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File 134541241789.jpg - (70.58KB , 876x480 , bitch get in the car.jpg )
10942 No. 10942 [Edit]
A short, strange movie about a boy, a girl and some monsters.
It's beatifully paced, the animation is interesting and many surprises are squeezed in the 27 minutes it lasts.

I don't think I've enjoyed something this much in a long time though; give it a try.
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>> No. 10952 [Edit]
Whatever happened to the sequel? I heard about it like... two years ago? (The first one was released sometime in 2009 if memory serves.) And nothing since then. If I remember correctly pretty much all of it was done by one guy (which is pretty impressive) so obvoiusly it would take a while but normally there'd be some update at least.
>> No. 10955 [Edit]
File 134547402262.jpg - (337.86KB , 1183x750 , c0138336_4dcfad98f2dc7.jpg )
Not sure. If you understand japanese you might be able to read the news posted here. Last one is about a year old.
And yes, I read it was made by one person.
>> No. 10956 [Edit]
I thought Supercell had done Cencoroll but apparently it was only the music. Anyway, it's been a while since I've seen it but it indeed was pretty good.
>> No. 11020 [Edit]
I guess I'll go rewatch this. I remember making a big deal about this movie.

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