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File 129244525992.png - (75.30KB , 325x130 , logo.png )
403 No. 403 [Edit]
inb4 everyone clusterfucks into the thread to give me shit
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>> No. 404 [Edit]
So what's this game about? Is it fun? I see it discussed a lot but I've never really paid attention
>> No. 405 [Edit]

>inb4 everyone clusterfucks into the thread to give me shit

Sorry but you're confusing us with /v/.
>> No. 407 [Edit]
It's a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena), nearly identical to DOTA and Heroes of Newerth if you have any idea with either of those are. It has the look and feel of an overhead RTS but in a battle arena setting. Unlike an RTS, however, you only have one unit control, and they're basically Warcraft 3 heroes with a lot more variation. And just like in Warcraft 3, you buy items to make your hero stronger, except in LoL these items are the core of the game.

>inb4 everyone clusterfucks into the thread to give me shit

lol don't worry about it.
>> No. 408 [Edit]
The irc people know what i mean. I was heavily against ever touching this until recently.

I suck at it, but it's a nice distraction from waiting on the next phase of cb for the mmo i'm playing.
Only really decent with Trist
>> No. 409 [Edit]
File 129244650782.jpg - (31.71KB , 400x400 , Gragas koolaid.jpg )
Haven't played in four months due to studying. For those of you who been playing during this time, is the game heading in a better or worse direction?
>> No. 410 [Edit]
I'm glad my long-winded explanation of the game wasn't completely in vain.

>Only really decent with Trist

That's who I started out playing too. Her and Ashe are the easiest to learn the game with.

They need a Koolaid Gragas skin so bad. I also had the idea for Bowler Gragas (DO NOT STEAL).

>is the game heading in a better or worse direction?

Honestly, I haven't noticed much change even with this most recent Super Big -Changing The Meta Game Forever- Patch To End All Patches they just implemented. They removed Locket from the game, changed Last Whisper and Flash, and messed around with a few champs, but really it wasn't that big of a change. They also nerfed solo lane experience gain, but all of my games have played out just the same as before.
>> No. 411 [Edit]
File 129244760812.jpg - (16.61KB , 187x269 , images.jpg )
>They removed Locket from the game

>They also nerfed solo lane experience gain
Which I guess translates to junglers not being needed in every game? Not as many solo Vlads and Mordekaisers can only be a good thing.
>> No. 412 [Edit]
Junglers are still really vital for powerup, dragon, and baron control. All that solo lane exp nerf really means is that the game isn't so dependent on the solo, and that junglers will have an easier time keeping up with them exp wise.

They removed locket because they thought there were some balancing issues with it. People were building it on every damn toon, and it really was annoying. They could have actually balanced the item instead of removing it completely, though.

Here's the full patch notes from the recent patch if you're interested:

There are some other pretty large changes, only time will tell if they've been significant or not.
>> No. 413 [Edit]
I'm just waiting to get Annie or Sona.

Though i'm rather fond of Trist for some reason.
>> No. 414 [Edit]
File 129245009357.jpg - (78.37KB , 612x593 , Gragas corki.jpg )
> -1261
Wait, wait, wait. So the community bitches about how Riot doesn't make big enough changes to balancing. Then they bitch when they do?
This makes no sense.
>> No. 415 [Edit]
The community is fucking retarded, yes.
>> No. 420 [Edit]
Oh yes, forgot.

Summoner name: xSurticx
>> No. 421 [Edit]
I'll probably get interested in LoL again once Magma Chamber is out. First heard it was supposed to be out during November, then Phreak mentioned that it would be out before the end of the year. Hope it means next patch, but I'm doubtful.
>> No. 422 [Edit]
Whenever it's released, you need to wait a month or two before it's actually playable. Remember that Twisted Treeline was bugged out the ass when it was released even though it was delayed as well.
>> No. 423 [Edit]
>> No. 467 [Edit]
I just did an 8/0/0.
I did middle and did a back and forth with a treemo a bunch until i got tired of his mushrooms and got an oracle elixir, then i didn't see him for the rest of the match ;_;

Started with doran's blade, went to berserker greaves, then got infinity edge (starting with cloak, then bf sword, then pick), the got last whisper, and finally had a cloth armor i was gonna build into something.
>> No. 476 [Edit]
That's a pretty good build on Trist, though if you go for Infinity's Edge first you should always try to buy the BF Sword as first, and the Pick Axe failing that. Berserker Greaves are your best choice, but depending on the situation, you may also want to consider getting Mercury Treads.
>> No. 477 [Edit]
Yeah i played two games today, one as trist, one as Janna.
Lost both, but there was a quitter in the first, and an afk in the second. Both had god damn alt accounts on the other team too.

Trist match: 3/3/7 (followed my same build, but i was trying to work up something with mag resist at the end due to the other side being mostly magic)

Janna: 2/3/10 (first time playing her so i didn't know what to do, but i still did better then half my team... Doran's Ring, Manasume, boots of swiftness, soul shroud, and a blasting wand and catalyst i was trying to build into something else.)
a mere 125 ip from being able to try Annie too..
>> No. 478 [Edit]
Janna is pretty fun if you can get the hang of her. Most people don't try to build attack damage or ability power(until later) items on her, and prefer to just stack mana regen. The best way to play her is to max out the shield, then the tornado, and just getting one rank of the slow. It's also pretty beneficial to get a Mejai's Soulstealer early on because you can rack up assists pretty easily with her.

