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File 131956417572.jpg - (10.05KB , 300x168 , screenshot_269422_thumb_wide300.jpg )
5060 No. 5060 [Edit]
No real info out except the logo and that it might take place in real-world LA.
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>> No. 5061 [Edit]
I wonder if this will even get a PC port. RDR didn't
>> No. 5062 [Edit]
I heard some time back it was probably going to take place in la, after the guys from rock star were seen researching the area (again)
Real original guys...

Didn't anyone ever tell them reality sucks?
God damn it, this is probably going to be worse then IV.
Thank Haruhi for saints row.
>> No. 5063 [Edit]
>Didn't anyone ever tell them reality sucks?

I actually really liked GTA4 liberty city. It's cool how I can look at pictures of new york and almost feel like I've been there because they got it so right in the game. The actual game was pretty dull most of the time though
>> No. 5067 [Edit]
Yeah the city was extremely well-detailed and a pleasure to look at. Of course, the problem with it was that there was really nothing to do in the city and there was no incentive to exploring it, unlike in VC or SA.

Still too early to start slamming down on it but considering IV's success, I wouldn't be surprised if it goes down the grimdark-serious (read as: boring) approach.
>> No. 5068 [Edit]
GTAIV had some people jokingly saying when it came out that rockstar should work on real world city simulators.
No one can argue the game looked pretty, because it did, and the physics system was very nice.
But the game itself, what actually matters, sucked.
And much of what sucked about it was becuase of realism.

realism in games means less wacky fun, less creativity, less imagination.
realism is limits, it's dirty and boring.
realism is cars that take a minute to get to 60mph, and control like a shopping cart full of bricks.
realism means only being able to carry around one or two guns at a time, with highly limited ammo.
realism means horrible music on the radio, crappy TV shows and annoying friends calling you up every five minutes to go drinking.
realism is why GTAIV only had 3 types of missions.
Go to point A and kill people there.
Go to point A then B then kill people.
Go to point A and kill people as you go to point B.
There was no variety in GTAIV because realism does not allow for it, the missions have the bonds of realism keeping them down and preventing them for doing anything different, anything unrealistic, within reason.

If GTAV wants to make GTA even more realistic then IV was, then all I can say is, fuck that.
>> No. 5069 [Edit]
I wouldn't mind if GTA went more realistic. There's no way they can top the Saints Row series in being crazy so they might as well go the opposite path.
>> No. 5093 [Edit]
I remember when I played GTA4 and I thought I was getting old. I didn't find it fun at all, even though it had so many things I thought I would like.

Then I played Saint's Row 2 and just realized that GTA4, even with a huge map, good graphics, and NPC interaction, was just a shitty game.
>> No. 5156 [Edit]
I had an experience much like that.
I thought Saint's Row 2 was the game gtaIV should have been, it felt like the true sequel to gtaSA.
>> No. 5157 [Edit]
one hour left
>> No. 5163 [Edit]
It does indeed take place in LA (though not real world LA, there's a shot of the Vinewood sign). It looks pretty nice, looks like planes are back, plus there's mountains! I'm not going to get excited until we hear about a PC version though, if there even is one
>> No. 5164 [Edit]
I can't tell if it is just LA or all of San Andreas, what with the woods and the mountains. If it was San Andreas they would probably show san francisco and vegas though
>> No. 5165 [Edit]
It would suck if it was just LA. The varied environments of SA was one reason why that game was so memorable. I loved listening to this song while driving through the desert.
>> No. 5167 [Edit]

one of the buildings in the trailer does say "san fierro" on it, so maybe
>> No. 5168 [Edit]
I'm not sure they could fit 3 huge, GTA4 level of detail cities in one game. Game has to play on consoles you know
>> No. 5169 [Edit]
Well... Maybe they'll actually put stuff to do in the city this time.
>> No. 5170 [Edit]
This is a good point, and one of those consoles is using a obsolete disk format that severely limits the amount of data that can be placed on all system's versions of the disks.
Although there is always the posablity of them making a multidisk version for that one system which would allow for more content.
I remember during an interview with one of the guys that worked on IV, they said when asked, that the game was being limited because of one of those systems.

