of the game, and I've been doing that to newer players I find wandering around.

That and guides on the Internet, of course.
>> No. 7020 [Edit]
>>7019 here.

Apparently an English unofficial patch came out today. I'm trying it right now, it seems to be working fine.
>> No. 7097 [Edit]
I wanna play this game so hard... but my computer sucks.

Perhaps in the future.

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