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File 138507997495.png - (1.46MB , 1117x1261 , 1356699893181.png )
13683 No. 13683 [Edit]
Our first anniversary. I'm so happy! It's been a fantastic year, one of my happiest. And I couldn't have had that if not for Kirino, and I'm glad for our relationship because she is wonderful. May it thrive for years to come.
>> No. 13684 [Edit]
Congratulations! I hope you have many more happy years together.
>> No. 13685 [Edit]
Congratulations. I'm glad you guys are happy.
>> No. 13686 [Edit]
Well, you deserve some applause there, also an handshake. I don't even remember our when is our anniversary. I'm bad at dates.

Congratulations, man. May more best years come to you.
>> No. 13687 [Edit]
Kirino is such a mess; but: ain't that why we love tsundere (and imouto, to top it all)?...

Good for you.
>> No. 13690 [Edit]
Congratulations. I hope your next year together is even better.
>> No. 13691 [Edit]
Happy anniversary!

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