It's to bad game devs these days are so strict about making each version of the game the same, even if it means the game suffers for it.
man I remember the days when each system version of a multi platform game would have it's own little perks, like soul calibur 2 which had a different bonus character for each system.
Would be nice if they didn't hold back on a pc version, but I don't think they like the pc much, between the piracy and modders making the devs look like chumps by completely overhauling their games.
>> No. 5173 [Edit]

The problem are the parent companies who own developers as well as those who publish titles now. I'm sure developers would love to work the way they once did, developing each title pretty autonomously from one another but are constrained by what share holders are demanding, and to another extend the hardware systems themselves. Microsoft has been known to be real assholes to even the most powerful publishing houses.
>> No. 5174 [Edit]
The Xbox is like the fat jerk guy in a zombie movie who can't run very fast and holds back the entire group until he gets eaten, and by then everything is fucked anyway.
>> No. 5175 [Edit]
Looking back, the first GTA:SA trailer didn't show anything outside LA either
>> No. 5178 [Edit]
File 132026607113.png - (1.14MB , 1309x606 , whetstone.png )
I think it's a safe bet it'll at least be better then IV, even though the trailer makes it look a lot like IV but in a different city.
I wouldn't be surprised if this game rammed full of DLC, horrible music and and that same old style of gameplay that has you gluing yourself to cover during half the game.
Well, if they continue on the note that gtaIV left off on with the ballad of gay tony, this one might not be half bad.
I wonder what the chances are of them bring back Rampages or car customization.
or a decent character customization system, the one in IV was mostly just the same stuff in different shades of brown and grey...

whetstone looks nice at least.
oh my, a jet fighter.
A lot of people hated on the hydra in SA, but I for one thought that thing was awesome and loved flying around san andreas with it.
>> No. 5179 [Edit]
File 132026643894.jpg - (498.16KB , 1309x606 , landhooo.jpg )
los Santos certainly looks big.
If the other parts of San Andreas are included, then if nothing else, it should be fun to explore.
I look forward to seeing what Las Venturas looks like.
>> No. 5180 [Edit]
File 13202669553.jpg - (390.48KB , 1309x606 , that plate.jpg )
And since they're making a point of saying it's in San Andreas, one would assume it would have all the areas that were in grand theft auto:San Andreas.
after all gtaIV, which took place in liberty city, had the 3 islands from from gtaIII but added one extra.

also, you can call it nitpicking, but I'm glade to see they fixed plates this time around.
In gtaIV, all the license plates were either blank or said 'liberty city' even in San Andreas was able to have a simple random numbering system for licence plates.
But even one single texture with the same number used on all cars would have been better then what they left it at.
It's hard not to notice in IV since you're looking at the back of a car for much of the game.
>> No. 5181 [Edit]
The license plate saying San Andreas doesn't exactly mean the whole state is in play (I hope it is though), it's just that Los Santos is located there.
>> No. 5182 [Edit]
If it was only Los Santos one would think the plate would only say Los Santos.
Just as how liberty city plates didn't say the name of the state liberty city is in.

Yes I realise liberty city's real city name is new york, the same as the state with city added on, but I highly doubt the state liberty city takes place in is simply called 'liberty', and even if it was, the plates say 'liberty city' not 'liberty'

If it really was just LA, I dunno if I'd want to bother, between LA noire and midnight club los angeles,(city was also in MC2) rockstar should try to expand a little, do something a little different.
>> No. 5183 [Edit]
GTA4 didn't put the state name on license plates because they don't have a fictional state for Liberty City to be in (maybe the state of Liberty, but I don't know if that's confirmed anywhere), so they decided to just put the city name on them. Kind of like if Vice City was featured it would probably say Vice City on the plates despite the state being Florida.

Post edited on 2nd Nov 2011, 2:28pm
>> No. 5184 [Edit]
File 132027157911.jpg - (138.41KB , 600x500 , mc.jpg )
Just some speculation, but interesting nonetheless.
>> No. 5186 [Edit]
I hope racistman3d makes lots of GTAV videos too
>> No. 5187 [Edit]

The guy on the right isn't the same. It's just some random bum on the street. The trailer showed all kinds of homeless people and immigrants so I imagine they're going for another realism feel like the last game.
>> No. 5188 [Edit]
There was a character in IV I thought was supposed to be the older version of tommy, some crime lord or something, but then it turned out rockstar actually killed off all the GTA main characters from the last gen
>> No. 5189 [Edit]
They didn't kill them off, it's just they exist in a different universe than GTA4 and presumably 5. There was graffiti that said RIP (character names) but that was likely just an easter egg
>> No. 5190 [Edit]
Yes that wall is what I was referring to.
>> No. 5192 [Edit]
IGN analyzed the trailer

