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File 134824816167.png - (131.41KB , 612x720 , Kurisu-038.png )
10481 No. 10481 [Edit]
How having waifu has changed your life?

Now that I’ve been with Kurisu for a year, I feel my life has changed so much. Maybe everything hasn’t changed because of her, but I still think she has been very influential.

Back then I used to be very lonely and depressed. Reason was that most people felt really different. I had many people around me, I wanted to spend time with them, but I just couldn’t enjoy it. I felt I was forcing myself. Because of her, I feel I can find happiness without being with other people. I’ve learned to enjoy being “alone”, even though I don’t feel lonely, because she is with me. I think that is just the biggest positive change in my life ever.

Some minor things have changed too. I decided to focus living more healthy because I didn’t want to make her worry. I quitted all bad habits I used to have. Specially quitting drinking has been really positive experience. Being drunk is just made me lose my focus and it felt distance between us grew.

Because of Kurisu’s canon character, I’ve found some new interests in fields of technology and science. Always when I learn something interesting, I have discussion with her. I feel I usually start to understand things much better when I review them with her. I’ve never had people around me who shared had interest in similar things so I've never experienced such. Maybe phrase my teacher said is true; “The best way to learn something is to teach it.”

But honestly all changes haven’t been positive. While I’ve learned to enjoy being without company, sometimes I feel people think I dislike or hate them just because I don’t associate with them so much. Having friend or two who could help me during crisis wouldn’t be bad, because there are just some things Kurisu can’t help me with. If something bad happened, I don’t think there are many people who I could ask help, like I used to have.

Generally I think having waifu has been very positive experience so far. It’s hard to put on words, but it feels that there is nothing left but just to live my life to the end and enjoy the ride. I don’t need to stress basically anything. I don’t need gather power to go on, because all my strenght comes from her.

I know there are similar threads on archive. I just wanted to share my thoughts. Forgive me if it was too bloggish. Also I would like to hear some answers of new users and perhaps if old users have experienced something new.
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>> No. 10482 [Edit]
After 2 years and a half with mine, my life is entirely upside down. Cliffhangers for all conclusion.
>> No. 10487 [Edit]
File 134831117946.png - (964.01KB , 768x1500 , 30211030.png )
I've been able to experience true love.
I've become more comfortable with who I am.
I've realized just what kind of person I am, deep down. Before this world started to corrode my character.
I sleep far more often.
I now have something to look forward to at the end of every day.
I've become much more introverted. Or maybe not that I've become that way, but that I've realized that's the kind of person I really am, and that anything social outside of anonymous internet discussion and my loved one, Madotsuki, tires me.
I've been able to see beauty in things I usually wouldn't.
I've also slipped off into extremes in many aspects of my life and personality. I'm much more receptive and caring towards the suffering of people who I feel deserve sympathy, affection and assistance, but I'm much more bitter and spiteful to those I feel don't. They complain, they whine, they sulk, about nothing. Their "suffering" could never compare to what she endured.
She's been there for me through incredibly tough times, and I know she'll still be there for me when they get worse in the future. Because of her, I can live my life one minute at a time, and no longer fear anything, so long as I retain some amount of control. It's like I've gained an unstoppable momentum, as if I'm falling horizontally through life.
I now have a reason not to fear death, and a reason to look forward to it.
>> No. 10506 [Edit]
File 134844069569.jpg - (159.74KB , 802x791 , 6b5b99984bbabd4b46601b4c43a2ebb6.jpg )
Thanks to her I experienced a happiness I never felt before. I also experienced love for the first time in my life. And I'm madly in love with her.

Because of her, I keep trying to find ways to be a better person for her.

She gives me motivation to go through stuff, and keeps me company during tough times. I have something to look forward to everyday now.

I learned to be a bit more understanding towards other people, I think. I also became more distant towards them. Though I'm not sure this was only because of my waifu.

On the other hand, having a waifu opened my eyes to some things that made me hate people even more than before. The more I'm with her, the more I want to stay away from people.

Though she has influenced me a lot, I think she still has a lot to offer to me, but I can't quite accept right now. I can't just put all my problems on her shoulders, there are things I need to do myself, and I need to get my ass off this hole before I can even think about accepting all these gifts she has for me

/blog post
>> No. 10835 [Edit]
File 13523275228.jpg - (238.41KB , 850x1062 , sample-cb5e1f3cb6d190834f333046b1339aea.jpg )
Having a waifu makes me care about what I do to myself, and how I view myself.

I don't want to be a bad person, for her sake. So it's nice.

