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File 132990278125.jpg - (339.31KB , 1059x1500 , e6013a5a8784d5debb5cd430d68dfb65.jpg )
13417 No. 13417 [Edit]
If you could change one thing, and only one little thing about the world, what would you change?

Nothing too big or vague mind you, like world peace or everyone on earth being dead (that's boring and predictable.)

I'd make it so that all family style restaurants have cute uniforms, not just the ones in japan.
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>> No. 13418 [Edit]
tohno coming back to irc
>> No. 13419 [Edit]
I'd make the flavor packets in instant ramen taste EXACTLY like what they're supposed to be, instead of a vague "this kinda tastes like it if it was made in a chemical lab" taste.
>> No. 13421 [Edit]
File 13299087454.jpg - (131.92KB , 1000x750 , Franken Franky.jpg )
Every adult should have work experience in caretaking of old people and something service related. Would make people more compassionate, methinks.
>> No. 13422 [Edit]
My sister did something like that, although she witnessed when the old lady died, which probably strengthened the effect, and she stopped being a huge bitch towards me and my mother.

Before, she was (and more or less still is) scum that represents all of the reasons to hate 3DPD.
>> No. 13424 [Edit]
Vending machines with canned coffee near me. I don't like entering gas stations.
>> No. 13425 [Edit]
Adding to this, I wish I could still get Seattle's Best canned coffee. It's the only brand whose prices are not complete assrape, and yet the stores and stations around me have stopped stocking them. Probably because people ignored it and continued to buy the 2x+ priced Starbucks shit, because they are very fucking stupid. Jesus Christ do I hate people.
>> No. 13507 [Edit]
Vending machines on every corner of the world. Like Japan.

And not just one or two vending machines, I'm talking, like...2-4.

And they have their own little rest-spot, with a bench and a cover for rain/snow/hail.
>> No. 13511 [Edit]
That I can change my gender whenever I want to
>> No. 13514 [Edit]
Planing on becoming a prostitute?
>> No. 13524 [Edit]
Better public transport in the US/better city designs and less suburban sprawl. So I can take a high speed rail from Chicago to St Louis in like 2 hours for whatever tournaments I like to do for cheap and without the stress of driving/able to sleep on the train or look at the fields and clouds.
>> No. 13796 [Edit]
exhentai images wouldn't brake half the time or keep reverting to the same 'image.jpg' filename.

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