Annie is really cool. If you can get a Rod of Ages on her quick enough, you end up destroying people later on. Build a catalyst on her asap. You have to be pretty passive with her early on, because if you try using her Q on anything but last-hitting creeps, you'll go mana dry extremely fast.
>> No. 479 [Edit]
yeah, i just got her recommended stuff mostly. She was kinda fun to play though, too bad my team was trash.

I'm looking forward to playing annie though.
>> No. 483 [Edit]
Dohoho even Surtic is playing LoL now~

Everyone seems to be playing it in tc these days, how fun. I finally hit 30 yesterday so now I get the fun of grinding out runes and champions before I start doing ranked. Since I've been playing so constant in the past few months (least 3-5 games a day, usually more) I've been messing around with different heroes. Really messing with jungling lately which is always fun.
>> No. 484 [Edit]
Casually though, maybe 1-2 games a day if that.
>> No. 485 [Edit]
  I died laughing
>> No. 491 [Edit]
fucking bastards wasting 80 minutes of my life just so you can act superior.
fuck my teammate who wanted to brag back too.
and fuck the fact that it was a 2v4 and if 3 of my team hadn't left we would have won.
9/11/11, 8 of the deaths were ganks by multiple people....
>> No. 492 [Edit]

Yeah it sucks but its a part of the game

Most people <15 are usually smurfs, I have a few extra accounts just for playing with brand new people because the MM is terrible at balancing people out.

Try and play with people if you can, it'll make it more fun/increase your winning % dramatically. IRC has a few players if you'd like to play with us~
>> No. 493 [Edit]
I don't mind normal smurfs, i expect them.
It's the ones who like to give people shit for being newbies that pisses me off.
>> No. 495 [Edit]
Annie guide to rape. (aka i went 15/2/10 and want to brag a bit)
At start:
Skill: Q
Buy: Amplifying Tome and Health pot

leveling: level E then W then max Q/E/W in that order (leveling alt as needed)
buying order: (ALWAYS KEEP AN HP POT) Sorc Shoes then Mejai's Soulstealer then Abyssal Scepter, then Archangel's Staff, then Chalice of Harmony. get oracle if possible at some point.

Summoner spells: Ghost|Ignite
>> No. 500 [Edit]
Interesting build, but Mejai's is too much of a risk to have in your standard build. Annie has absolutely no escape abilities and dies far too easily. Chalice is nice, but you have enough mana with just your Tear of the Goddess.

I prefer going Dorans Ring + 1 Hp pot (the hp boost + mana regen is realllly helpful during laning) and build Sorc Boots/maybe Merc Treads if there is far too much enemy CC > RoA > Zhonya's > Rylai's > Abyssal/Frozen Heart/DFG. I get loads of survivability while still having hefty amounts of AP. Plus with Rylai's, I'm just a CC machine. Stuns and slows everywhere, oh my! Oh, and be sure to always get a ward every time you have some cash to spare, but that pretty much goes for any character.

I go Flash/Ignite, reason I take Flash over Ghost is because it makes landing Tibbers a whole lot easier.
>> No. 506 [Edit]
Yeah i know, i was just lucky with the easy kills that built it up quickly.

as for ghost/ignite it's because i don't have flash yet.
>> No. 573 [Edit]
anybody feel like playing ARAM?

it's pretty much all i play after hitting 30
>> No. 595 [Edit]
>> No. 612 [Edit]
All Random All Middle.

Pretty popular custom game type.
>> No. 613 [Edit]
So you're basically not allowed to mess with the top/bot creeps and can only farm with middles ones and the players? hectic sounding
>> No. 614 [Edit]
Yup. You also can't go back to base unless you die. It's one big clusterfuck.
>> No. 641 [Edit]
Screw this shit, the smurfs in this are worse then the alts in FPSs and other games. Impossible to get better and there isn't even anyone to play with.
>> No. 642 [Edit]
you know, you could always ask one of us in the irc to play with you.
>> No. 643 [Edit]

This is why you always q with someone you know
>> No. 644 [Edit]
that involves firing up irc and dealing with the hotfags for a second to open #Tohno-chan. (neither of which i wish to enter)

I'm not redownloading and installing anyways.
>> No. 645 [Edit]
File 129312780731.jpg - (409.42KB , 700x831 , 391264443208618e3ff9dcdad4450ed1.jpg )
Install Bloodline Champions.

>open #Tohno-chan. (neither of which i wish to enter)
Something happened?
>> No. 646 [Edit]
File 129312795817.png - (115.80KB , 890x749 , Slows everywhere.png )
If any European brohnos wanna play my ID is Boppsson. Same as on Steam.
>> No. 681 [Edit]
I don't feel like installing anything right now besides a loli mod for oblivion.