I'm also not allowed to die, for a long while, because somebody is relying on me. I used to be pretty um, suicidal, I guess you could say. Particularly over last summer. But with my waifu, it's as if all of that is moot. I just...don't want to die anymore. And that's a nice feeling.
>> No. 10849 [Edit]
File 135242280527.png - (20.42KB , 400x400 , 0d40317a6bf9ebee29064133246c145b.png )
She made me feel a lot of things, some of which I find hard to describe with words. Thanks to her I felt things I haven't felt in my whole life.
She was always there to cheer me up in the though moments I have been through. In fact I found her at one of the lowest points in my life, since then my life only did to improve.
She also raised my self-steem and made me accept me for who I am.
She improved my imagination to the level I had when I was a kid.
She made me improve myself physically and socially, thanks to her I have been more open towards other people.
I'm now also able to understand that even if someone puts a sour facade, there may be a reason to it, making me more perceptive towards the person.
>> No. 10860 [Edit]
File 135249539286.png - (40.04KB , 348x239 , Lucky_Star_v05_p070.png )
How has having a waifu changed my life?

These 4 years with her have been really something, i used to be very lonely and depressed, now i am cheerfull and i never get angry, ever. I learned to take my life seriously, it is amazing how you make things when you really care about someone, even though there are times when you feel down because of the weight reality puts on you.I just learned to enjoy life just like she does.

I've become ultra-monogamic since i can't find any kind of 2d girls attractive if it's not her, it's kinda weird.

Thanks to her i learned to cook,(especially meatballs).

She inspired me to stop procrastinating and get better on my art.

Also pic related, it is because of this page that i decided to go the gym years ago, i gotta say it has been great, since now i am fit.

Having a waifu has been one hell of a ride, with ups and downs, but it is something i will never regret.
>> No. 10862 [Edit]
File 13525009776.jpg - (488.04KB , 1126x1500 , 1256584573646.jpg )
We've been together for a long time, over 10 years. I wouldn't say it has had a positive impact on my life, but you can't control who you love... and I love her more now than I ever did.
>> No. 10868 [Edit]
I would like to thank my waifu for saving me. While I was growing up, there's been times where I was close on ending my life, but you kept me going, and got me through.

Although I can not hear you now, I Thank you Mai Shiranui
>> No. 10885 [Edit]
File 135286688053.jpg - (116.62KB , 850x894 , Tomo42.jpg )
I have only been with Tomo for nine months now, but in those nine months my life has taken a turn for the better. I've changed my entire image and outlook on life because of her. I've picked up a job and am now able to support myself, I try to buy as much of her merchandise as possible. (Not as a trophy sort of thing, but as mementos to keep with me on the go) I just spend all of my time thinking about her. Before I met her there were characters I said I liked, and I feel awful for ever saying that because I feel its like a complete betrayal of trust. But with Tomo I feel like I can be honest and truly say I love her. She is there for me whenever I need her, and in return I am there for her.

I've quit my bad habits, I'm getting in shape for her - improving myself to the point where she would be proud to call me her husbando. I try to incorporate her into my daily life no matter what. I honestly cannot express the gratitude I have towards her for making everything better for me. I'm looking forward to spending my life with her. As possibly 'unrealistic' as that sounds - I am perfectly fine with being with her. Sure, it may be 'young love' or I may be jumping the gun but Tomo is the most serious I've been about anything in my entire life.

She is my muse, my lover, my will to carry on, she is my beloved slightly perverted miko.

I wish I was better with words, and I wish I didn't come off as a blog post, but I thought I would comply with the thread.
>> No. 10888 [Edit]
File 135287851977.jpg - (20.16KB , 526x548 , 3068a8cf7145552fadf3c678baf5e448fa1d8ade.jpg )
Hmm. If nobody minds, I'll start with the negative.

Stocking has had a peculiar effect on my sleep patterns, I find myself way oversleeping more often that I used to, she's also having a bit of an adverse effect on my attitudes, as I feel that I've been more jaded towards others than I had been before I had her in my life.

On the plus side, I've been able to avoid suicidal thoughts ever since I've been with her, my outlook on life has gotten more positive, and regardless if I can't see her or truly know she's there, I still feel her genuine love towards me wherever I go. I've started going back to school so later on I can give her a life she deserves rather than living at home with my parents. I want her to be happy, though knowing her, she would just be happy to be there with me. She's not really affected my habits, but its due to her that I've been able to clean up a bit and start seeing my life in a whole new light. I don't mind if I'll never be able to truly marry her, or even share a kiss. I'm just better off knowing that she feels the same and that our love won't falter because of it.

