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File 132273164397.png - (106.70KB , 297x292 , fleshlight.png )
8188 No. 8188 [Edit]
Have any of you bros bought a fleshlight?

I've decided enough is enough and bought the Stamina Training Unit. Can't wait until it gets here, feels great man
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>> No. 8189 [Edit]
I've thought about it.

Post edited on 1st Dec 2011, 1:45am
>> No. 8191 [Edit]
I had one, bought it at a local sexshop and they only had the "normal" insert available.
Meaning no texture inside, just smooth surface.

It felt really dull and was rather loose. I admit, I have a small dick, but still, compare it to a tenga which was so tight I had to work my way in with fingers first for like an hour.

Had my way with it for couple of times and then I threw it in the trash, money well spent.

If you buy one, get the ultra tight.
>> No. 8194 [Edit]
I've had a couple ona holes. favorite one was the innocent virgin (comes with a cervix and a hymen, and the the 11, from the age series. the 11 lasted me about 6 months and cost about $30 after shipping IIRC, was about a year ago. Innocent virgin was about $40. The Innocent virgin probably has another 2 months left.
>> No. 8204 [Edit]
Maybe 'cause they're just toys? One could argue that a tiny dildo is the form of a 10 year old, though less obvious.

Anyway, what are some decent sites for onaholes?
>> No. 8208 [Edit]
>how is that not illegal?

They probably will be eventually
>> No. 8211 [Edit]
File 132285543171.png - (95.03KB , 1110x734 , rules.png )
Hi, I'm the rules. How about reading me every once in a while? Thanks.
>> No. 8213 [Edit]
>Maybe 'cause they're just toys?

You vastly underestimate how ridiculous western society is about sexual matters. We live in a world where nude drawings of underage cartoon characters is considered a legal gray area; no way in hell is an 11 year old girl cocksleeve toy going to be considered OK.
>> No. 8214 [Edit]
I own Tenga Fliphole. Worth of every dollar.
>> No. 8215 [Edit]
Very much agreed. Would buy again.
>> No. 8231 [Edit]
I like the ones that spoof anime characters. I want to start collecting them and see how long it takes for me to go apeshit and open them all up and have an onaorgy.
>> No. 8236 [Edit]
File 132306210524.gif - (66.73KB , 720x428 , ill_egg.gif )
"Regular" onaholes are too much work for me. When I'm doing the deed I'm concentrating a lot more on what I'm looking at or thinking about than anything else, and having to fumble with a plastic and foam thing distracts me from my thoughts.

But here's a good alternative. The Tenga eggs feel good, are easy to use, and are not expensive or high-maintenance. I'm probably in a minority here but I vastly prefer these to the more complicated masturbation tools. But you know what they say: different strokes for different folks.
>> No. 8237 [Edit]
>different strokes for different folks

i see what you did there
>> No. 8238 [Edit]
I have one. I've been told by others that it's the closest thing to a vagina you can get. It feels INCREDIBLY awesome.

Don't bother with Stamina Training unless you're going to fuck 3D girls which, if you're posting on this board, isn't likely.
>> No. 8271 [Edit]
Well it's too late now, it arrived yesterday and I'll be trying it out the day after tomorrow when I'm home alone all day.

Fuck I hate how my entire family is always home. The uni semester is over and all I feel like doing is smoking pot and jacking off/watching movies all day every day and I can't because nobody ever fucking leaves the house.

Also it is way bigger than I expected. I haven't opened it because at any moment my family is wont to burst into my room without knocking and interrogate me.
>> No. 8272 [Edit]
should have also ordered a lock for your door.
>> No. 8294 [Edit]
Dakimakura + Tenga(or any other onaholes) is closest thing you will have for having sex with 2D. Also it's great exercise.
>> No. 8302 [Edit]
What about lucid dreaming
>> No. 8338 [Edit]
OP here, I got it about a week ago... pretty disappointing tbh, I was expecting it to be far tighter and more intense.

I should have known not to listen to the reviews on the fleshlight forums. Those people (along with every other active forum member ever) are such giant faggots. They're the exact same kind of people you'll find on those escort forums worshipping 3DPD whores and showering them with gifts.
>> No. 8339 [Edit]
If you were fapping with an iron fist before, you may need some time to get used to it. Seriously fapping that way can mess up sensitivity. Don't do that anymore, maybe lay off for a while and then try it again.

