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File 140680019116.jpg - (91.86KB , 850x638 , sample-470d7db341d22b30f2c53ea9fa74698f.jpg )
18306 No. 18306 [Edit]
Have you ever been touched by someone else's kindness?
>> No. 18308 [Edit]
You have to count the small things in life, likely nothing really big is going to come to you. Like people saying excuse me or I'm sorry or offering you a hand. Or you can be grateful if your parents aren't shit.

If you hate social interaction I don't think you should be expected to be touched by someone's kindness unless it's through an email, letter, or book. I'm pretty introverted so I can't really accept social niceties well, but the least you can do is appreciate the thought.
>> No. 18309 [Edit]
I was walking downtown once when an old man with an army veteran hat on asked me how I was doing and wished me a nice day. I've never had an experience like that before so just the fact that a stranger took the time out of his day to greet me had me in a good mood for a few days.
>> No. 18310 [Edit]
Pretty much every time I notice it.
Can be annoying because it always leaves me worried I didn't reply properly.
>> No. 18311 [Edit]
A year and a half ago I was trying to sell a website in an auction. I was happy with the highest bid and about to accept it. It wasn't much but I really needed it. Then, out of nowhere (after the auction ended and I had to make the decision whether or not to accept the highest bid), this japanese man PMs me and offers basically 20x more than that. He told me I deserved to get a lot more for that site. I was like, wait, this is too good to be true right? Everybody just wants to get a good deal. Nothing this good ever graced my sight, let alone actually happened to me. He immediately offered some upfront and told me I'd get the remaining amount next week or so.

It actually happened. I still thank him on occasion just to let him know how much he changed my life more than everybody else combined. Plus, I still remain as an administrator, he pays for the expenses of the site, he's a better web developer than I am and he didn't implement ads. Bear in mind, all of this was handled via e-mails, no photos, insurance, etc. Each of us could have scammed the other, but didn't.

Post edited on 31st Jul 2014, 1:06pm
>> No. 18312 [Edit]
What kind of website is it?
If you don't mind me asking of course, I'm just curious.
>> No. 18313 [Edit]

It's a forum.
>> No. 18314 [Edit]
>Or you can be grateful if your parents aren't shit.
This is generally what I'm most grateful for. I actually do get along well with my parents, and they're both generally very kind to me despite my flagrant shortcomings.

He sounds like a really cool guy. Are you friends with him now or was it still mostly just a business thing?
>> No. 18315 [Edit]

Mostly just business, when we talk it's just me being grateful or him fixing some problem with the forum. Besides, he's old enough to be my dad, so I dunno. I hope he doesn't resent my silence, I'm just shy, even about e-mails.
>> No. 18326 [Edit]
Only the kindness of fictional characters.
But I haven't been kind to anyone, so I guess that's fair enough.
>> No. 18398 [Edit]
In media? fully (including some idols' stuff).
In life? not that I can remember

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