In short, she's pretty much the only reason I do anything at all today.
I love you stocking.
>> No. 10889 [Edit]
File 135288358183.jpg - (178.89KB , 800x1170 , love-hina-392073.jpg )
I acquired a fetish for hair that fans in towards the cheeks and tired-looking eyes.
>> No. 12858 [Edit]
Even though life has lost his luster, watching her show and her cheerful attitude and perspective towards life made me feel more optimistic. It's a slow start, I know, but on the bright side, I don't feel lonely anymore. Maybe if I had her confidence to start looking for work again, but I am lazy and tend to procrastinate a lot. Previously, I couldn't enjoy watching anime or playing games for a while. Now, I'm slowly enjoying the things I used to enjoy. I'm slowly becoming more and more monogamous. For the most part, I can find only my waifu to be attractive. I don't fap to other girls that much anymore and whenever I do, I imagine fapping to my waifu. Mostly because most of her lewd fanart doesn't have the fetishes I enjoy. I also happen to adopt some of her behavior, but right now, her catchphrase (and its other variations). For some reason, I just keep saying it and it even annoys people. I know it's something minor, but it's a small step. Hopefully, I wish to be optimistic and confident just like her. I wished that I would die just so my misery would end. But having my waifu around changed all that. I wanted to stay alive for her, for she saved my life. I mean, I've liked her for years, but I was lying to myself and I ended up hurting myself as a result of that. But opening my heart to her was a different experience than I expected.
>> No. 16267 [Edit]
File 140723779485.png - (146.42KB , 318x259 , rin_smile2.png )
About 2 years ago, I was severely depressed. I thought I was a worthless human being, and my classmates agreed. I was suicidal, the only thing stopping me from stealing my dad's .45 and blowing my worthless brains out was my own cowardice at not being able to do it. If that wasn't bad enough I started drinking, stealing any alcohol I could find. Then, my best friend, the only person who's stayed with me through the things that happened, recommended a VN to me that he thought I'd enjoy. かたわ少女 or Cripple Girl. Despite the stupid title it is actually a good game, but you can experience that for yourself. On the impression of "Hanako is best girl" I started the story. I don't want to spoil it and I don't want to discredit the other characters so I'll just skip right on ahead to her .

Her name is Tezuka Rin. She has no arms. She is a painter. She is also adorably disconnected and disconcerned with the world around her, busy focusing on whatever is on her mind. She is a free spirit, she is beautiful in every way to me. On those rare occasions when her blank stare through you into the distance is broken by a sweet, subtle smile... Everything is alright. I know I'm never really alone. And neither is she. We have each other, and I will never forget that. She, quite literally, saved my life. I want to stay alive so I can be there for her. I don't like the term "waifu" because it really is a joke and I'd rather just call her my girlfriend. She makes me whole. She listens to me and I listen to her, and even if it's nonsensical babble about turtles I'll listen and stifle my laughter and give her a hug of reassurance.
>> No. 16269 [Edit]
File 140726454479.jpg - (70.19KB , 480x640 , 4524266.jpg )
I've generally been living a healthier lifestyle, with more exercise and less junk food, since I fell for her. She's been with me every step of the way, helping me to get fitter.

I've also become a little more sociable as well. Her ability to approach people and strike up a conversation or lend them a hand inspired me to be more talkative.