I have a wonder wave and a lotus insert. They feel really good man. I only go the hand route now when being really lazy. Also, don't forget to warm it and the lube up with hot water. Makes it much better.
>> No. 8340 [Edit]
It's not only not that intense, it's just... eh I don't really know how to describe it. When I heated it up and used lube it felt like I was poking my dick into a warm slop. No defined sensations at all, I was expecting to be able to feel the little bumps but it all felt the same, one big chunky hot liquidy feeling that was actually quite disgusting.
>> No. 8346 [Edit]

That's really what a vagina feels like.

Congratulations, you now know why 3D is PD in the first place.
>> No. 8407 [Edit]
Really, that doesn't even come close to how gross it can get.

I should have stayed at Hogwart's and becomed a wizard.
>> No. 8440 [Edit]
3D for the purpose of sex is tremendously stupid. It's supposed to be completely emotional.
If you expect to find anyone for that, good fucking luck.
>> No. 8656 [Edit]
Yeah like something artificial like this or just some random 3D just wouldn't do it for me. If it was all I wanted was sex then just masturbating would make me happy but it doesn't no matter how good it felt. And I'll never have that someone to feel such a connection with.
>> No. 8673 [Edit]
I wish I could afford one

I only have 25 usd to spare...
>> No. 11090 [Edit]
I tried using an old shopping bag and some Schmukers Jelly. Feels good man.
>> No. 11091 [Edit]
No because I fear it will increase my standards. I'm happy with just my hand. If I get a fleshlight i'll temporarily have nicer masturbation, but then soon it'll just become the status quo, and I won't be able to go back to my hand. Thats how I think it'll go, anyway.
>> No. 11099 [Edit]
You have a point, but it can be saved for "special" occasions, unless you don't think that you can stop yourself from overindulging in its usage.

I really need to get an ona hole I lost the thingy I was using before. It's annoying that the chinese version of a free ona hole can grow mold and usually fails if you don't make it sturdy enough.
>> No. 11105 [Edit]
I recently used a banana peel because internet said it was awesome.

It wasn't.
>> No. 11107 [Edit]
wouldn't that sting?
>> No. 11108 [Edit]
I've actually used that and I can honestly say that it was actually a pretty good experience. I've probably done it like two or three times, however. As long as you don't heat the banana too hot, it should make for a great one-time use ona hole.
>> No. 11116 [Edit]
It doesn't work like that. Fapping with a fleshlight is such an effort that it just isn't worth it most of the time.
>> No. 11117 [Edit]
I agree. I haven't tried a fleshlight, but I've used a regular Tenga once, and it was like making my masturbation routine into a complicated procedure that required quick and precise action. I imagine the fleshlight is more or less the same.

I still stand by the Tenga eggs. They're one of only two tools I've used that have enhanced the experience.
>> No. 11121 [Edit]
Well I have to disagree. I don't think it requires any more effort than 'normal' fapping.
>> No. 11141 [Edit]
this is how anal is like.
you have to lube and prepare yourself, position it right so you don't jab your organs out by pushing it all the way in, then sometimes you don't notice you had a little bit of poop...
It's a real fucking hassle.
>> No. 11146 [Edit]
I'm not seeing what that post you responded to had to do with anal at all or you just worded what you said there strangely but you are right. Whenever I'm using my vibrator I need to be in just the right position or it doesn't go in well and is really unsatisfying no matter how lubed up I am. But once I do find that perfect position and can easily slide about half of it in and out a few times easily it feels amazing.
>> No. 11381 [Edit]
this topic made me curious and I decided to buy a six pack of tenga eggs.

i'm very dissapointed. the pleasure was worse than what i would get just using my hands alone. lube requirement makes your hands and dick annoyingly sticky. requires more cleanup.

worst of all is it doesn't seem ideally suited to larger men (8" here). I struggled to get it to fully stretch, but I felt like only half my penis was getting any love
>> No. 11389 [Edit]
Well those eggs are bad. I have fliphole and it is very good.

On tenga's site there is test which determines which product is best for you. You just need to input your sizes.
>> No. 11390 [Edit]
The fliphole is pretty expensive no matter where I look.

Where is it recommended that I buy it? I'm not sure if I'll be able to buy it immediately since I don't have much money, but it'd at the very least be useful to know.
>> No. 11395 [Edit]
I was very close to buying one. Thing is it is pretty huge and the smaller ones are white and black and they are different. Being a small guy I only need a small one I think. I won't even reach that orb thing on the full sized one.

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