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File 141520314587.png - (703.49KB , 720x480 , this is probably why moot loves asuka.png )
18986 No. 18986 [Edit]
Is there really any reason for me to go on? Feels like everyone is an asshole to me and constantly gets me down on the internet, and then in the real world, everyone is a fucking meme spewing idiot. I find it better to be alone, but yet I want to be with some one. I know I might sound like a pussy wanting hugs, but shit, I just feel like the world would be better off if either bullies didn't exist, or I didn't exist.
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>> No. 18987 [Edit]
Only you can answer that to yourself, really.

However, it doesn't need to be a great reason; if people kill themselves over nothing or despair, you can go on living over something as frail as hope, or watching the end of the rebuild, or not giving the pain of your death to your mother, or anything.
>> No. 18988 [Edit]
File 14153519663.jpg - (67.21KB , 470x470 , maria.jpg )
You have to find your own reasons for going on. I think life has a kind of inertia of its own. It is hard to escape its pull.
>> No. 18989 [Edit]
People aren't worth it. No one invests into anyone, people just pick up and throw away whoever is most convenient to themselves or their circumstances. Relationships and friendships are constantly being broken and built, if you don't match up to par you become someone who is thrown away over and over again, no matter how much effort you put in. Playing by that game is even worse than being alone all the time.

And since people aren't worth it, killing yourself over people is definitely not worth it. Break away and do your own thing, fuck what everyone else thinks and says.
>> No. 18991 [Edit]
What this anon says. Why kill yourself because of people you hate?
>> No. 18992 [Edit]
Screw people, I don't want to kill myself because of them. I want to kill myself because I'm bored and tired of being here, although they're still shitty enough to be problems that make everything worse.
>> No. 18993 [Edit]
It seems like they're always in the right and I'm the one who amounts to nothing, they're basically better than me at everything and at life and I'm just useless.
>> No. 18994 [Edit]
Hey man I know how you feel. I don't have any advice, but I just wanted to let you know you're not alone with that shitty feeling.
>> No. 19028 [Edit]
File 141613186574.jpg - (173.10KB , 750x1000 , 1382936801118.jpg )
There really isn't any reason for anything other than what we make for ourselves. So just try and have some fun and take it easy. If you ever wanna talk more in depth with what's going on with you can email me. I'm not that good with advice but I am willing to hear you out.
>> No. 19037 [Edit]
It is weird how the internet seeped into real life since about 2008-2010 or so. Before then, almost nobody brought stuff from online into their real life, and the few that did were the real losers.

I also find it really odd, how since now just about everyone is on the internet, people automatically assume that how you are on the internet is the same as how you are in real life. The truth is, someone is usually completely different between the two, or at least it used to be that way. You can't truly "know" someone just from their behaviors and statements on the internet. Back in the early days of the internet (late 90s/early 00s), people surprisingly knew better. People then knew that the 16 year old girl that they are talking to could actually be a 40 year old rapist/serial killer for all they knew; now almost no one thinks like that, or knows better. You'd think that it would be the opposite, but that hasn't been the case. The widespread usage of the internet could, at least in some ways, have made humanity more stupid.
>> No. 19038 [Edit]
Some time ago I saw a kid wearing one of those shirts with ms paint memes printed all over.
I'd be so embarrassed wearing something like that
>> No. 19045 [Edit]
I don't even feel nerdy anymore, the 'nerdy' people spout memes in real life and have friends.

Post edited on 20th Nov 2014, 7:50am
>> No. 19046 [Edit]
This is why college completely tanked for me (I dropped out halfway into the first year). People assume that the reason we don't have friends is because we didn't meet nerdy folks. I'm like nah man, if I went to a more "nerdy" college I would probably feel worse like "I feel like shit even among this nerdfest". There's only one way I could possibly make friends, and that's the tohno house obviously!

I'm polite and accessible, so I'll indulge whoever wants to talk. I just gave up on relationships at this point. That's my own fault though. If I wasn't bipolar (more like hexapolar) it would be easier to connect with other people in the medium-long term.

About killing yourself, I like to indulge that idea. It's on the backburner for now though.
>> No. 19047 [Edit]
You don't need a reason to go on. You'll go on because that's the only thing you know how do to. You're not alone in that regard, though. We're all just scraping by.

