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File 136175707842.gif - (477.58KB , 500x385 , 1354904908189.gif )
14114 No. 14114 [Edit]
This is my technique for dropping a currently airing anime:
If a this week's episode becomes available and I haven't watched last week's yet then the show has been dropped. The remaining task of deleting the files is just a technical formality

This is my technique for dropping an older one:
If I don't remember what happened in the last episode then I must not care what is about to happen in the next episode and therefore it has been dropped.
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>> No. 14115 [Edit]
This is my technique for dropping a currently airing anime:
If I skim through it, I'm not interested enough to watch it. It'll still be in my radar, because boring episodes DO occur, though.

This is my technique for dropping an older one:
If I don't finish it in one go. When it comes to older anime, I should have the means to get the entire series and not have to wait weekly. If something interests me, I will watch it through the end with minimal stops.

I do like your techniques as well, although what happens if you've not got the time to watch the weekly episode and this goes on until the next week's episode?
>> No. 14117 [Edit]
my technique is I stick with it as long as it takes, unless something about it bothers me, it really obviously sucks, or I just don't care anymore.
>> No. 14118 [Edit]
File 136176068911.jpg - (68.04KB , 1280x720 , Usagi-Drop-03-Rin-waves-goodbye.jpg )
I don't give a flying fuck about dropping anime techniques but:

2nd season, pretty pretty please. It gets so good.
>> No. 14119 [Edit]
When I start shouting at the screen excessively, it's time to stop.
>> No. 14120 [Edit]
I rarely drop anime or manga. It has to be really bad, like insultingly bad, for me to drop something.

That, and dragging on for too many episodes/chapters while not really going anywhere.
>> No. 14121 [Edit]
File 136176449659.jpg - (66.24KB , 485x536 , 1345814601153.jpg )
Daikichi must have some slavic blood in him.
>> No. 14122 [Edit]
>> No. 14130 [Edit]
This my technique for dropping anime:
If I don't like it I stop watching it.
>> No. 14317 [Edit]
I wouldn't be able to do that, as sometimes I'm just too lazy to start an episode even though I like the show. I'm five weeks behind on Magi, but I watched two episodes last night and really enjoyed it.

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