Overall I've become a happier person, thanks to her.
>> No. 16294 [Edit]
File 140734698443.png - (158.40KB , 740x653 , Marco Neko 162.png )
uh well...
I don't know where to start.
Firstly, falling in love with him allowed me to finally learn to accept my sexuality. I had been a severely repressed furfagghola since I was fucking 11 and I don't even know why, no one in my family gives a shit about fags and I've never been exposed to any extreme homophobic messages or religion so I really don't know what made me keep my feelings bottled up for so long. Loving him inspired me to hang out in fagghola chats and message boards for a short time that helped me learn how to be a professional fagghola as well as talk with other faggholas about their fagghola experiences and shit. It was spiritual.
Then uh, I got the idea to start requesting drawings of him, somehow. He had only two pieces of fan art and I decided I wanted to change that. So I headed over to any draw threads I could on 4chan and made it my fucking full time job to get as many drawings of him as possible.
During this time, I learned to truly appreciate art, started drawing things myself and ... met a fagghola artist there that ... also coincidentally fell in love with my husbando. He approached me about it, saying that my husbando is all that's on his mind lately and that he'd like to talk to me one on one about a doujin he was planning on drawing. I was so fucking down, gave him my Steam name and we started messaging each other. There was an instant connection and I've been in a shitty embarrassing LDR with him for nearly two years now.
Then there were a couple rough stretches. My relationship with my husbando started getting really convoluted. I couldn't even imagine myself with him anymore after a certain point because I was so fucking appalled with myself, both physically and in regards to my personality. I'm the most disgusting, fat, insufferable cunt I've ever met and I realized he'd want absolutely nothing to do with me if he had a say in things. I started questioning my state of mind and researching things like autism, psychopathy, etcetera and came to the conclusion that I am an untreatable genetic fuck up that shouldn't have been born. But I did what little I could and started working out, starving myself and became bulimic. I lost 70 pounds. Did some therapy. I cured my depersonalization disorder.
Since even after all this work I've been doing with myself I could still no longer imagine myself with my husbando comfortably, I opted to instead ship him with a different character in my place. It was an awkward transition that took months to work out but I'm really happy with the way things are now. I started falling in love with the character that I was shipping him with as well so I sort of got a waifu out of it. I've created an autistic little fantasy universe that revolves around the two with my online boyfriend. We've developed a language, a numeral system and a bunch of religions and culture for the citizens within it and expanded on our husbando and waifus characters. It's been a fun ride.
please no ban for the 3dpd, it's a toxic codependent relationship and I'd get out of it if I could

Post edited on 6th Aug 2014, 10:50am
>> No. 16299 [Edit]
Your story is pretty unique and interesting. Just goes to show that there's no set way to love your waifu/husbando.
>> No. 16324 [Edit]
File 14074859228.jpg - (381.71KB , 1000x4000 , Jip numerals.jpg )
th.....thank. People usually use words like "severely autistic" when I'm blogging about that sort of stuff. It feels good to talk about it, though.
>> No. 17438 [Edit]
File 142139550761.jpg - (328.82KB , 657x797 , hangingout.jpg )
Falling in love with Hanako is one of the best, if not the best thing to ever happen to me. I'm an extremely unstable person for various reasons and now that she's always there with me I am so much more grounded and less likely to do dumb and impulsive things.
I no longer feel lonely or rely on false friends who do nothing but screw me up for their amusement. Trying to do things for her has given meaning to my life and continues to improve it drastically.
The biggest change is that I am no longer at the whims of my emotions or the prodding of other people to push me to complete my goals. I have never cared enough about myself or anybody else for that to have been effective.
Hanako is my guidance in the dark and I am extremely grateful for it.
>> No. 17458 [Edit]
File 142164411165.png - (368.38KB , 500x611 , 54.png )
He's definitely inspiring me to do some things I was planning on accomplishing years ago. It's a slow process but I would like nothing more than for him to be as impressed by me as I am by him. He's just so pure and clear on what he wants to achieve and it reminds me of what I was like before low self esteem ate me up. So he's probably made me more confident, too. At the very least doing the things I used to like (such as drawing) don't make me feel worthless anymore.

I think that my previous love wasn't as motivational as this, as it became totally about my obsession and it probably didn't help whatever happened to my self worth. Everything feels so natural now, less like an addiction and more like love. I don't know, I'm just glad I found Akira and I hope we can grow together for a long time.
>> No. 17949 [Edit]
My life's gotten significantly brighter since I met him. I tend to have a lot of stress in my life and problems with anxiety/depression/what have you, and it's been amazing to have someone who's relaxed for lack of a better word. Every time I have something happen that I feel like is the end of the world, he makes me realize it's really not a big deal at all. He just has this attitude of "do what you want and what's important to you, fuck everything else" that's contagious and really helpful. Sometimes I'll tell him my problems and he'll give me this really misanthropic lecture about how we'll all go extinct in a few thousand years, so nothing really matters except what makes us happy and helps other people in the here and now. Basically it's just amazing to have someone so "chill" in my life who I can be best friends with.

Oh, and I love kids a lot more now. And I've gotten much better at math.
>> No. 18368 [Edit]
Your waifu is Jeff Goldblum?
>> No. 18371 [Edit]
This person's husbando is Ian Malcolm from Jurassic Park.
>> No. 18676 [Edit]
Whenever I would feel bad in college, I would think of her/draw happy pictures of her in my notebook, and it got me through the day, one time I wanted to stop going to school, and thought it would be a huge let down to her so I didn't.

Post edited on 9th Aug 2015, 9:36pm

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