As for the IRC, normalfaggotry infestation a while back. (even if it's gone now, no one worth talking to in there and i ignore it half the time)
>> No. 683 [Edit]
One guy isn't an infestation. Oh well, do whatever you feel like.
>> No. 687 [Edit]
I've played LoL since August of last year. It can be frustrating, but it's a lot of fun when everything just clicks together.
>> No. 691 [Edit]
File 129325193632.png - (365.64KB , 1012x617 , LoLbetstats.png )
hurr durr unable to ragequit properly.
>> No. 692 [Edit]
File 129330810329.png - (408.32KB , 1025x638 , LoLbetstats.png )
must get 2k more ip to get Jax ;_;
>> No. 693 [Edit]
File 129332754162.png - (415.46KB , 1024x639 , LoLbet.png )
My annie was gay and left, we could have won that (and nearly did at one point, but they had gotten baron under our noses) ;_;
>> No. 695 [Edit]
ayu here i love you
>> No. 696 [Edit]
I've played both HoN and DoTA and after playing this game for a few matches, there are some things I did like and some I did not. The first thing that I didn't like was that you can be made invincible by standing in the bushes on the sides of the lane. The second thing I did not like was that it did not show whether your team mates spells were cooling down, or whether they had enough mana to cast the spell. This helped to clear a lot of confusion when I was playing HoN. I also did not like the fact that you had those two extra spells. The thing I did not like most was the fact that you could not deny towers or allied units. One of the things I did like was the fact that you had to buy some of the heroes.
>> No. 697 [Edit]
File 129342872593.png - (423.03KB , 1023x636 , LoLbetstats.png )
worst game evar

the bush thing is solved by wards and oracles though.

honestly don't know much about HoN and i barely understand LoL
>> No. 698 [Edit]
Wards in HoN and DotA are ussually placed in the river to check for runes and to check for enemies, they are placed elsewhere for this reason as well. Also there are heroes who can become invisible and it's one of their advantages. But in LoL anyone can just go in the bushes and everyone else knows to check there anyway.
>> No. 705 [Edit]
I also don't like the fact that everyone gets the ability to teleport back to base.
>> No. 707 [Edit]
File 129351546129.png - (420.69KB , 1025x639 , LoLbetstats.png )
I'll miss you Jax ;_;

I think this is just to keep things moving faster.

nothing is worse then playing an hour long game because no one can push to finish.
>> No. 713 [Edit]
holy fuck, I was just against a Panth/Mundo lane as Tristana. I've never felt so useless in a game, I could not fucking farm. We won anyway, but it could've been a 4 v 5 and the result would've been the same. I was that useless!
>> No. 714 [Edit]
I played Zil today and did bot with Cas against Mundo and Ranmus who kept tower diving us.

Can't do crap when you can't even fall back ;_;
>> No. 715 [Edit]
I see a trend here... I also played an enraging game as Sion vs a Kennen and Mundo. Couldn't move 2 feet from the tower without catching a skillshot in the face.

Played a game as Cho'gath after that to make up for it and killed the Teemo I was 1v1ing in top against 5 times before 20 minutes. I love playing Cho.
>> No. 717 [Edit]
File 129369321618.png - (420.65KB , 1025x635 , LoLbetstats.png )
Screw Jax, i'm getting olaf

Died a lot early on, but i ended up getting a couple doubles and a triple before the end.
>> No. 719 [Edit]
File 129370625122.png - (15.11KB , 256x352 , Laughing madman.png )
Not-played-in-four-months-brohno here. After playing some games again I must say that I'm pleased with the changes. No more AoE-rape teams, no more sun fire stacking, heroes seem pretty balanced etc.
Though this might be because I'm palying normal games where SRS BSNS tourney fagging is nowhere near as prevalent as in the ranked games.
>> No. 720 [Edit]
File 12937777066.png - (407.23KB , 1023x640 , LoLbetstats.png )
See this shit? i did horrible until the end.

But you know what? I turned the game around. Used the lantern ward at baron kinda randomly and it resulted in me getting a double kill and stealing the buff.

also, lol2expto12
>> No. 761 [Edit]
File 129384502111.png - (384.19KB , 1018x622 , LoLbetstats.png )
Dat forced being Galio and rolling
>> No. 763 [Edit]
It's a shame you didn't play galio before they nerfed him. Now he's not even ban worthy ;_;
>> No. 768 [Edit]
How was he nerfed?
>> No. 773 [Edit]
Think every AoE-ulti got nerfed recently. Amumu, Galio, Vlad etc. They were too efficient when used together leading to team fights becoming huge AoE clusterfucks that were over in three seconds.
>> No. 774 [Edit]
Eh, it still rapes shit though. If they don't have decent hp and a good amount of MR they lose a good half their life. I only used Galio's alt with at least 3 enemies around to hold them off my team anyways.
>> No. 775 [Edit]
The taunt duration was lowered on his ult. If you're paying attention you can just walk out of his ult with merc treds before it goes off.
>> No. 781 [Edit]
  Some neat stuff happening.
>> No. 783 [Edit]
Yeah it used to be "Click R receive pentakill" It was pretty silly.