They REALLY seem to think the MC is Tommy Vercetti
>> No. 5193 [Edit]
because tommy drove a blue car in the vice city trailer, and this guy drives blue car too! also that one guy is black so therefore he MUST be CJ, apparently
>> No. 5194 [Edit]
I would have sworn the guy was Hispanic.
>> No. 5195 [Edit]
The graffiti wall was rockstar's way of saying they were completely done with the old character.
Did the guys that made this video completly disregard the fact that although all of the old games had tons of cameos of characters from the other games, not a single one character from the old games were seen in gtaIV?
>> No. 5196 [Edit]
Whoever the game stars and however serious it is, I know one thing: If the city (or cities) are as detailed and atmospheric as Liberty City then I'm going to love driving and walking around in it. Especially since I've actually been to LA so maybe I can appreciate the faithfulness more.
>> No. 5197 [Edit]
I find it kind of sad gta has been reduced to the level of; city simulator.
>> No. 5200 [Edit]
games like saints row or just cause are the new "go crazy" sandbox games. All rockstar does better by this point is making cool cities
>> No. 5201 [Edit]
Rockstar said this about GTAV

>We are very proud to officially announce that Grand Theft Auto V is in full development.

>Developed by series creator Rockstar North, Grand Theft Auto V heads to the city of Los Santos and surrounding hills, countryside and beaches in the largest and most ambitious game Rockstar has yet created.

>A bold new direction in open-world freedom, storytelling, mission-based gameplay and online multiplayer, Grand Theft Auto V focuses on the pursuit of the almighty dollar in a re-imagined, present day Southern California.

Looks like Los Santos is it, though maybe there's little hick towns in the countryside like in SA
>> No. 5206 [Edit]
well crap... should have know they wouldn't include that much content, but still...
It's midnight club all over again.
Midnight club 2, made by rockstar, had 3 cities including la, then they made midnight club 4 focused exclusively on la.

Anyways, how is this "A bold new direction" when it looks mostly the same as IV?
>> No. 5207 [Edit]
we aren't going to see another gta on the scale of SA with the detail of GTA4 until the next console generation, there's only so much you can do with 8 year old technology.

Post edited on 3rd Nov 2011, 12:14pm
>> No. 5208 [Edit]
gametrailers did one that isn't nearly as retarded
>> No. 5210 [Edit]
just as >>5170 >>5173 said, they can do it with current tech, but some systems are holding the game back because it's multiplatform and needs to be the same on all systems
Hell, if this game was being made available for the wii also, we'd be lucky to get a highly detailed single street.
>> No. 5250 [Edit]
I wish GTAV could look as good as this, but oh well. Only another 4 years until the next console generation rolls around and we get games developed for modern technology, at least for a while
>> No. 6391 [Edit]
No idea how legit any of this is, but speculation is always fun!
>> No. 6450 [Edit]
I really hope this isn't going to be just Los Santos.I've been waiting a while to drive a motorcycle up the fictional California free way to a separate analog city.

Also, I hope they include a GTA counterpart of the real world A380 airbus.Because there's no such thing as too much jumbo.
>> No. 6453 [Edit]
It's just LA with a little bit of the surrounding areas.
no San francisco or las vegas.
>> No. 6459 [Edit]

That's pretty lame. I won't even bother to pirate it.
>> No. 6460 [Edit]
It would probably be impossible to have 3 huge, gta4-style in-depth sandbox cities on one map with current console hardware. And of course "current" means 7 years old.
>> No. 6461 [Edit]
Yeah, I really liked racing around SF, tons of wicked jumps everywhere.
LV felt a tad bit small and bland for what it's supposed to be based on, but it had the best highway of the game for hitting max speeds, and I think las Vegas could still be a interesting city to explore, with all it's one of a kind wacky sights.

