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File 136455113864.png - (366.87KB , 865x480 , hitler.png )
14673 No. 14673 [Edit]
I started watching Koi Kaze a few days ago and it really is quite excellent.
It has such a relaxing feeling to it, looks like it was done in watercolors and moves so slowly and it combines the with fairly intense tension and shame somewhat like NHK did while also hinting at pedowincest (not really pedo, she is one of those anime 15 year old girls who looks like she could be 10).
Oh and the father looks like Hitler, but hes a really nice guy.

there is just some metashit in this spoiler I'm not posting in the "old stuff" thread as a matter of principle, I think that those type of threads are bad.
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>> No. 14674 [Edit]
File 136455154329.png - (349.02KB , 856x480 , cute little girl.png )
Here is the little sister.
Isn't she the cutest!?
>> No. 14676 [Edit]
File 136455974337.png - (200.23KB , 749x421 , nanoka 2.png )
You really could have profited from that thread...

Anyway: Koi Kaze is one of my absolute favorites ever, indeed. I've marathoned it and rewatched some episodes several times during the past years, cause it's always absolutely convincing and endearing. It's deliciously melancholic, painfully honest and never ever takes cheap or stereotypical ways out. Nanoka, with that little body of her, is one of the strongest and bravest female leads I've ever seen. Finally, as I've grown old, I've increasingly identified myself with Koshiro in more ways than I ever thought possible.

TL;DR God Tier anime.
>> No. 14686 [Edit]
>I'm not posting in the "old stuff" thread as a matter of principle, I think that those type of threads are bad.

it's better than 30 different threads with less than 5 replies cluttering the board.
>> No. 14689 [Edit]
I disagree about that, i think that the "old stuff thread" is disorganized, it takes some effort to track it down if its off the front page and then hunting through the whole 400 post thread to see if the anime you want to make a post about is already in there.
using the catalogue is easier.
I'm not OP, btw, but I agree that enormous single threads about three dozen different topics are a huge mess. Thats why people complain about threads going "off topic" to begin with.
>> No. 15114 [Edit]
I've read Koi Kaze and it was excellent.
>> No. 15120 [Edit]
Anyone here watched and read it? Which is better?

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