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No. 18539 [Edit]
Did you ever fight back against your bullies?
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>> No. 18540 [Edit]
sure, and I got my ass kicked every time.
>> No. 18541 [Edit]
Guess I grew up in a good neighborhood -- no one really tried to hit me and my schools didn't tolerate it either. Been teased a couple of times because I'm so awkward but not much I could do about that. Nowadays I'm six feet tall and keep to myself, and I don't think I'd invite many aggressors.
>> No. 18542 [Edit]
Never got bullied, would have fought back for sure.
The picture makes me sad.
>> No. 18543 [Edit]
Yeah, but I've never won a fight.

Right now I'm the strongest I've ever been and plan on getting far, far stronger than what I currently am.
>> No. 18544 [Edit]
Do you want to be a bully or a hero of justice?
>> No. 18545 [Edit]
It's pretty tame compared to maru's other stuff.
>> No. 18546 [Edit]
That doesn't make it any less explicit.
>> No. 18547 [Edit]
To be honest, I don't really want to be either, but I guess that I'm more likely to do 'good' things, though.
>> No. 18548 [Edit]
I'm kinda surprised that that picture is still there. I thought that it'd be too lewd but I don't really know what to think of it besides not liking the whole forcing her to show her body and potentially get raped.
>> No. 18551 [Edit]
File 140905412246.jpg - (23.89KB , 244x230 , Fu-Chan-fuko-ibuki-23130802-244-230.jpg )
No. I'd always keep quiet about it and let them do whatever. Fighting wasn't an option because they were much bigger.
>> No. 18553 [Edit]
I did with mixed results.

I won some and lost some. It stayed around the same though because of the assholes that just wanted to pick a fight with "the violent weird kid that needs help". Since you know, people starting shit for no reason isn't something that needs help. In a way it just made the adults start bullying me in addition to other kids.
>> No. 18554 [Edit]
I was only made fun of every day, not physically bullied. No, I didn't fight back because I believed all that nonsense about being the bigger person or whatever. But mostly I was just a coward. On a few occasions, they talked me into physically bullying kids younger than me. Always felt bad about that. So yeah, cowardice mainly.
>> No. 18555 [Edit]
I adblocked it myself.
If it helps try to think of the image as being from the perspective of someone who happens to be there and is about to kick their asses.
>> No. 18556 [Edit]
Yeah all the time. I never not fought back. I didn't start winning until around age 10 when I started working on my muscles. By age 12 everyone feared me and I was king of the playground. Ah to be 12 again. High school sucked.
>> No. 18558 [Edit]
File 140908727364.jpg - (353.56KB , 700x814 , 41542393_p17.jpg )
>In a way it just made the adults start bullying me in addition to other kids.

Pretty much exactly my experience. In elementary I was forced to go to an unbelievably asinine special afterschool "therapy session" class for "kids with problems" for "being prone to anger and violent behavior" because I guess that was an easier feel-good non-solution for the staff than trying to do anything about most others in the class ceaselessly messing with me day in day out with methods spanning the usual range of shoving, namecalling and hiding my stuff or throwing it in dustbins.

Wasn't a very constructive use of anyone's time.
And wasn't much help ignoring the problem either when the bullying types knew that not only could they get away with more or less anything, but also cause incalculably much more trouble to me than to themselves in the process.

Always feeling like I was being judged insane or defective in some way for being the target of bullying and ever having dared to show any emotion about it really engendered in me a deep trust in society fundamentally being a sane and reasonable place. I mean every single day of school feeling like being wrongfully forced into a straitjacket while the those you deem the real madmen roam free and jeer at you for being a freak surely has to be a constructive experience that helps you to grow into a balanced and happy member of society.

But I suppose ultimately they had it right. I definitely had "problems."
One for every teacher and classmate.
>> No. 18560 [Edit]
Not really. I tried once, but I was severely outnumbered as usual so I got the shit kicked out of me anyway.

