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File 140582445736.jpg - (657.43KB , 848x1200 , 5f46dc408f0144bd48f2371d3048d1c2.jpg )
24602 No. 24602 [Edit]
I want to engage in joyful conversation with all of you.
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>> No. 24603 [Edit]
Okay, but I can't really guarantee joy, or conversations, for that matter
>> No. 24611 [Edit]
>> No. 24612 [Edit]
Fine, then no engagement, no joy and no conversation. That's alright. I can live with that. In fact, I think I did so for most of my life. I'll be going then.
>> No. 24613 [Edit]
about what?
>> No. 24616 [Edit]
We'd find those things on irc, you say?
>> No. 24617 [Edit]
Refer to >>24603
>I can't really guarantee joy, or conversations, for that matter
>> No. 25081 [Edit]
Do any of you feel you cannot properly express yourselves when talking with your voice? I feel like this and always prefer text based interaction because of it.

I was not exactly sure where to write this...
>> No. 25082 [Edit]
I feel that way about pretty much every medium.
>> No. 25083 [Edit]
I do. Being born with speech problems combined with a thick accent doesn't help. More often than not people ask me to repeat myself because I speak at such a low volume.

Post edited on 21st Sep 2014, 1:15pm
>> No. 25084 [Edit]
Absolutely. I have stuttering problems and mild aphasia which makes communicating verbally difficult. The internet is a great thing for me in that regard.
>> No. 25085 [Edit]
Definitely. A combination of asthma and simply being nervous when talking tends to make my voice crack. I much prefer 'speaking' with text as well.
>> No. 25107 [Edit]
Probably a quarter of my spoken words are "um", "ah" and "err". I used to be good at speaking when I was a kid, but then I stopped having any reason to practice and became bad at it.
>> No. 25131 [Edit]
File 141178729862.png - (346.56KB , 864x480 , 1258493908756.png )
Does this happen to any of you? I very often wake up, but am too lazy to get up and go on the computer. Then I fall half asleep again and imagine going on the computer and doing the things I usually do: check a few sites, talking to people, playing a game, whatever. Then I get up a while later, go on the computer, and find that I haven't done anything yet.
>> No. 25133 [Edit]
File 141183316442.jpg - (370.74KB , 800x600 , b29ba6860b92c421422faa50bf354c93.jpg )

Close but no cigar I guess. What usually happens to me (happened today, too): I wake up but go back to a pretty-much-sleeping-state except somehow I'm vaguely aware that I'm actually asleep. I imagine all the fun things I'll do once I'll wake up... and then I actually wake up, realize there's absolutely nothing I'd like to do and I spend a couple of hours in bed.
>> No. 25134 [Edit]
I haven't had that exact scenario happen to me, but something similar. I'll wake up sometimes, talk to family / eat breakfast / do stuff on the computer, but then fall asleep soon afterwards and completely black out everything that's happened since waking up. It's disconcerting to find things on my computer not how I left them, or to wake up with family looking at me strange not having any memory of what I did or said.
>> No. 25646 [Edit]
Who likes snow?
>> No. 25647 [Edit]
me. it snowed for the first time this season recently here.
>> No. 25648 [Edit]
I've never seen snow
>> No. 25649 [Edit]
Me neither. It's one of those stupid little dreams I have.
>> No. 25652 [Edit]
I've done that a few times. If I'm really tired I might answer a phone call or something, speak unintelligibly for a bit, go back to sleep, then wake up and not remember it at all. It's sort of creepy.
>> No. 25656 [Edit]
My sister does that almost every day.
>> No. 25659 [Edit]
It gets dark here about four or so. It's a little bit funny and weird to imagine that people live other places.
>> No. 25661 [Edit]
Do you ask her embarrassing questions?
>> No. 25663 [Edit]
Um, no?
Yeah, the sun is going down around that time here, dark by 4:30.
>> No. 25707 [Edit]
I'm too scared to engage in joyful conversation, that's why I avoid irc and fast forums/image boards.

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