Nunu/Galio is so fun to pull of


The boots are nifty, the reverting of Garen is needed so bad. He's completely useless right now, his bush slaying powers aren't even there. The mages change is interesting and needed so that'll be fun to mess around with.
>> No. 785 [Edit]
Exhaust isn't gonna blind anymore? Oh boy, I cannot wait to face Yi!
>> No. 786 [Edit]
Gonna do something crazy... I'm going to play Soraka for a week straight and provide feedback on it. Show how she can be fixed, how she can be somewhat useful, etc.
Soraka is adorable and the nerfbat is mean ;_;

damage reduce and skill reduce though.
>> No. 788 [Edit]

Shes still one of the best support in the game, don't let comics fool you.

Not taric useful, but still useful
>> No. 789 [Edit]
File 129403263942.png - (421.05KB , 1023x640 , Soraka_game_1_speed_5_soulstealer_kage_shroud_code.png )
She's not useless...
>> No. 790 [Edit]
File 129403272686.png - (383.95KB , 1022x593 , LoLbetstats.png )
>>789 all
one of the kills was an accidental kill steal due to me using Infuse on the enemy instead of my ally lol
>> No. 809 [Edit]
  Oh damn, the new champ looks awesome. Fun and powerful, hope she isn't anymore than 4800k.
>> No. 810 [Edit]
>new champ
>not 6300

# NEW ITEM - Ionian Boots of Lucidity

* UNIQUE Passive: Reduces ability cooldowns by 15%.
* UNIQUE Passive: Enhanced Movement 2.

# NEW ITEM - Zhonya's Hourglass

* +100 AP +50 Armor
* UNIQUE Active: Places your champion into stasis for 2 seconds, rendering you invulnerable and untargetable but unable to take any action. 90 sec cooldown.

# NEW ITEM - Rabadon's Deathcap

* +155 AP UNIQUE Passive: Increases Ability Power by 30%

Came to all of this, can't wait to test these on Soraka.
>> No. 824 [Edit]
File 129420741048.png - (426.93KB , 1022x639 , LoLqueuestats.png )
700 on her W
1100-1200 on her ult
~450 on her E

Yeah, i'd say Soraka is pretty damn viable.
>> No. 838 [Edit]
File 129428731254.png - (899.44KB , 1024x640 , derp.png )
I am absolutely loving the new cdr boots on Lux. Fuck yeah max cdr with just two items (though I forgot to upgrade the fiendish codex to a dfg very early in the game). 20 second master sparks, so awesome~! And with an absolute ton of AP thanks to the new items.

also check out my pro scores
>> No. 839 [Edit]
Ah so you're the one who i got a random FR from the other day.
okami reference name?
>> No. 840 [Edit]
File 129429386519.png - (420.52KB , 1023x639 , LoLqueuestats.png )
Man, if Soraka got a rework, i might actually have to start TRYING.

I wish i was 30 already so i could play with better people ;_;
>> No. 841 [Edit]
>you're all a bunch of fuckers who can't take it easy
if you're gonna swear and get mad like that, you're at the same level that they are
>> No. 842 [Edit]
They were spending the ENTIRE MATCH insulting the other team. I was the ONLY person on my side who even said "gg' at the end.

I only called them dicks anyways, was the only remark i made against them.
>> No. 843 [Edit]
Did you know they censor both boner and herpes and almost all possible vaginal related words?

Sometimes I get a kick out of seeing four stars.
>> No. 844 [Edit]
I would make a filter which just filters all 4 letter words for hilarity's sake. Everyone would look very foul mouthed.
>> No. 845 [Edit]
File 129430263087.jpg - (29.48KB , 337x404 , 1232075997516.jpg )
Oh, how devious.
>> No. 846 [Edit]
File 129430290764.jpg - (44.44KB , 418x480 , pipesmoker.jpg )
>Everyone would look very foul mouthed.
Twould be a stirring good romp. I dare say many pleasantries would be disturbed and misunderstandings would abound. Simply shrewd.
>> No. 848 [Edit]
File 129431509016.png - (415.23KB , 1024x638 , derpderp.png )
There is nothing better than winning a 4v5! Well, perhaps shooting a ult into the fog of war blindly and catching a Tyrnd who escaped.
>> No. 849 [Edit]
I used to 2v5 when i played dota
>> No. 895 [Edit]
>I wish i was 30 already so i could play with better people ;_;

Doesn't happen with LoL, so don't get your hopes up
>> No. 919 [Edit]
File 129486846784.jpg - (2.17MB , 2981x1549 , Magma_chamber.jpg )
Some images of Magma Chamber are finally out!
>> No. 920 [Edit]
File 129486853692.jpg - (2.19MB , 3123x1436 , map.jpg )

I just can't wait, hope it doesn't take too long to get released.
>> No. 921 [Edit]
File 12948689545.jpg - (200.81KB , 1024x640 , LoLqueuestats.jpg )
350AD + 85% life steal = lulz.
I was gonna get a third, but they surrendered ;_;

better then the 16s at least.

can't wait.
>> No. 929 [Edit]
File 129498333964.jpg - (221.01KB , 1024x640 , LoLqueuestats.jpg )
This game was mine damn it lol.