Nonetheless, as I mentioned in another thread, I regret being as cowardly as I was. I wish I would have at least tried to fight back more than once. I would have still gotten beaten on a regular basis anyway, so I had little to lose.
>> No. 18563 [Edit]
File 140911232616.gif - (260.47KB , 488x358 , tbwVJ.gif )
man, i feel sorry for you bros. we here for you doe.
>> No. 18565 [Edit]
Yes once, do you guys remember that video where that big fat kid was being bullied by that little kid ended up slamming him to the ground? It was kind of like that for me but I was the one that ended up being the bad guy in the end for hurting the little guy. I got yelled at and suspended because he said I started it and always picked on him. After that everyone started treating me like shit, the students, the teachers, even my only friend the librarian hated me.
My mom who was a teacher at the school was getting constant abuse from the other teachers and the principal, she would get blamed for everything and insulted constantly, I would often walk in on her crying.
We ended up moving to a new state to get away from them and it was a bit better. Mom never worked at one of my schools again, I learned not draw any attention to myself and never fought back again.
>> No. 18566 [Edit]
>but I was the one that ended up being the bad guy in the end for hurting the little guy.
I think the outcome was the same for the fat kid in that video.
>> No. 18567 [Edit]
No, that video got so much attention that they didn't punish him.
>> No. 18568 [Edit]
Nah, that kid was praised as a hero. He got interviewed and had news stories run about how great he was and how much of a little shit the other kid was. If you look at any reupload of it they're always filled with comments rooting for him too. Even though in my opinion he went a bit overboard, he came really close to killing that kid.
>> No. 18570 [Edit]
Nah. When the teacher walked out of the room one time I started getting hit in a class of around 25 students and some girl said "why don't you fight back, anon?" but as this further served to embarrass me I told her to mind her own business. Also a black kid told the bullies to stop and I told him to fuck off. I redirected my anger at kind people because I knew they wouldn't actually hurt me if I yelled at them.

One of my main bullies committed suicide at 20. I'm now 3 years older than he'll ever be but I intend to follow him soon.

I also got bullied by a girl frequently who would pull my hair out sitting in the back of me during class, I'm sure I could have said something to the teacher looking back on it. I have countless examples but never fought back in any case. My alcoholic dad who had strangled me always told me that I should fight back. As I hated him I didn't take his advice.
>> No. 18573 [Edit]
File 14091594648.png - (510.07KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2014-08-27-12h51m41s164.png )
>I got yelled at and suspended because he said I started it and always picked on him.
This is why, unfortunately, you've gotta have evidence. Without evidence, the other kids will support the more popular kid's side. Most adults, seemingly never having been kids themselves (or maybe always being the kids with their sides supported), will unquestioningly believe the majority.

Also, why did those kids release that video anyway?

I've already posted in this thread and I'm long out of school, but I had lots of teasing which requires context like in this image. I would tell an adult a kid was making fun of me, and they would ask me what they said. Not to mention, I usually couldn't remember because I tried to withdrawal as much as possible and I've been depressed for the duration of my life. And I'm not smart enough to explain why it was making fun of me, like I can't explain how what this girl is saying is making fun of Lisa.
>> No. 18574 [Edit]
>Even though in my opinion he went a bit overboard, he came really close to killing that kid.

Now that's a gross exaggeration if I've ever heard one. The bully immediately got back up after being slammed, despite being wounded. It's not like the kid he was picking on chased him down and kept wrecking his shit after that.
>> No. 18583 [Edit]
I'm not saying his injuries where severe, I'm saying picking him up and throwing him like that could've ended a lot differently than it did.
>> No. 18585 [Edit]
It's possible, but very unlikely. Death is even a minute possibility from being punched in the gut.
>> No. 18590 [Edit]
Yeah, maybe if he hit the ground with his head he could've had serious brain injuries.
>> No. 18591 [Edit]
or broken his neck
>> No. 18594 [Edit]
when i was really young (year 4 or 5 of british school, so i would have been about 11, i got so mad i tackled this one boy who was bullying me into a wall and i accidentally broke his collar bone which led to me getting bullied more, and the school being cross with me
>> No. 18603 [Edit]
I was never really bullied. It was more like the opposite; some people talked to me because they felt sorry for me, though that didn't feel great either, especially when they talked to me in front of their friends to seem nice.
>> No. 18639 [Edit]
I had a bully once. I think the biggest difference is that it was just one guy in elementary school who had anger issues. He would try to beat me up and/or ambush me after school in the local woods, and I would either just take it nonchalantly or make a game of it by dodging. Honestly, I felt a little excited that someone took an effort to target me, since before this time I was only met with disinterest, and one half of my family had the mentality that the youngest child was fair game for arbitrary wrestling or pranking.