They might still have the forest/mountain area though, if that trailer is anything to go off of, the one that was between LS and SF in GTASA.
>> No. 6508 [Edit]
>> No. 6509 [Edit]
That would be nice, since I have nothing to look forward to this year except MP3. I just wish they would release more details on the GTAV PC version, such as if there will even be one
>> No. 6940 [Edit]
File 134211791330.jpg - (304.20KB , 1280x720 , newswire_1342100433.jpg )
Two new screenshots
>> No. 6941 [Edit]
File 134211796269.jpg - (428.10KB , 1280x720 , newswire_1342100464.jpg )
Generic as hell but hey, it's news
>> No. 6942 [Edit]
I wonder if this one is going to be as serious and repetitive and boring as the last one.
>> No. 6944 [Edit]
Well from the trailer it looks like you will be poisoning farm workers with a cropduster and robbing a bank while dressed as exterminators, which is already more interesting than most of GTA4's main game.
>> No. 6946 [Edit]
File 134212878175.jpg - (37.36KB , 640x360 , 933036_20070728_640screen005.jpg )
I think you're forgetting that the trailers and early screen caps for gtaIV made it look like you'd be doing things that wasn't in the final game. like all the trailers centered around characters who weren't niko. many people at the time believed you'd play as multiple characters (and I'm not talking about the DLC)
>> No. 6947 [Edit]
at the very least I can have fun running about and pushing old ladies and fat people into the ocean/down stairs. I spent way too much time in GTA4 doing that
>> No. 6955 [Edit]
That seems like all GTAIV was good for, the game was really just a glorified tech demo.
When I got the game, I spent the first half hour just walking around casualty, just admiring the details and physics.
of course thats all yesterdays news now, but at the time the game came out, it blew my mind.
to bad the game-play was made realistic to match the look, had I known how boring the game would have been, I'd have waiting until the bundled 'complete version' was on sale or something.
at least TBoGT was actually sorta fun...

Post edited on 16th Jul 2012, 5:02am
>> No. 6956 [Edit]
>I spent the first half hour just walking around casualty, just admiring the details and physics

It was pretty cool how you could just causally walk around in GTA4 and it never seemed weird. Most sandbox games have the "mask" fall apart when you aren't running around and actually stop to watch things, but GTA4 felt like a real city
>> No. 6962 [Edit]
I did a lot of that. I love the NPC dialogue when you start messing with people. I cant believe they recorded so much, its crazy.
Throwing paper cups at random people.
Walking into the hospital and knocking over patients.
Breaking car windows and making people fight each other, good times.
>> No. 6965 [Edit]
GTA4 was basically a giant asshole simulator. Walking on the boardwalk and bumping into some guy on his phone, then picking his phone up and tossing it into the ocean before continuing on your way was hilarious. Shame the actual game wasn't that great
>> No. 7128 [Edit]
File 134548521723.jpg - (288.24KB , 1280x720 , rSxuH.jpg )
New screens! Trees still look like poop
>> No. 7129 [Edit]
File 134548530528.jpg - (232.81KB , 1280x720 , 2rFV5.jpg )
Another confirmation that yes, they have planes again
>> No. 7130 [Edit]
File 134548541469.jpg - (164.71KB , 1280x720 , pI3Q1.jpg )
And finally, bikes are in. As is a somewhat silly biking outfit assuming this isn't a pic of an NPC
>> No. 7131 [Edit]
Is he riding on sand with a road bike? What the hell.
>> No. 7135 [Edit]
rockstar have gone too far this time!
>> No. 7136 [Edit]
They say there's more to come later this week. Hopefully this ramp up in info means we get a release date (and the word on a PC version) soon
>> No. 7138 [Edit]
I like how adding in new things that aren't actually new, just things they took away from the last game, is a big deal now.
>> No. 7139 [Edit]
That's pretty much what Sims expansions are marketed on as well
>> No. 7140 [Edit]

Good. Without bikes the game feels lacking. They're fun to screw around with.

I think it was...GTA 3 that didn't have them?
>> No. 7142 [Edit]
SA is the only game that had bikes, unless you mean motorcycles in which case yeah GTA3 didn't have them.
>> No. 7143 [Edit]
Bikes are meaningless without Rings of Fire. Riding bikes around/through hazards which could probably kill you is something that goes hand in hand.
>> No. 7144 [Edit]
That's why I'm hoping for a PC release, so people can mod in giant ramps and several active helicopters to jump over. Maybe the helicopters can be on fire too
>> No. 7145 [Edit]
SA had a mini games like that.
>> No. 7148 [Edit]
I hope I can make my guy really fat and weird like in SA. That would probably ruin *~THE DEEP NARRATIVE~* that all videogames care about now for some reason though so it won't happen.
>> No. 7153 [Edit]
I wouldn't be surprised if that were the case. With all the images and the trailer practically screaming 'look at all the things from SA we brought back', I think it's pretty clear they're trying to please the crowd that were disappointed by GTA4.
>> No. 7154 [Edit]
if that was the case, they wouldn't have limited to just 1 of the original 3 cities that were in SA.

