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File 140752901720.jpg - (511.73KB , 481x446 , 2550743_m.jpg )
18407 No. 18407 [Edit]
I'm 30, and I am a NEET. I have worked before though, as a freeter. I would still be doing that if it wasn't for the fact that I'm the kind of guy who would get taken advantage of.

I've noticed that most NEETs don't make it to my age, either out of increased solitude or suicide...I mean, some older ones do come out of the woodwork, but for the most part the people here are under 25 or so.

I remember being that young. It is different from now, with me feeling that I know the world and life better, but yet have less to say about it. I used to be the kind of person who would just talk and talk...now I rarely feel like saying anything.

I do have one thing going for me. That is writing. I've been writing about the Occult and various psychological and metaphysical topics. I've written two books this year, although the first one was about an older MtF who goes to a man's prison and gets raped.

I wonder, how many of us are out there? How many of us are here? Let us talk about our experiences as older NEETs.
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>> No. 18408 [Edit]
I would love to hear yours first as a start.
>> No. 18409 [Edit]
File 140753900973.jpg - (56.47KB , 475x435 , 1301191553953.jpg )

Well, okay. I just didn't want to start ranting with a life story, since I don't mind many things anymore.

I'm on SSI, which was given to me a year and a half ago. The Uncle Remus method that was talked about on /jp/ doesn't really work, by the way; you can't just get on it, it takes years and almost everyone is rejected at the first attempt.

I've been a NEET for a little over a year now, although I was also a NEET at the ages of 22-23 and 26-27, respectively. Roughly a third of my adult life has been lived in the manner of a NEET.

The first two times of NEEThood sucked, because I was living with my parents, one who was very abusive and the other who was dying and supported the other parent in ways that shouldn't have been done.

Two years ago my mother died, and I knew that I couldn't live with my father. Fortunately I was working two jobs at the time (one which was sucking the life out of me), so I could afford to move out. When I told my father about it he immediately exploded and then started to cry like a lost little boy; it was the most disturbing sight in my whole life.

I've lived on my own since then. I know both sides of the coin; working your ass off to live in poverty and then getting money handed to you in order to live in designed poverty. Oddly, I get more money now then I did when I was working 26 hours a week. I worked every single day in the middle of the night for 14 months; it was very taxing.

This current phase (beginning March of 2013) started with me being degenerate and misogynistic, ranting about the evils of women and binging on legal substances like Nutmeg and DXM. But I got myself out of it by reading philosophy and then later on the Occult and spirituality last July. I am no longer misogynist to any real degree and I only use DXM on the new and full moons.

I spend my time going to the local university (which I'm getting too old to be around in) talking to friends, sometimes I go to the mall for the same reason. Most of the time I just sit in deep thought, and read and write. Usually I'm too tired to do anything, though. I can really only do about three major things in the day before I run out of energy.

But I have written two books, and I do have a Master's degree, so I have amounted to something.
>> No. 18410 [Edit]
Well, for starters you are not a NEET and haven't for a while, like you said, you work, you managed to go to college and earned a degree, you interact with people irl and sustain yourself which the vast majority of us, the people here including myself) can't, don't oR both.

You mentioned taking SSRI and some drugs, which means that you had a mental disorder/anxiety problems/younameit but the SSRI seemed to help you change into a 'normal' way of life more than anything, I'd say you're just a person that lived the NEET life for some time and then ended up abandoning it, so please don't take offense but you're far from being a NEET.
>> No. 18411 [Edit]
File 14075425878.png - (1.47MB , 992x1402 , 41329744.png )

I actually do think that I am a NEET, albeit an atypical one.

I haven't worked in well over a year. The two jobs that I had were also the only jobs I ever had; I first had a real job at the age of 27.

The fact that I did get an advanced degree does make me break the mold, but it didn't pan out for me in the end. I suffered a lot of stress during that time and the requirements for being a NEET, at least technically, state that at the present time you are not in employment, education or training; it doesn't state that you must have never had done those things.