While he did actually punch and kick with force, causing me to tear occasionally, I think it was more out of taking out his rage and his status as a semi-pariah on me. Eventually, we started talking. I figure he was trying to take me under his wing or something, as he bragged about x and y, but after mentioning it to my mother he was told by the school to never do it again, and he stopped talking to me.

I still treated him amiably afterwards, and years later, although he is in a rough patch of life, he is an okay person.

The only bullying at our High School which was explicitly at school was making someone a pariah or the occasional fight between two people. I imagine much more happened outside of school, since this was in the sticks, but I was ignorant of this, as I rarely associated with my peers outside of school.
>> No. 18640 [Edit]
I was the bully. I wouldn't target the weak though, I'd target people I could get a rise out of and would give me a good fight. All I wanted to do was fight when I was younger. If someone wouldn't physically fight me or I thought they wouldn't be a good contest, I'd just leave them alone. So nerds and girls were off my list.

There was one or two times someone tried to bully me, but I knocked them down before I could really call them "bullies".

I'm sorry. I had an angry childhood.
>> No. 18677 [Edit]
Recently, I obliterated this 2.10m dude.We were fighting around who gets to sit on the bench and I sat. He started pulling me by the leg so I naturally hit him in the head with my remaining leg (from sitting position).
Nevertheless he was still standing but since I am still 1.90m and way more buff I threw him few meters back on floor.From there I pinned him down on floor and started mashing him like no tommorow. Too bad that when I threw him on floor he grabbed my t-shirt and ripped a small patch out of it.
>> No. 18715 [Edit]
Then I became known as "that unstable kid" and everyone was scared to even go near me, even people who once occasionally talked to me.
>> No. 18722 [Edit]
I was the bully sometimes, usually because was part of the large cool group. Felt bad afterwards, but it wasn't a continued everyday thing, though the victims probably felt different, also was 11yo and below. I had some anger problems for sure, but when you are young enough getting into scraps, just secures your place in the upper levels of social hierarchy and ensure commradory; all this has to take part before your peer group moves beyond caveman politics and into fashion, wealth, subculture groups.

People tried to bully me in high school a few times, it didn't work out, because they realized I was in the popular group. Once I was in a situation where someone my group was slighly bullying (throw ball at him) and said that they shouldn't because I have all my classes with him, 2 years later the same person who throw the ball I saw stopping a kid who was being bullied. I guess he grew up, that reminds me, I miss having friends.
>> No. 18748 [Edit]
Gotta love that sense of entitlement. Most of us get smacked around when we're kids, but becuase you have a hole between your legs that you expect people to never hurt you and jump to your rescue? fuck off.
>> No. 18751 [Edit]
Back in middle school, I fought back all the time, and I got in trouble for it at least 3 times. I got my ass kicked each time and would cry in the middle of the room. Dammit, I was such a crybaby.

