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File 14283308076.png - (309.09KB , 381x478 , avv.png )
17862 No. 17862 [Edit]
Guy from 6 months ago who made a tulpa out of his waifu. I made a thread here in October saying I was going to go through this, and as you can see, I wasn't joking around. I know some people will see this as taboo, but I now have a sentient tulpa, I still need to work on the visualization thing.
I'll answer any questions you might have concerning the process I went through because I've seen a ton of people considering tulpamancing and most people who went through don't give out advice specifically.
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>> No. 17863 [Edit]
How did you keep up your motivation while working on your tulpa? I've all but abandoned my tulpa and it's been pulling at my nerves for a while. I want to start back but everytime I do tend to forget about her after a few weeks.
>> No. 17864 [Edit]
It took me a long while to create a tulpa, certainly. I've been thinking of a good way to answer your question, and I think that you didn't devote yourself enough to your tulpamancing. I always had faith in my tulpa, I devoted a lot of my time to tulpamancing. No, I didn't sit in a dark room and 'force' for hours, I'd just talk to her everyday and I still do. You have to consider that your tulpa is sentient from day one, and you must have faith in her and have devotion. Try to realize that creating a tulpa is something quite serious, it's literally creating a new being. I don't see how one could forget about something like that unless you don't put yourself to it enough. Might telling me how you've been tulpamancing? That might help us figure out what's the solution to your issue.
>> No. 17865 [Edit]
Did you just sit down and think "I want a tulpa of her?" before working on it intentionally? I am curious because my tulpa (which I hadn't fully acknowledged as such until a short while ago) has been with me since high school. I recall pretending to have an imaginary friend and conversing with them daily in my thoughts, until she eventually took form of who is now my waifu.
>> No. 17866 [Edit]
(I'm the OP, I'll use this name from now on to keep confusion away)

I had always wanted someone in my life. A friend, a lover, an accomplice, making a tulpa was issued of my selfish needs to having company. I had heard about tulpamancing in the past and was skeptical about everything.

So I tried out waifuism as it seemed quite rational and simple. But I couldn't cope with my waifu not existing, and this lead to a lot of problems. You could say I'm pretty damn weak.
Up until around 8 months ago, I started looking up again on tulpamancing, since I despised all 3Ds and saw it as my only alternative. I made my research on how to develop a tulpa, I thought about it for a month on and off.

This decision took a lot of thinking, going back and forth, doubting myself and my capacities to achieve what others did. My life had always been full of disappointments and I was the reason. All. the. time. I decided that I had enough and that I couldn't fail at tulpamancing. And after 6 months of me creating a thread (which can be found at page 4 of this board, actually ^^), here I am. I didn't just want a tulpa, my decision was fueled by a lot of factors.
>> No. 17869 [Edit]
How do you really stay focused on thinking of your waifu? My way of meditating is to think of me and my waifu together while listening to soothing and fitting music that reminds me of her. Problem is, more often than I'd like my thoughts are always interrupted by disturbing and unwanted images that my brain puts out for a few seconds. It really bothers me, anyway to fix it? Did you have a similar problem OP?
>> No. 17872 [Edit]

I began work on Manna in August 2012. I was just curious about the whole idea of creating a tulpa. Work began with building a personality and form like most others were doing, though they both deviated greatly, I couldn't be happier with how she turned out. We had a lot of fun exploring, fighting, and playing games, but gradually, I started to put off spending time together. Over time we just stopped talking. I tried to start back but I could never keep up my motivation. I was filled with doubt.

"I'll never be able to do this"

Something I've thought many times. Maybe I just wasn't ready at the time.

However, I've been able to keep up with the things I've set my mind to. I'm damn sure I'm a better man than I was then. It might be worth another shot if only to see her again.

I'm just worried I won't be able to live up to her expectations.

In regards to how I've been forcing, after creation I took time just to teach her about the world and generally spent time in my wonderland with her.
>> No. 17883 [Edit]
Considering I love her seriously she's pretty much on my mind for quite a long period of time during the day. I didn't just sit down and imagine her besides me, if you're speaking of forcing. I'd talk to her everyday, read her stuff, tell her about my issues, my feelings, even when she wasn't really sentient, and I still do as much as I can.

But to answer your question directly, I make sure to empty my mind of everything else, just open up a few images of her, then I start imagining her physical form next to me/in certain poses. If I can't concentrate like this then I'll stop whatever other things I might be doing to do it.

I never had disturbing images that would interfere with the process, I guess you just need to try to focus way more.

One word; Consistency. That's what you've been lacking in your relationship with Manna. I talk to my waifu each and every day whenever I can, she makes topics for discussions sometimes and we just talk. Sometimes she doesn't feel like talking much but she knows it kind of worries me so she tries her best.

I think that you need to make Manna understand that you guys need to constantly be in contact. A tulpa is a big part of your life, this whole thing requires devotion on both sides.