I'm frankly tired of games based in LA.
Rock star has already published two other games based in LA this generation; LA noire and midnight club los angeles.
there were also a few last generation, most notably true crimes: streets of LA, which SA poked fun at with some in game billboards.
>> No. 7155 [Edit]
they probably limited it to one city due to technical constraints brought on by developing for 7 year old hardware
>> No. 7156 [Edit]
you know, it's new hardware that's hard to develop for, not old. It's the reason why the biggest and best looking games tend to come out near the end of a system's life. devs struggle at first but become accustomed with the systems, not the other way around.
>> No. 7157 [Edit]
they learn to deal with what they have better, yeah, but some things are impossible to get around. GTA5 could probably fit 3 cities if they wanted it to be on multiple discs, but that would be really awkward for a sandbox game
>> No. 7158 [Edit]
>realism is cars that take a minute to get to 60mph...
Not every car is a Comet or Turismo.

>...and control like a shopping cart full of bricks.
No, they don't. Are you just driving buses everywhere? Or do you advocate a return to the farcical III/VC/SA-style handling?

>realism means only being able to carry around one or two guns at a time, with highly limited ammo.
This has never applied to any GTA, and likely never will.

>realism means horrible music on the radio, crappy TV shows...
Journey, Fusion FM, Integrity 2.0; The Men's Room, Republican Space Rangers, etc. - are you serious???

>...and annoying friends calling you up every five minutes to go drinking.
This argument from GTA4 bashers has never made sense. Put your phone on to sleep mode, or simply decline the call. Ta-da!

>realism is why GTAIV only had 3 types of missions.
No GTA has really had a mega mission vocabulary to be frank. Read Dead Redemption shows the future is promising in this area, though.

>There was no variety in GTAIV because realism does not allow for it, the missions have the bonds of realism keeping them down and preventing them for doing anything different, anything unrealistic, within reason.
Red Dead Redemption completely disproves this. Plenty of realism; plenty of variety.

As >>5069 says, Rockstar may as well continue with the realism path. It's for this reason that GTA4 is the perfect outlet for my misanthropy.

Red Dead was one of the very best games I ever played, and GTA V will destroy all, no matter what the critics babble on about.
>> No. 7159 [Edit]
>multiple discs
only the 360 version would.
GTAIV didn't even use half of the available space on a ps3 disk, and it wouldn't be the first game on multi platform that had a multi disc 360 version. and while I must admit, while disk swapping on a open world game would be obnoxious, they could get around that with a game installation onto the system's hard drive.
>> No. 7164 [Edit]
really I thought GTA4 was alright, it was just mostly a step backwards from SA. given the 3->VC->SA content ramp-ups people expected a lot more from 4 and were let down
>> No. 7165 [Edit]
The game by any other name would have been greate.
>> No. 7167 [Edit]
File 134565823730.jpg - (657.20KB , 1280x720 , V-7-1280.jpg )
The new pics. Tennis as a minigame maybe?
>> No. 7168 [Edit]
File 134565830452.jpg - (193.18KB , 1280x720 , IeDoa.jpg )
Dirtbike racing in the mountains
>> No. 7169 [Edit]
File 134565844135.jpg - (175.46KB , 1280x720 , CUnCB.jpg )
Base jumping. It really is giving me a sort of SA feel. The graphics don't look particularly great to me (even though everywhere else says they look "FANTASTIC!!!") but I don't really care about that sort of thing
>> No. 7170 [Edit]
It's nice they're showing off their highest quality screenshots...those graphics look horrible.
>> No. 7171 [Edit]
Yeah, the trees look like n64 quality and the ivy looks like vomit.
>> No. 7172 [Edit]
This is looking a lot like a SA remake, even though I know it's not.