I do have friends, that is true. But they are older than me and I get the feeling that they are just being nice to me. The older I get, the more I get disgusted looks from people, especially younger girls. Needless to say, I've never fucked. Don't really want to by this point; love is an illusion and the sexual needs are provided by the internet and my hands. I would fuck a shemale with big tits, though. That would make for a life event.

I do have the courage to go outside, but I only really do so for maybe two hours out of the day. The rest of the time I spend at my apartment.

I get money from SSI; I can't function without it financially. They were about to kick me off of it because you can't have more than 2,000 dollars in the bank, and I'm similar to some retarded person who never spends his money. So I had to spend a lot of money on new stuff, which I would otherwise never do.

I take anti-psychotic and anti-epileptic meds, and they didn't make me normal. I'm the kind of person that can be stabilized, but not cured. And the meds are probably what is causing me to be too tired to work a full-time job.

I didn't escape the NEET life; just the opposite, the NEET life found me in the end. Despite all of my efforts, I ended up roughly in the same place as you guys. And in some ways, that probably makes my case even more lamentable.
>> No. 18414 [Edit]
File 140755700630.gif - (27.90KB , 775x510 , 1226.gif )

"Courage" is the wrong word. I do it effortlessly.

Many people here say that they cannot go outside when other people are around. I am sympathetic to that, since I experience agoraphobia when stressed. I chose my vocabulary in order to have more respect for others here.
>> No. 18417 [Edit]
I hate crowded place, only because of a simple number of people that are equally valuable to shit. People who visit places with crowds out of their will are no better than the crowd themselves.
>> No. 18418 [Edit]
Crowds are the worst, and I also agree with you on the fact that the people that join the crowds are just as terrible.
>> No. 18419 [Edit]
File 140759891179.jpg - (192.56KB , 886x886 , 1183889599127.jpg )

Jesus Christ.

Just because I go outside doesn't mean that I want to have anything to do with the other people around; I basically pretend that they are not there while I do what I have to do.

I have, like, three friends. And I've known them for years. I've lost friends more than I've kept them. And out of those three, only one is someone who knows just about everything about me.

Humanity is fairly diverse. I honestly think that you guys over-generalize.
>> No. 18421 [Edit]
That's more friends than most of us.
Sorry, but I'm not really seeing how I can relate to a 30 year old with:
An education and more opportunity than I've ever had (even if you squandered it)
Real friends
The ability to go outside at will
Multiple jobs in the past
The expressed will to have sex with real people
Drug abuse problems
>> No. 18424 [Edit]
File 140769060049.jpg - (86.29KB , 450x450 , 1068.jpg )

Huh. You do bring up some points.

I'm not going to say that university is available to everyone, but the fact is that the majority (or at least a sizable amount) of NEETs have attempted higher education before.

I was never given opportunity. Once I got my M.A. and came back home, it was like going back to square one all over again. I was given no chance at finding any work; even the jobs I obtained (ones that were well below my skill level) were very hard to get.

In all honesty I've only have one serious friend. The other two would probably have nothing to do with me if they knew what I believed in (it is akin to Satanism). Human relationships and emotions are cheap, and I found out the hard way.

I can go outside at will because I've been in this town for so fucking long. If it is more familiar, you are less scared about being there. I've been in places where I didn't go outside unless it was absolutely necessary.

I've only had two jobs, and have only worked for two years in my whole life. Most NEETs have had at least one job. If I was an average 30 year old, I'd be having a decent career with 7+ jobs under my belt.

I've never had sex. I wouldn't seek it out unless if it would be an amazing experience. Women don't desire me because I have nothing to offer. Even back when I gave a shit, I never made a move.

Using drugs? Nigga, almost all NEETs do that at some point. It makes life less boring. I've only touched legal highs, anyway. I'd say that at least 70% of NEETs are at least mild alcoholics.

In any case you are right in general: I don't fit in here. I've actually gone out and done shit. But still, I ended up a legitimate NEET in the end, nonetheless. Maybe not in a typical manner, and perhaps not in an even remotely similar fashion, but I'm still here, without a job and wondering just what the fuck my life has been about.

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