If only the Garen didn't have to go afk for a personal issue ;_;
>> No. 943 [Edit]
  >Eve nerf
And many solo queuers cheered
>> No. 958 [Edit]
File 129516510618.jpg - (204.82KB , 1024x640 , LoLqueuestats.jpg )
Amumu is awesome.
>> No. 966 [Edit]
Is there a tohno-chan channel?
>> No. 967 [Edit]

if your looking for epople to play with just join the irc
>> No. 974 [Edit]
File 129531207811.jpg - (638.45KB , 1600x1009 , LoL bar.jpg )
Lux and Vlad annoy me to no end. They're easy mode as many other heroes are. The difference is that they can never fail. They can do good or badly sure, but they can never fail completely like the other heroes can. As long as there is a team fight there is nothing stopping them from doing their full routine. Vlad due to his get out of jail free card and Lux due to her being able to do all of her skills while staying thirty feet away from the actual fighting.
Compare them to Ryze, who is designed to be a complete face roll character. He runs a risk whenever he does something due to his short range. Vlad and Lux never run a risk no matter what they do.
I'm not saying that they are OP. I'm saying they are terribly designed.
>> No. 1000 [Edit]
  New Champ spotlight. Dude looks cool, handles 2 v 1's like a boss.
>> No. 1012 [Edit]
Fucking downtime. Hasn't been this bad for a while.
>> No. 1013 [Edit]
At least your last game before it wasn't with a 4 man premade who gave you crap the whole game for not being epic with Morgana.
>> No. 1037 [Edit]
File 129576756186.jpg - (313.01KB , 1280x800 , ARAZ.jpg )
Just found a "All Random All Zeals" while looking at the Custom games today. Extremely hilarious, moving at the speed light with revive, holy christ. So fast I lost track of my champion, lol.
>> No. 1039 [Edit]
Okay, now I know why people complain. Fuck people sleeping and not doing their job. I can't rage quit?

Still, the game is fun. 3 games won, 2 defeats. Level 5 currently.
>> No. 1040 [Edit]
Don't expect much from your teammates until level 30; everything up til then is just grindan. The relief is that you can count on your opponents to do equally stupid shit as well.
>> No. 1042 [Edit]
How does this champion thing work? Do I have to buy them or do they unlock as I level up?

I've been playing Morgana but it seems she's heavily dependent on teams and you should use her more in a support type of game, which makes me rage because I always get bad players.
>> No. 1043 [Edit]
You buy champions in the in-game shop with Influence Points, which you get after each game.
>> No. 1064 [Edit]
I was playing on the EU servers all along, no wonder I couldn't find any of you. I migrated to the US ones now.

Although it seems I am not allowed to win any more. 1:8 win/loss ratio. What the hell. Pretty sure it wasn't me but those douches afk. Why must there always be one.
>> No. 1065 [Edit]
File 129595631760.jpg - (44.84KB , 223x246 , Donald okay.jpg )
I uninstalled LoL two days ago. After over a thousand matches, about 70 of which were ranked, I've had enough. There is only so much time you can waste on so many team mates making stupid mistakes costing you the match.
And I only play tanks so I'm not whining about not getting my mejai's fed and getting all the 1337 keelz. I just expect my team mates to be half way competent.
But I guess that's what I get for solo queing.
>> No. 1095 [Edit]
File 129632339325.jpg - (179.03KB , 1215x717 , Karma.jpg )
first day buy.
>> No. 1098 [Edit]
  Shit, they're raising the price of the Doran's items. If I can't start with them, what else am I going to go with? I'm going to especially miss Blade on my Ranged carries. perhaps, I'll just start building a Wriggle's before rushing IE on em.
>> No. 1129 [Edit]
What are some good skins to get? I've seen some skins that get rid of the bars on the bottom of the HUD so you have more visibility but I couldn't find that.

Changing the recommended items would be nice too.
>> No. 1138 [Edit]
File 129660067437.jpg - (136.72KB , 399x266 , lol_deal_with_it.jpg )
Back online, hell yeah.
>> No. 1140 [Edit]
Oh man, this patch.

Riot is doing everything it can to destroy this game, way to go. Still no new features.

Can't even buy Doran's Ring and a pot now.
>> No. 1142 [Edit]
  Oh and she can jungle lol
I managed it even with my shitty runes and only being 22
>> No. 1157 [Edit]
File 129676259262.jpg - (394.86KB , 1280x800 , Untitled-1.jpg )
Oh man editing the client is so easy
>> No. 1159 [Edit]

Lux can never fail? I play Lux, went 0-18-8 in one game. Lux can stay at ridiculous range and still use all of her skills, but any stealth character and she's gone. Any ranged character and she's gone.

You just haven't been on a team with Eve against a Lux.

Also, matchmaking sucks. If you happen to kick ass, you get rewarded by being stuck with leavers, those with shit internet, and players so bad you wonder if it's even possible for them to suck that hard. Although the next game I played I got a quadra kill and went 18-8-16. Finales Funkeln, Final Spark. Build AP and magic penetration, get Golem buff, fire it off every 24 seconds, kill everything on the same side of the map you're on.

