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File 133939318380.png - (180.51KB , 750x997 , 20120611-bloddymary.png )
15205 No. 15205 [Edit]
Do you believe in the paranormal at all, /ot/? Ever tried summoning a ghost or anything?
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>> No. 15206 [Edit]
I do not
>> No. 15207 [Edit]
That's a horrible comic. They spelled "psych" wrong and then threw in insults that don't flow just to get a giggle out of the immature. It jus' ain't beaut'ful.

Anyway, my stance on the paranormal is that I need proof to believe in it, but I will not dismiss any of the things that come from it. Some of it is actually pretty interesting.
>> No. 15208 [Edit]
Used to, when I was 15 or so. I was more into psychic powers, never really cared about summoning or anything else.
>> No. 15210 [Edit]
I believe none of it. Not one single thing.
>> No. 15211 [Edit]
No, but I believe in many conspiracy theories semi-ironically.
>> No. 15212 [Edit]
Do you mean the fact that you believe them is ironic, or that you pretend to believe them to be ironic? If it's the latter, I kind of do this myself, more for the humor value. I especially love the more out-there theories, such as ancient aliens building the pyramids or raelians.

I used to believe in everything when I was younger; ufos, ghosts, psychics, mythical creatures, religious phenomena, you name it. There came a point when I could no longer reconcile my scientific knowledge with these beliefs, though.
>> No. 15213 [Edit]
Yes, kinda. I don't automatically dismiss things because they don't fit in my "reality"

Never tried summoning ghosts or things like that.
>> No. 15217 [Edit]
Ghosts and spirit summoning are things I don't care for taking part in. I don't have a set belief whether they exist or not. If they affect my life, then I will offer thanks or try to seek to purify myself of their presense. I just don't commit to a set theory.

I do remember, when I was first starting to "follow" my own current set of beliefs, when I took walks, dogs would always bark at me (and just me), but the curious thing was they were barking at something invisible to me, five paces behind me...
>> No. 15218 [Edit]
No. It's one of the most ridiculous things you can believe in.
>> No. 15219 [Edit]
I don't believe in any of it, but it certainly makes for some okay VNs, anime, manga etc.
>> No. 15357 [Edit]
File 133996999683.jpg - (27.86KB , 600x398 , l.jpg )
i'm not entirely certain, but being against the paranormal might just make you a Ford Driver
>> No. 15359 [Edit]
oh no!
>> No. 15361 [Edit]
File 133997106858.png - (295.48KB , 546x592 , 546px-HellsingAlucardDog.png )
sorry, but if you're not a paraFord Driver then you're a Ford Driver. i suggest you start believing in vampires post-haste.
>> No. 15365 [Edit]
Depends on what you define as paranormal. I am definitely interested in most of it, though.
>> No. 15374 [Edit]
File 133999200196.png - (117.13KB , 600x670 , 12b95ae01978b2d22905429a7da170b4.png )
I'm sorry, but I only believe in squid aliens.

I love Ika-chan so much♥
>> No. 15522 [Edit]
There are plenty of strange stuff in our world, so I do believe in para-normal things in that sense. If you mean stuff like vampires, harry potter, and summoning demons in your brand new hot topic clothes, then no.

Is it entertaining to read about? It sure is.
One thing I love to do is read through plausible conspiracy theories, and then see how far down the hole I need to go before it turns into something crazy like reptilian space visitors or satanic organizations and life force draining satellites.
>> No. 15561 [Edit]
Hey, that guy cooked and ate a human hand to find out about the reptilian overlords.
>> No. 15563 [Edit]
Well look at my name and ask again.

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