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File 140197435960.jpg - (35.80KB , 660x419 , 1392609335431.jpg )
17667 No. 17667 [Edit]
>I don't leave my house very often but thats not becuase I can't afford to go anywhere, it's becuase there's something wrong with me!
>I haven't had a job in years but that's not becuase the economy is fucked up or anything there's just something wrong with me!

Hate to be that guy, but these two just sound like excuses more than anything else. If you actually went out to look, there are plenty of jobs available, and if you don't have one already, you can always pursue an education.

>won't let me post without an image
>> No. 17668 [Edit]
this should have been a reply to that thread
>> No. 17669 [Edit]
Why don't you delete the post you idiot?

>>won't let me post without an image
Please don't misuse the quote function, this is not 4chan.
>> No. 17672 [Edit]
>won't let me post without an image
Didn't stop you from realizing you were creating a new thread.
>> No. 17673 [Edit]
>Hate to be that guy
You're a myriad of guys, aren't you?
>> No. 17674 [Edit]
excuses? gas isn't free you know and unless you live out in the country -every- square inch of land is gonna be private property. Without money there's no point to leaving ones home. Unless you live in the country going for walks kinda fucking blows. Crowded sidewalks with loud obnoxious cars everywhere and the possibility of getting mugged at any time. What am I gonna do park myself in the mall like some dipshit? The only public place in this city that isn't built around money is the park and as such it's where homeless call home and teens go to fuck, why would I hang out there? maybe you expect me to go hang out at my nonexistent friends house and stair at the walls? or maybe go on a date with my nonexistent 3DPD to do things together that don't require money? Because you know how much bitches and whores love it when you don't spend money on them.

>there are plenty of jobs available
sure there are. I haven't seen a 'help wanted' sign in years... plenty of people with 'need work' signs though, plenty of them.
>> No. 17676 [Edit]

>sure there are. I haven't seen a 'help wanted' sign in years... plenty of people with 'need work' signs though, plenty of them.

Even normals are finding it hard to get jobs these days. You don't often see people hiring because before they've even put it out the position is filled with other employees' friends. For normals this makes it a competition, for people like us it makes it near impossible unless the job is absolute hell. Only places I can find even looking for people are places like factories that aren't interested in hiring if you aren't working 3-4 days a week 12h days. I'd rather die than be a legal slave.
>> No. 17677 [Edit]
There have been an unusual number of stupid/obnoxious posts on /so/ in the past month or so.
>> No. 17678 [Edit]
More like "people have started posting on /so/ again in the past month".
>> No. 17679 [Edit]
It was supposed to be a reply to that thread. I fucked up.
>> No. 17680 [Edit]
Too late now, punk. This is your shame thread. Are you ashamed yet?

Sticky this shit.
>> No. 17681 [Edit]
More like "A person has started posting on /so/ again in the past month".
>> No. 17682 [Edit]
Keep your bad jokes and bitter about TC's small userbase confined to /fb/.
>> No. 17815 [Edit]
The jobs for people with minimal job experience and education are out there but getting more dirty and dangerous while paying less. Working at a retail store is in a different world above working at a slaughterhouse.

Post edited on 27th Jun 2014, 7:50pm

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