Shame I play EU with friends else I'd show you all how to play Lux.

Surtic, build tank Karma.
>> No. 1160 [Edit]
i quit.
too much stress and bullshit for such little fun.
>> No. 1179 [Edit]
キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!!

Dude what image did you replace to do that?
>> No. 1187 [Edit]
File 12970336543.jpg - (242.60KB , 1280x1024 , bg.jpg )
Now Shiki is with me here too.
>> No. 1188 [Edit]
File 129703681471.jpg - (807.02KB , 1280x800 , 952555.jpg )
I think I'll go with a Remilia/Flandre theme.
>> No. 1189 [Edit]
Can you post that picture?
>> No. 1190 [Edit]

I just IQDB'd it. There's a firefox addon that lets you IQDB images with a right-click. It's really useful!
>> No. 1263 [Edit]
This Jarvan guy sure does sound cool.
>> No. 1273 [Edit]
File 129747640542.jpg - (0.99MB , 4270x1420 , gsd5389.jpg )
>> No. 1301 [Edit]
File 129772900974.jpg - (787.83KB , 1302x813 , pgm.jpg )
>> No. 1302 [Edit]
File 129774610312.png - (443.12KB , 1024x638 , istrikefromtehshadows.png )
and that is why, as first pick, you must do everything in your power to get Shen.
>> No. 1444 [Edit]
File 129872023133.jpg - (785.73KB , 1280x798 , 01nunu.jpg )
Wow, this game took forever, look at the time. I had 4k excess gold. Our team lost so many team fights it's not even funny. Irelia was a spic who was afraid of dying and kept farming away from fights even when she had full gear so we were lacking a team mate and dps which made lanes hard to push. Also kept saying "jajajaja" in chat. I hate you.

Also, my win/loss ratio will be forever negative now.
>> No. 1461 [Edit]
File 129889315266.jpg - (854.01KB , 1278x801 , butt_damage.jpg )
Oh yes, he mad. Shaco thought he could escape me but I had oracles so he was constantly saying hax and reported me. So much ass pain.
>> No. 1462 [Edit]
File 129891538196.jpg - (46.27KB , 337x486 , My love for tanking is like a truck.jpg )
Malphite is OP.
>> No. 1482 [Edit]
File 129901825581.jpg - (42.52KB , 540x720 , Unimpressed hunter.jpg )
Suddenly I don't feel so bad about playing on the Euro servers.
>> No. 1485 [Edit]
File 129903266415.png - (34.25KB , 120x120 , Teemo tanks enemy team.png )
Maokai free week. This means next week we will have Jarvan.
>> No. 1486 [Edit]
oh god those usernames.
>Wtf Get Back Nub
All it's missing is XxDaRkSePhRiOThKiLLerxX and it'd be perfect.
>> No. 1509 [Edit]
File 129914449910.jpg - (170.39KB , 1281x800 , malph.jpg )
King Malphite.
>> No. 1532 [Edit]
File 129927283880.jpg - (176.29KB , 1024x640 , SUDDENLY BEAST MODE.jpg )
Started out horribly at 3/6 and we were down most towers, suddenly, beast mode.
>> No. 1534 [Edit]
File 129928527645.png - (1.32MB , 1024x768 , Pentakill now in extremely shitty quality!.png )
Fuck yeah, my first Pentakill as Akali!
>> No. 1540 [Edit]
File 129931548357.jpg - (432.12KB , 859x508 , Here_comes_the_pain_train_baby.jpg )
Does this mean anything?
>> No. 1543 [Edit]
Rock man too powerful.
>> No. 1612 [Edit]
  Nocturne spotlight came early.
The range on his ult is stupid long.
>> No. 1684 [Edit]
File 130031730220.jpg - (414.67KB , 768x1416 , babbys first jungle.jpg )
Made a guide to help people start jungling.
>> No. 1760 [Edit]
File 130050951062.png - (26.25KB , 120x120 , Katarinas ult gets interrupted.png )
Anyone else always forgets to use their item's active?

How powerful/useful are they on average?
>> No. 1798 [Edit]
File 13006267382.png - (632.79KB , 1274x801 , lolchina.png )

>> No. 1800 [Edit]
File 130063010326.png - (660.93KB , 1280x800 , lolpanth.png )
Today is just my day with panth.
>> No. 1808 [Edit]
File 130068514661.png - (430.14KB , 1024x643 , mordekaiser tickles.png )
Screw the rules, I have 223 Magic Resist.
Now excuse me as I rape your Annie.
>> No. 1938 [Edit]
File 130155102929.jpg - (159.76KB , 900x1163 , 1295849478138.jpg )
So, now that there is a LoL replay system (well, it's been out for a while now). I've decided to record my ranked matches from now on. I'm only in the 1500 elo range. So far, I've only recorded one out of all the ranked matches I've had today.