It really does, some of those trees look like 2d images that spin to match the camera perspective. The plants all seem to have some seriously low resolution textures. and the shadows are a mess. Makes me think I should wait for the pc version, if that even comes out at all, for some graphics fixing mods. SA and IV had some good greenery replacement mods.
>> No. 7177 [Edit]
File 134568583842.png - (133.89KB , 365x167 , what.png )
I have absolutely no idea what's going on here
>> No. 7178 [Edit]
It's like the shadow couldn't decide which way was down. least I think that's a shadow.
looks almost like the wall is eating the plant.

Post edited on 22nd Aug 2012, 7:49pm
>> No. 7179 [Edit]
it's like a dimensional rift to the Poorly Textured Grass Dimension opened up and is taking over the wall
>> No. 7193 [Edit]
File 134583189768.jpg - (206.85KB , 1280x720 , gw1ie.jpg )
Even more pictures! This one shows nothing interesting at all aside from a lasersight
>> No. 7194 [Edit]
File 134583198481.jpg - (172.52KB , 1280x720 , Qktu6.jpg )
Again, nothing too groundbreaking. I guess cop helicopters get lower now?
>> No. 7195 [Edit]
File 134583210766.jpg - (239.27KB , 1280x720 , gBGmP.jpg )
In what I am sure is a mission-specific event, a guy hangs on to the outside of a truck while a cop chases him
>> No. 7196 [Edit]
File 134583217486.jpg - (466.88KB , 1280x720 , EOZ5V.jpg )
and finally, another shot of a plane. The foliage may look like poop but the rocks and water look pretty
>> No. 7197 [Edit]

Wow that foliage does look like shit. I wonder if these are console or PC screenshots, though.
>> No. 7198 [Edit]
Well they are pics from development, so I'm assuming it's on the PC but with console dev tools
>> No. 7487 [Edit]
File 135110480793.jpg - (444.44KB , 2560x1600 , gf7L9.jpg )
>> No. 7518 [Edit]
File 135161912222.jpg - (209.93KB , 480x720 , girlinbikini.jpg )
Release date! Well kinda

sorry for the vaguely 3DPDish image
>> No. 7520 [Edit]
Well it's not GTA if there isn't a promo image of some scantily clad whore
>> No. 7521 [Edit]
I still can't get over this picture.
>> No. 7522 [Edit]
Oh it's actually not coming out on PC. MP3 was a really good port so I'm rather surprised they would fuck us around again, I thought they changed.
>> No. 7523 [Edit]
I think they're trying to wean pc gamers over to consoles.
>> No. 7524 [Edit]
I barely care about video games anymore as it is, doing things like this would just make me forget about it entirely.
>> No. 7535 [Edit]
I still wanna play this but my xbox has been inactive for so long that turning it on will probably make it burst into flames
>> No. 7547 [Edit]
There was a big GTAV article in a magazine today. Biggest new info is that there are 3 protagonists and you can switch between them "at any time", and I guess they do things when you aren't playing them. So if you play as the old rich guy for a while and switch to the redneck guy, he might be in the middle of having his ass kicked by bikers or something. Also there are random events like in RDR, like hitchhikers, finding dudes burying bodies in the desert, etc. I REALLY wanna play this on PC, but I guess I'm gonna have to get the xbox version ;_;
>> No. 7548 [Edit]

>>7547 seriously dudes the 360 is going to need 3 dvds for this game.

Post edited on 8th Nov 2012, 1:30pm
>> No. 7549 [Edit]
Remember when games came on more than one disc?

I doesn't matter as you can just install to the hard drive anyway.

Now the expense of the hard drive on the 360 is what is annoying. If you have one of the old small ones, you may be pissed.
>> No. 7550 [Edit]

Hope I won't need to install the xbox version then, I still have the tiny 20GB hard drive for it and I dunno if I have much space left on it. Ugh, why do they need to be such assholes about the PC version
>> No. 7551 [Edit]
【GTA V】 GTA 5宣伝ムービー by 松岡修造×初音ミク×ソニック×etc... channel : 4618GTACELWING

