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File 134384168066.jpg - (165.39KB , 500x645 , PZO1110_500_jpeg.jpg )
7017 No. 7017 [Edit]
I mentioned PF on IRC and there is some interest in playing. We have played Dark Heresy before, but of those that have shown interest so far, only I was in the DH group.

We are inexperienced in PF. I think only one of them has played before. We also haven't got a clue who will DM, so if anyone is like "PF? Hell yes. DMing? Hell yeah!", go ahead.

If you make a character from the material from the Core Rulebook only already, it should be valid with at most little changes, regardless of how the campaign will end up. But even if you have to scrap the character: If you're experienced, making a character (the process from inspiration to finished character, at least) shouldn't take you long. Otherwise it will make good practice.

Time zones so far:
1x UTC- 8
3x UTC- 5
1x UTC+ 2


Only Core Rulebook is absolutely necessary. We had no discussion about what material will be included yet. Probably only the Core Rulebook for now (for players).

If you are interested, post your time zone, your name on IRC (if you have one) and read the Core Rulebook. You can also contact Tsadiq on IRC.

Post edited on 1st Aug 2012, 10:24am
>> No. 7027 [Edit]
I've never played before, but it sounds like fun. I could possibly DM if nobody more experienced wants to. My time zone is UTC + 0 and my name on IRC is Eoya.
>> No. 7030 [Edit]
It would be awesome if someone that's comfortable with DMing would do so.

Maybe we can even set up a session this weekend already.
>> No. 7032 [Edit]
(>>7027 here) I have some experience with writing CYOAs - although mostly non-serious ones - as well as playing dungeon crawlers and reading plenty of fantasy novels, so I'd be happy to try being a DM. Unfortunately, I am away from my home computer until Monday, so I can't really do anything until then.
>> No. 7033 [Edit]
I suggest we play next tuesday starting around 1400 UTC.

Tsadiq (me)

Post edited on 5th Aug 2012, 11:30am
>> No. 7042 [Edit]
I'm very sorry but I cannot make it. Could we possibly put it back a day or two?
>> No. 7043 [Edit]
I can play any time from 1400 UTC to 2200 UTC (i.e. midnight, but also later if necessary). On Fridays to Sundays I can start playing from 0600 UTC.

TennenTenkai sad he can't play Wednesday and Thursday he can't play between 1800 and 2030. Necrosage can't play Sunday.

So either Thursday with a 1.5h break in between (plus breaks for food?) or Friday/Saturday. I suggest we start no later than 1600 UTC.

How about Friday 1600 UTC?

Eoye, how should we create characters by the way (Level 1 with 4d6/drop lowest? Point buy?)? Or other misc. details about the campaign? I get asked the former a lot.
>> No. 7044 [Edit]
Friday 16:00 would be perfect for me.

I suspect you overestimate my knowledge of this game - I literally only just started reading the rule book, for the first time, earlier today. I shall need a while to familiarise myself with it.

The point buy method seems the most reasonable; let's go with that.

I have a rough campaign worked out, however it is likely going to be fairly short and fairly linear. There will be very few NPCs, so don't focus too much on persuasion or that sort of thing.
>> No. 7045 [Edit]
I'm afraid I must regretfully disappoint you all and let you know that I won't be able to participate. I had some things already planned for Friday and the days following, none of which I can get out of this late.

Good luck with the game!
>> No. 7046 [Edit]
What about Saturday on 1600 UTC?

Edit: ticks can't play Saturday either. Let's stick with Friday, 1600 UTC.

Post edited on 8th Aug 2012, 7:54am
>> No. 7052 [Edit]
Unfortunately, I have come to realise that DMing is truly a vast undertaking; much more so than I anticipated. We may still be able to go ahead with the game tomorrow, but it is likely to be short, simple, and I'll almost certainly have to check the rule book every few minutes.

We could put it off further to give more time to prepare, but I think the real problem here is a lack of experience - somebody who has never even played a game has no place trying to run one. If someone who actually knows what they're doing were to host a game first, even just a short one, I could do a much better job of it.
>> No. 7062 [Edit]
Despite my best efforts, the campaign is still not in a playable state. I can only conclude that four days is not enough to learn how to DM. I'm very sorry - really, I am - but no game today.
>> No. 7063 [Edit]
Get on IRC anyway.
>> No. 7079 [Edit]
Why don't we just play a published campaign? Also, I kind of expect everyone will be slow, since as far as I know, none of us have experience.
>> No. 7084 [Edit]
For some reason I thought the session was going to be on Sunday. Without that information, that post could be taken as an insult, I didn't mean it that way. I apologize for missing the session.
>> No. 7297 [Edit]
We need a new day for sessions. 12th Wednesday would be the only day TT can play (I think). On that day, I am not available until around 1800 UTC.

Eoya, when can you play?

Post edited on 9th Sep 2012, 2:30pm
>> No. 7298 [Edit]
Eoya here; September 12th 1800 UTC would be fine for me. For future reference, I cannot do Mondays or Thursdays.
>> No. 7350 [Edit]
When should we do the next session?

I may not be able to play on one day of the weekend, but I don't know which one. Monday to Friday it's from 1400 UTC, except Wednesday (1700 UTC).
>> No. 7351 [Edit]
Any time is fine for me.
>> No. 7365 [Edit]
Eoya: Sunday, 1600 UTC?
>> No. 7367 [Edit]
Should be fine.
>> No. 7413 [Edit]
Since last session fell through, when's the next time we could play?
>> No. 7454 [Edit]

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