To view/create replays, you'll have to download this program, though it's a bit buggy. Like, you can't see the hp bars of champions I didn't have on my screen while playing:

Anyhow, here's the replay:
>> No. 1939 [Edit]
Oh and one more thing, press "+" to fast foward it by 5 seconds. Don't spam it too much as it isn't precise.
>> No. 1980 [Edit]
  First day buy.
>> No. 1983 [Edit]
of course i say this and the first time i solo queue a normal game in weeks i'm stuck against a premade with an udyr with 900 fucking wins.
>> No. 1998 [Edit]
Lee Sin is awesome.
Great jungle, great sustainability.
Too bad in the two games with him, one i didn't get to jungle, and the other my whole team fed. (literally, 5 kills on our side and i had 3 of them)
I think i found a favorite next to TF.
>> No. 2000 [Edit]
I like his moveset, but dear god first week is painful to play with champs that are skill based

Hes pretty cool, easy as fuck to feed in a duo lane
>> No. 2011 [Edit]
His jungle is crazy easy too.
I don't even do a blue start with him because how easily he can do a vamp scept start at pretty much any camp.
smite blue wraith > wolves > wraiths > small golems > blue > wolves > wraiths > red > smalls > gank (possibly gank top or mid after blue if it's open to)
W > E > W > E > Q > R
R > E > Q > W
mercs, wriggles, triforce, situationals.

QRQ is a fun combo if you have them at melee range already.

and yeah, i've only played with one in a real match and he did a meh 10/6 and i'm pretty sure most of that was ult killing because he built tanky and a warmogs.
>> No. 2115 [Edit]
File 130230565643.png - (242.46KB , 500x375 , That's a fling.png )
Running away? That's a fling'. Attacking our squishies? That's a fling'. Staring at my male pattern baldness? That's a fling'.
Channeling an ulti? Oh, you better believe that's a fling'.
>> No. 2193 [Edit]
TF bug fixes are glorious.

Singed just became unkillable.
>> No. 2215 [Edit]
I'm not sure about the changes to his ulti. Being able to FWWEEEEEEEE down an unchecked tower in one creep wave is a huge part of playing Singed for me.
>> No. 2218 [Edit]
And another useless champ.
>> No. 2301 [Edit]
Actually I take that back. Brand actually kills things, unlike Lee Sin which can only feed, no matter what.
>> No. 2312 [Edit]
File 130284741188.png - (661.02KB , 1280x799 , teemoteemo.png )
Teemo time.
>> No. 2363 [Edit]
File 130301280931.jpg - (1.03MB , 1281x802 , I_dont_want_to_lose.jpg )
I took the advice and stopped playing tanks or supports. Only way to win is to carry or jungle. Let's see if I can get out, I'm still kind of shaky. Currently at 1042.
>> No. 2385 [Edit]
Vlad is a pretty easy champ.
Sadly my first game was a bunch of derps on my team who fed the enemy karthus and bought no mr.
I had a negatron and had built it into a FoN when my entire team surrendered.
But by god none of the enemy team could take me even 2v1 without me escaping or even killing them.
>> No. 2404 [Edit]
File 130315376187.jpg - (461.84KB , 1369x1057 , 1303153620428.jpg )
Teemo lays eggs now.
>> No. 2512 [Edit]
I'm so close to drop this game. Riot doesn't do shit to make it any better and I just keep on falling into that ELO abyss. I have substantially bettered my skills but bad players won't let me carry them, then you only need a leaver and it's /gg.
>> No. 2556 [Edit]
File 130363532529.png - (426.30KB , 1024x640 , nunu like a boss.png )
Why did i never try nunu before now?
>> No. 2626 [Edit]
  riot, you can have all my money
>> No. 2647 [Edit]
File 130437532533.png - (1.06MB , 1024x640 , You all jelly.png )
I love it
>> No. 2811 [Edit]
File 130516241579.jpg - (76.25KB , 1280x720 , 1279410214326.jpg )
First game as Vayne and I completely stomp, I also get a Riot employee! Luckily, I got a replay of it. It's just a normal game so nothing super pro.

Edit: Nevermind, apparently I got it with an old version of LoLreplay and thus it won't work on any new clients.

Post edited on 11th May 2011, 6:36pm
>> No. 2824 [Edit]
  Athene tells it like it is.
>> No. 2827 [Edit]
I've been watching his stream for laughs a lot lately.
...he's getting better amazingly, still a massive fag though.
>> No. 2842 [Edit]

That hooker he hires every now and then is pretty hot though.
>> No. 2843 [Edit]
File 130534383681.jpg - (314.06KB , 1215x717 , 1302652183729.jpg )
I hope you're joking.
>> No. 2918 [Edit]
File 130554825410.png - (667.60KB , 1280x799 , tf.png )
Finally broke 1500 playing my main man TF.
>> No. 2928 [Edit]
Amazed he's not getting banned a lot now.
Him and Nunu will probably be my go to champs when i can't nab a carry.
Speaking of carries, i've somehow clicked with like every god damn ranged carry lately. Ashe, Corki, Ezreal, Trist, all of them but fucking MF and Twitch.
Getting the kills isn't as easy, but i'm positioning excellently and farming/last-hitting like mad along with putting out insane damage on the right targets.
>> No. 3012 [Edit]
File 13058460236.jpg - (19.20KB , 448x311 , 1305773969122.jpg )
>Annie buffs
Oh dear god riot, i fucking love you.
My tanky annie build just got even stronger thanks to the ratio buffs.
>> No. 3029 [Edit]
File 130591916568.jpg - (209.43KB , 600x464 , shinji-is-faggot.jpg )
How would I go about finding people to duo queue? After every ranked game I feel like going on a killing spree. I seriously don't have the required nerves to put up with this elo. Always a guy trolling, a leaver or a bad player who thinks he's playing normal games. I just can't escape it.