Post edited on 8th Nov 2012, 2:04pm
>> No. 7552 [Edit]
If you need extra space but dont want to buy another hard drive you can plug in a USB drive, just need to format it in xbox settings first. I just got a 16 gig USB for Halo 4 and it works fine.
>> No. 7553 [Edit]
I didn't know you could do that, thanks. I thought you HAD to use special microsoft HDDs, so they could fuck more money out of people
>> No. 7554 [Edit]
Just as with the first game, they're going to limit the amount of context on the game to make up for xbox's small dick size.
>> No. 7556 [Edit]
you did have to use their overpriced HDDs (and stupidly overpriced memory units) until a couple of years ago when they updated to allow USB storage.
>> No. 7557 [Edit]
I'm honestly surprised they would do that
>> No. 7568 [Edit]
my body was not ready
>> No. 7569 [Edit]
If this game is even half as exciting as the newest trailer makes it seem, then it already blows GTA4 out of the water
>> No. 7571 [Edit]
It's gonna be really cathartic driving around the wilderness in a truck and running over bears and such after all the shit they gave me in RDR. Maybe when/if there's a PC version someone will make a mod that lets me ride them (as a toho)
>> No. 8098 [Edit]
File 136265590664.jpg - (21.21KB , 500x281 , 210777c78.jpg )
Get ready...
>> No. 8101 [Edit]
It'll take a while for the PC version to come out, but it will come out. I don't know why you guys think it wont.
>> No. 8102 [Edit]

Because RDR didn't
>> No. 8104 [Edit]
What does that have to do with it? it's a different series. GTA has a very large and well established PC usebase, there's no reason why they wouldn't port it over.
>> No. 8105 [Edit]

Not one of those guys who say it won't get ported but that doesn't really make sense, RDR would sell pretty well if they would port it, too. You can't really say 'no, you don't understand, it's only on consoles because it had a huge fanbase because of RDR' because RDR was pretty damn niche and I hear it's fans were pretty mad about how RDR turned out.

Either way I have no idea if it'll get ported or not and I don't give the least bit of a damn but that argument holds little weight in my opinion.
>> No. 8107 [Edit]
PC version will come later.... I hope. *fingers crossed*
>> No. 8109 [Edit]
You know, you really shouldn't use abbreviations for games when they have the same abbreviation. I have no clue if/when you're talking about red dead redemption or red dead revolver.

Either way, red dead is not grand theft, that's all I'm saying. you can't judge one from the other. What if years ago people were saying GTAIV wouldn't get released on pc because The Warriors wasn't or Table Tennis? I know you're asshurt about red dead, but be reasonable and forget about Red dead. GTA is their biggest franchise and the pc versions have sold extremely well, it wouldn't make any sense to make it console exclusive.
>> No. 8112 [Edit]

>I know you're asshurt

Wanted to write a serious response but I stopped reading right there.
>> No. 8113 [Edit]
They didn't say anything about the PC version of GTA4 when it was first announced. It also wasn't ported for another seven months if I remember correctly, which is a similar gap to the previous GTA games'.

I don't think the potentially low sales are holding them back. GTA is immensely popular on the PC. They ported LA Noire and Max Payne 3 knowing full well they'd have nowhere near the popularity of GTA. They could even shit out an utterly awful port like Dark Souls' and it would still sell like hotcakes. There's no reason for them to just not bother this time round.
>> No. 8179 [Edit]
File 136493587433.jpg - (409.61KB , 548x677 , 1364908156-gtv-x.jpg )
GTA V boxart
>> No. 8194 [Edit]

I love how they were kind enough to write 'five' on top of 'V' since they are well aware that a large chunk of their target audience might not be smart enough to realize that 'V' is not a letter from the Latin alphabet but a Roman numeral.
>> No. 8220 [Edit]
I can already imagine people saying something like "I've been playing GTA 5V."
>> No. 8300 [Edit]
File 136943044033.jpg - (445.71KB , 1000x1189 , gta_collectors_big.jpg )
>> No. 8542 [Edit]
File 137639057453.jpg - (5.75MB , 2880x1668 , 1366894722-gtav-art.jpg )
GTA V to PC this fall confirmed by Nvidia!

>The PC market is evolving. As entry level laptops face pressure from tablets. Yet sales of specialty PCs like gaming systems and work stations continue to grow. The disparity reflects how consumers use these different classes of PCs. Many consumers look for PC as a general purpose device they can use for browsing, email, social media video. But much of this can be better served by a tablet. In contrast, gamers are preparing their systems for a strong roster of games coming this fall, including blockbuster franchises, such as Call of Duty: Ghosts, Grand Theft Auto V and Assassin's Creed IV.
>> No. 8543 [Edit]

Considering Rockstar has never ever mentioned or even hinted at a PC port (much less a same-time release), I'm thinking that whoever wrote the paper that business guy was reading fucked up.
>> No. 8544 [Edit]


>Please note, during our Thursday’s earnings call, our investor relations team provided a list of important games that gamers are looking forward to on PC this fall, and included Grand Theft Auto V on that list. This statement was made with the intent of expressing enthusiasm for the games industry in general, and was not intended to represent specific knowledge possessed by NVIDIA. NVIDIA does not have information on any possible PC version release of Grand Theft Auto or its availability. We deeply regret the error.
>> No. 8550 [Edit]
Tohno gang ? PS3

I propose a meet up on the irc before the game launch.