People did this to me when high school rolled around. I guess they knew that being outright antagonistic made them look like an asshole in front of their friends, so they took the pretending-to-be-nice approach to avoid that. Either way, it made it very hard for me to trust people, and it still does. I can't help but think that when someone is being nice to me, they're just faking it.
>> No. 18764 [Edit]
Sorry, it was moreso meant to show that even though it's a societal norm and I would see people get all kinds of shit for even coming close to hitting a girl, people cared about me so little that they didn't care if a guy punched me straight in the face in front of them and knocked me on the ground. He was probably at least 2-3 times my size, too. That was sadly just scratching the surface of the bullying I got, though. Sorry.
>> No. 18784 [Edit]
Welcome to the plight of the heterosexual white male.
>> No. 18788 [Edit]
Not as much as I should have. I had always been told that it was wrong to hit people, but at the same time going to the adults wasn't a thing you'd want to do. So in the beginning I fought back when the bully would provoke me with words and accidental pushes, but when I finally launched out at him, the people around us would force me to the ground. It didn't help that my bully had been my best friend up until school. The bullying continued for years and was too hard to stop since some weeks there wouldn't be anything and other weeks a lot and sometimes the bully would even be nice to me*. And again, words and accidental pushes don't really count as bullying, right?
In seventh grade (bullying started at around 2nd-3rd grade) a group, my bully included, decided to "joke" about me having sucked some nasty guy's dick. It hurt, of course, but more so since they'd "defended" me from the very same guy (they didn't like him and thus defended me when the guy had pushed me... it felt good to be defended). I tried to hit my bully, but the principal came by and I got an earful for it. I couldn't of course say to him that they'd joked about me sucking that guy's dick, so I decided for that one year not to be included in the class photo which I had been a part of every year.
Finally in ninth grade, the grade of graduation, I attacked him with all I could. We both took about equal amount of damage, but nobody interfered. That's when I knew I should have just done that earlier, I should have just kept attacking him whenever he did something, since he didn't do that much after that episode.
Up until graduation there had never been one person to stand up for me, and I had never stood up for anybody else either. Didn't help that my friends sometimes got friendly with my bully. Sometimes you didn't know who the bully even was anymore. It must have been around sixth grade or something that it all became too much and I took my belt around the neck and bound to the doorknob, so that I would get strangled when someone opened the door. The reason was that I accidentally and without knowing (I ran when he came after me thinking he was just "fun" mad so I didn't actually see it) had hurt my bully by throwing a hula hoop ring at him. The teacher took pity of him and I couldn't explain properly why I had run away and why him getting hurt a bit wasn't enough to make up for what he'd done.
In the end I couldn't trust teachers, I couldn't even trust my friends not to speak of my classmates. Someone should have to me that punching the bad guys is ok.
*It would have been easier to do something, I think, if I could have kept him purely as my enemy.
>> No. 18789 [Edit]
I agree with your sentiments, at the end of the day you have to stand up for yourself... I feel teachers and school administrators may feel that they are protecting students, but in my eyes they're simply making verbal/psychological bullying more appealing than typical physical bullying. Of course in the modern world most people don't settle things with duels of honor and neither are that many forced into war, I guess reputation all comes down to being cool and saying the right things now -- that sort of social bullshit probably drives many like us mad.
>> No. 18901 [Edit]
>I would tell an adult a kid was making fun of me, and they would ask me what they said.
I specifically remember that everytime I would tell my teachers that I was being bullied, they would say something along the lines of "stop being a tattle tale", Fuck teachers man, they were the same people bullying others and came to education with their power complexes to fucking bully more children.
>> No. 18915 [Edit]
I remember back in elementary school, I used to punch people that teased me, but eventually the teachers said "Don't do that!", and all I could do is try to get them to stop. The teachers would never help, so I was on my own. Got so bad that in 4th grade I actually did attempt hanging myself on the playground... too bad one of the kids found out and stopped me... I still think I should have done it, whenever something bad happens, I just think to myself "Shit, I should have killed myself in 4th grade"
>> No. 18916 [Edit]
Bullying is all about power. The only way to stop yourself getting bullied is by making it far too costly for the bully to threaten you- either physically or socially. You must scare them off either by being able to flatten them or by causing them humiliation and loss of status if they attempt to. There is no justice, there is no law- only the law of the jungle. This is why bullies only target the weak, and they can smell weakness from miles away like vultures. If two people are closely matched in power it is not bullying it is fighting.
>> No. 18920 [Edit]
File 141419509411.jpg - (37.09KB , 610x320 , shinji mad.jpg )
Yes, twice during my first year of middle school.

Back then I was the fat short nerd kid on glasses and was picked constantly, largely by two guys (one of them the handsome alpha of the group). They basically humiliated me calling me things and sometimes boasting their strength on me somehow (like subduing me; no actual hitting); I didn't give that much importance so never tried to fight back; however, one time I was drawing during our free time and one of them intentionally hit my arm, making me ruin my work; my drawings were the dearest thing in the world to me, so I barely could hold my tears; a friend nearby (another wimp) told me to let it pass, that it wasn't worth it; at that moment, rage overtook me: I stood up and walked to the bully's seat, licked my fingers and gave him a big slap right in the forehead; he jumped over me, threw me to the floor and started genuinely strangling me; I grabbed his hair and started slamming his head against the desk, trying to knock him out...

A prefect arrived and separated us. I was given the reason by everyone and they only punished the bully. The other bully's story was pretty much the same; in both cases, it was an indignation-driven berserk mode what gave me temporal strength to face them, shortly saved by the bell afterwards. Those two times alone earn me enough respect from everyone not to be picked up again during middle school.
>> No. 18924 [Edit]
>licked my fingers

>> No. 18926 [Edit]
Yeah. He had a wide forehead and the point was to perform a total affront to him and making it hurt the most; somewhat like moistening a whip, you could think.

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