I'm fine with a life like that. Sometimes you'll feel lonely. You'll want to tell someone about your day. Go see a movie or something. It'll make you feel human enough to keep going. Talk to the cashier when you buy shit at the store. It's their job to be nice to you and talk to you, and you'll feel better just having talked to someone.
>> No. 19048 [Edit]
Also, killing yourself is pretty much the most pointless thing you could do unless it could somehow benefit other people (which it won't). Odds are there are at least a couple of people who would be upset about it, so it's always a net negative.
>> No. 19064 [Edit]
I disagree, many people actually use their fucking brains and think about the problems in the world. Some people think of their shitty lives, how they have done absolutely nothing but consume resources, or obsess over the opportunities they missed that could improve their lives. Others think about the things they have destroyed, such as financial lives of relatives or contributed to the planned slaughter of animals for commercial use. There are so many other things people cannot live and think about. If those people gave a shit about the depressed person, they wouldn't guilt trip the person into living, it is as simple as that. Life is fucking shit, even 'nondepressed' individuals understand this. Everyone is burned by it, and nobody benefits from losers living anyways. As far as I can tell, life has no purpose other than be fucked over by something out of their means. The purpose of anything's life can be accurately described as just that. If there is a God, he created us as some sort of chaotic and non-linear simulation and there is no fucking reason any of us should want to live.
>> No. 19162 [Edit]
A month after posting this thread, nothing has really changed for the better, other than me becoming more hyped for Time Crisis V

People are becoming more assholish and turning against me, and one guy even seems to be acting like me and being a better me than me (Not impersonation, but still), all of this on an irc channel

I should just leave that irc channel, but it's one of the only things that keeps me going...
>> No. 19163 [Edit]
>Feels like everyone is an asshole to me and constantly gets me down on the internet, and then in the real world, everyone is a fucking meme spewing idiot.
Shouldn't it be the other way
>> No. 19164 [Edit]
It seems to be both ways, thankfully no one really knows me that much irl to be an asshole to me
>> No. 19165 [Edit]
The wired and the real world are closer than ever, the line is blurring. This is only the beginning.
>> No. 19166 [Edit]
that wouldn't happen to be tc's irc would it?
>> No. 19167 [Edit]
It's not Tohno-Chan's irc, it's another irc that I don't want to name
>> No. 19168 [Edit]
In the US the internet has spilled on real life a bit too much
>> No. 19211 [Edit]
Everything seems to be killing me, only because I like having conversation with a handful of nice people on irc... with every nice person I might want to be with, there's about 50 memespewing idiots and assholes joking about whatever is killing me. They might not be literally killing me, but it's shit when your only escape is ran by you and you have to deal with assholes giving you shit for it, and no one seems to keep it up, so then there's the whole "What's the point?"... I don't know, maybe I'm better off just leaving this world or something... it's not worth living if you're going to have to wait months for those nice internet friends you always like having conversations with, the only people you really bother to live for, the people you're dependent on. During that wait, you have to deal with people shitting on you for what you enjoy, and all you can say is "I just want to have fun" or whatnot, but it doesn't matter, you're a joke... Why do I bother living on if my life is dependent on others? I can't live for myself because I'm too pathetic...
>> No. 19274 [Edit]

For about 6 months now, I think about suicide everyday... I feel completely empty most of the time and really depressed and angry the rest of the time. I don't know why I keep going on... maybe I'm just to much of a coward to kill myself. But ithink kill yourself is probably the best way to deal with life. It is just not worth the fucking effort.
>> No. 19293 [Edit]
The problem with me is that there's not really any way I can do it with dignity, if I die, my parents and family will just say "Our autistic son commited suicide, we don't know why, but there's some questionable images on his computer and shady sites", thus they will think the reason why I died is cyberbullying.

But no, I just feel fucking empty, I would do it, but I'm afraid I'll fail and become a vegetable or end up in a mental institution, kinda why I've been lying to doctor's about my depression, so I don't get put on meds just to feel artificial happiness...

Maybe I really am messed up, I was pretty schizotypical in kindergarten with my alter ego and stuff and teachers shitting on me for causing too much trouble

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