>> No. 8553 [Edit]
I'm pretty excited for GTAV's stealth mechanics

>>not just visibility based but noise based as well
>>multiple pics show spotlights searching for the player

Just really wish there was a crime game that's not TBS, that requires you to smuggle in your weapons however. GTAIV seems like it wanted to attempt that due to the friend perk you get with the Jamaican and Ammunation being banned...
>> No. 8590 [Edit]
What would we even dress like and what cars would we drive? Would we even leave our safehouses to begin with?

I can't wait.
>> No. 8591 [Edit]
File 137917809460.jpg - (1.71MB , 1280x2880 , 1379175324655.jpg )

all of my rage.
>> No. 8592 [Edit]
File 137917814815.png - (902.91KB , 1200x878 , 1379177469688.png )
GTA radio stations
>> No. 8593 [Edit]
>Aphex Twin

>> No. 8594 [Edit]
File 137918187730.png - (7.96KB , 632x928 , ew8kpw.png )

Post edited on 14th Sep 2013, 11:06am
>> No. 8602 [Edit]
File 137935728021.jpg - (505.35KB , 850x587 , 1379156288-gtav.jpg )
GTA V review scores

IGN 10/10 - GameSpot 9/10 - Eurogamer 9/10 - Polygon 9.5/10 - Edge 10/10 - Game Informer 9.75/10

Kotaku Yes - GameTrailers 9.8/10 - OPM 10/10 - Joystiq 4.5/5 - GamesTM 10/10 - CVG 10/10

GiantBomb 5/5 - Videogamer 10/10 - The Guardian 5/5 - OXM 10/10 - USGamer 4.5/5 - Destructoid 9/10

NowGamer 9.5/10 - Gamereactor 10/10 - Hardcore Gamer 5/5 - GamesRadar 5/5 - Mirror 5/5 - TheSixthAxis 10/10

NZGamer 9.8/10 - Gaming Trend 95/100 - Digital Spy 5/5 - Rev3Games 5/5 - God is a Geek 10/10 - StrategyInformer 10/10

Inside Gaming 10/10 - The Telegraph 5/5 - Metro 10/10 - X360Achievements 100/100 - The Scapist 3.5/5 - CheatCC 4.7/5

AusGamers 9.8/10 - MTV 9/10 - Gamer Limit 9/10 - PlayStation LifeStyle 10/10 - Examiner 5/5 - Thunderbolt 10/10
>> No. 8603 [Edit]
I wonder how much Rockstar had to pay for those scores.
>> No. 8604 [Edit]

It ain't a game nigger I don't know who told you it was. I put holes in your mug if you're holding a grudge. Try to take em when you get the gun and load and the slug check ya low when I bust. Stop playin when ya get it understood cause I know if you know what's good for ya. Come around your hood for ya.

You don't know me - I kill everyone who show love. You have them motherfuckers lookin' all up in the woods for ya.
>> No. 8610 [Edit]
People like it!
>> No. 8619 [Edit]
I wonder what happened there. Not like GSF aren't still around.
>> No. 8623 [Edit]
File 138038164797.jpg - (77.34KB , 1017x525 , Trevor%26Johnny-GTA5.jpg )
>> No. 8624 [Edit]
Do we have a crew ready for GTAO?
>> No. 8629 [Edit]
I actually kind of enjoyed that.
I thought Johnny was a bigger fag than Tony, and The lost and damned was a piece of shit game. His was easily the worst gta game to date in my opinion. I did not shed one single tear when he got stomped to death like a little bitch by the guy who just fucked his stupid whore of a girlfriend.
>> No. 8630 [Edit]
Since Online works now I hope someone can get one together.
>> No. 8631 [Edit]



Post edited on 5th Oct 2013, 1:13am
>> No. 8663 [Edit]
LOL iFruit

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