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File 143065868071.png - (552.32KB , 736x871 , you could die anyday.png )
20005 No. 20005 [Edit]
For the past few years I've realized that I haven't grown in any capacity that I'm proud of. As a result, I want to work on who I am to figure out where I want to go in life.

Where are you in your life and how does that relate to the past 3-5 years? Do you think you're accomplishing the things that you would like to? Do you wish you had been doing things differently?
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>> No. 20012 [Edit]
I'm getting there, I think. 2-6 years ago was a low point with approximately zero progression. I've come to accept that there was little I could have done in that period, but it's a shame none the less. I want to reach further, I'm not done yet. I have a 10-year plan.
>> No. 20013 [Edit]
Of course not, I have a lot of goals and plans in my head, problem is, I'm a huge procrastinator, I keep telling myself I'll do it later and then I'll end up not doing it at all. I'm fucked.
>> No. 20047 [Edit]
I've accomplished nothing, I've wasted the last few years... or decade rather. I'm pretty much where I was three years ago. I don't have much of a future and don't expect to live long due to shitty diet/lifestyle. I'd say I'm content as is all things considered. I don't have everything I want, far from it really, but I've got enough to keep me comfortable. Money's tight but I got a decent computer to pirate tons of games and movies on I couldn't otherwise afford. my mom doesn't give me 'too much' trouble about not working, about not having a 3dpd, or having a room filled with toys in spite of being 27 years old.
I'd say things are very much -okay-. I'd love to live alone, but this is a fair trade off.
>> No. 20048 [Edit]
I took my bachelor and that solved a lot of the issues I had. It didn't solve all of the problems, I still have panic attacks talking to people, for one.
>> No. 20058 [Edit]
File 143131023756.gif - (3.50MB , 500x300 , 43ig8h094hg.gif )
I'm pretty frustrated. I accomplished some things but failed miserably at others; pretty gross mistakes. Things are better right now than just 3 years ago, yes, but they're definitely worse than they could have been. I constantly wish I'd have done some things differently.
>> No. 20076 [Edit]
I'm good now. My regret is that I wasted the entire decade of my 20s, I should've got my shit together sooner.

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