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File 137681488487.jpg - (200.20KB , 730x1065 , fbd66525d0ae4481c4087702ec19a3ed40167e06c26174db55.jpg )
1916 No. 1916 [Edit]
Just finished reading this. I'm wondering if the mangaka is just a huge pain fetishist. Hes the one who wrote Bradherly's Coach too. Probably loves seeing girls suffering. In this manga theres a whole freaking arc where the main character undergoes cutting off and reattaching limbs over and over again, with hardly any fighting. I questioned why I was still reading it during that arc but it came ot pretty good in the end.

I liked the developing relationship between Manji and Rin, and Rin's increasing maturity. At times the combat techniques were just ridiculous and this ruined my immersion, but I guess the kessen-chu were retarded in the first place. All round a great manga.
>> No. 1920 [Edit]
Haven't read this but I am reading Vagabond. Are they too similar or can I read them both concurrently without things feeling rehashy? Don't worry about spoilers, these series are fairly old, I'm actually surprised I haven't been spoilered.
>> No. 1921 [Edit]
I think they're pretty different.
>> No. 1997 [Edit]
Of course, you should take a look at Love of the Brute.

It is an artbook by the same author.

What do you think about his newest work?
>> No. 1998 [Edit]

>What do you think about his newest work?

Are you talking about Harukaze no Snegurochka?

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