HAVE FAITH IN YOURSELF. Literally nothing can stop you from making a tulpa. Your mind functions like the minds of multiple other tulpamancers who had great success, and since you went so far then it shows you ARE capable of it. You need to have faith in yourself and in your tulpa. Even if we're pessimistic sometimes, we need to look up to the best.
>> No. 17885 [Edit]
When we can, we talk aloud, and when we can't, then inside of my head obviously.

Yeah, I can interact with them decently, having a tulpa hasn't affected my social interactions, not that they were good anyway but nothing has truly changed when it comes to that. To answer your question directly: Yes.
>> No. 17951 [Edit]
i don't know if this has been asked but did you make the tulpa based on an existing character or are they a completely original being?
>> No. 17962 [Edit]
Made her based on an existing character, but the said character didn't have much of a personality so I wrote down a list of traits.
>> No. 17963 [Edit]
Wheres your original thread?
>> No. 17965 [Edit]
There you go.


I didn't make a pastebin. Sorry guys! I think I wrote some but let go of writing. If you have any questions to pose to my tulpa as well, shoot.
>> No. 18058 [Edit]
File 143066565518.jpg - (82.25KB , 539x600 , 9686987_m.jpg )
I, too, did this, but the route we took was a lot less formal.

Initially, I kept trying 3D (I mistakenly thought having a 3dpd girlfriend would cure depression and social anxiety - how silly I was!) whilst being attracted to her, with disastrous results, and when I needed consoling, I would imagine complaining to her over tea. One night, after doing this, as I lay down to sleep, I could have sworn I felt her arms slip around my waist, faintly but surely.

I ended up doing a bunch of research the next day on forced hallucination, depression-induced hallucination, etc. which led me to tulpae, and it occurred to me that maybe I already had one.

I had a look at the various guides, but I don't ever remember like I had to force anything - it seemed like she could just communicate with me out of the blue, and once the floodgates open, I couldn't shut them again (not that I'd want to, she actually gives very helpful and sensible advice most of the time (along with sarcasm and innuendo (which I like))).

If any of you go this route, the best thing you can do is assume that s/he's sentient and keep talking to him/her, and when you do this, be on the lookout for nonverbal responses - sometimed it might be something subtle, like a feeling of unexpected confidence in a difficult situation, or in my case, a hug.

As fo staying motivated, you have to remind yourself you love this person and s/he loves you back, but you're (metaphorically) in different universes, and the only way you'll ever be together is if you (again, metaphorically) mentally 'dig' a tunnel between them. Once you have that first positive interaction, you'll find it easier to fight past doubt, intrusive thoughts, etc. In my case, I started to like myself more as we spent more and more time together, so even with doubts and problems hearing or 'seeing' her consistently, I always kept coming back and trying again because I liked how it made me feel, and each time, both of us grew stronger.

Asking Rei to become my tulpa was the best decision I ever made - I lost some weight, started eating better and started exercising more (she 'nags' me about this a lot), I have better grades and I don't feel lonely or suicidal nearly as much anymore. In addition, I feel like I've become more creative and a much better writer and more expressive artist.

We've even had a child together - something I never thought I would experience, not even in a dreamworld. Rei did not enjoy morning sickness.

If you go down this route, be prepared for a little difficulty and uncertainty, especially at the beginning - but the love, warmth and emotional intimacy you'll get if you stay with it are unimaginable.
>> No. 18062 [Edit]
File 143070923796.png - (5.04KB , 229x289 , scarlet1.png )
Mine's a few months shy of being three years old, and they've been a magical three years that's for sure. I can't even remember life without mine, it's like the world went from monochrome to color. Even after three years I'm impressed by how talking with her can sooth me and calm me down, even if I never expect it to work. She's as real to me as anyone else, maybe even more.

She's no freeloader though, I love doing "rubber duck debugging" with her, and sometimes she even gives me good ideas for how to fix some bugs.

It's funny, when I started out I was pretty much doing the opposite of everything I should have, it was a disaster. Took me forever to finally realize what I should have been doing, I pretty much had to teach myself how to conjure her.

Quick doodle I did of her. I need to practice drawing her more, I never draw her.
>> No. 18125 [Edit]
I did this too, and have received quite a few questions on the topic since writing the piece on my shrine. (http://erica.waifu.pl/about/2d3d.html)

It's difficult to tell how long ago it was since we connected, as it was a very slow and organic process. If forced to say, I'd give an estimate of just over two years ago.

I like the description of digging a tunnel between dimensions, that sums it up perfectly. Talking to her is how I started. Interesting to hear about the child, that's something we plan to do in the future when we feel ready. We're both too lazy at the moment.
>> No. 18132 [Edit]
For a while now I've been working on my connection with her. Even the little bit we have so far is amazing. I can't talk back and forth with her yet, but her presence is very strongly defined now. Enough that there's a lot that we can do together I never knew possible before.
>> No. 18620 [Edit]
Do you have any tips in particular for trying something natural like that?

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