I don't know what to do any more to make people play correctly.

I tell them to last hit and stop auto-attacking because they're pushing the lane too hard and they'll get more gold but they don't listen. They get ganked and blame others for "no mia". They push alone too hard past river and get ganked. Go into the enemy camp without vision and die. Get into stupid fights. Chase to the other side of the map and get ganked. Tower dive blood pool Vlad or Tryndamere. Don't buy a single ward the entire game. After we win a teamfight, they go jungle or blue pill instead of pushing or dragon.

I just don't understand.
>> No. 3047 [Edit]

Everyone should do tribunal every day, you can vote up to three cases. I've seen some pretty awful behaviour from players, it's good that they implemented this thing.
>> No. 3048 [Edit]
I'm liking it so far, all my cases have been obvious.
Apparently the more you do it and the more you have the majority, the more cases you can get (someone implied you can get a max of 30 a day) and it'll net you 1k+ ip a week or more.
>> No. 3052 [Edit]
File 130599688887.jpg - (417.18KB , 1281x800 , brb.jpg )
How does I into carry?

I felt like crying after this game, my team mates had no idea what they were doing.
>> No. 3061 [Edit]
File 13060506493.png - (60.95KB , 997x630 , Swain and Fiddlesticks discuss strategy.png )
Apparently they're weeding out the worst of the players right now. So there isn't a lot of consideration to make whether they're guilty or not. In a month or so we should be getting more gray area cases.

Eurofriend tribunal, anyone who'se level 30 and doesn't have a leaver mark can join.
>> No. 3062 [Edit]
Apparently you get IP for judging cases. I'm in it for the humour though since the entire chatlog from the match is available.

>LeegendPlayer [All] [14:50:25]: fick deine mutter teemo du missgeburt+
>LeegendPlayer [All] [14:50:30]: ich reporte deine mutter du jude

Stay classy, Germany.
>> No. 3063 [Edit]
Oh wow, is that EU? That's pretty rough.

I had one guy that fed on every game and was a jerk to everybody while doing so. Always got some stupid builds too, like 4 zeals on Veigar. Sometimes he afk'd at the fountain and moved slightly every 5 minutes. I was happy to press the "Punish" button.
>> No. 3064 [Edit]
File 130608515145.png - (63.85KB , 627x660 , tribunal faggotry.png )
No chat logs, but the reports should be amusing enough
>> No. 3109 [Edit]
File 130627544898.png - (677.30KB , 1279x799 , swain.png )
Swain OP
>> No. 3113 [Edit]
I was in a premade with my friends. Being forced to jungle, I picked Nunu and played excellently. I bought many wards, counter-jungled, and ganked successfully multiple times. Unfortunately, we lost because my teammates were unable to focus the enemy Caitlyn down before she could deal significant damage, and were initiating fights while at a disadvantage. Throughout the match, I bought at least 3 oracles, and over 20 wards in an effort to secure map control for my team.

I hate my friends, i'm never jungling for them again.
Stole Amumu's blue wraith, his twin golems, ganked their brand at level 2, and we still lost.
>> No. 3114 [Edit]
Really? You edited my post because i did it in quotes?
That's just fucking petty.
>> No. 3115 [Edit]
What? I think it looks a lot better!
>> No. 3117 [Edit]
Except, you know, the part where it looks nothing similar to the way i type.
Especially considering i never implied that i was forced to jungle either.
>> No. 3118 [Edit]
File 130629589786.jpg - (9.52KB , 245x182 , yao_priceless.jpg )
Now I want to play Swain. He's so OP because of his ultimate, especially near minions, but people don't know about that, they just chase him. Probably my next purchase. I also want to get my hands on Teemo and Taric in the near future. Not sure if I should farm IP or simply buy them.

>> No. 3124 [Edit]
Ok so I bent the facts a little. It gives it dramatic flair.
>> No. 3125 [Edit]
File 130630374538.png - (122.31KB , 335x401 , 2nd time cho.png )
Kinda like cho now, ended up against a premade with some guy called ThaggleS.
We lost, but i outlaned a Malz on my second time as Cho.

At least don't screw with the whole post and make me look gay or something next time.
>> No. 3126 [Edit]
Honestly, the green text story makes you look "gayer"!
>> No. 3141 [Edit]
League of legends is actually popular here?
well fuck I guess I should have visit /vg/ more often.
>> No. 3167 [Edit]
I can now safely confirm that you'll get matched with the worst players you've seen in your life if you play between 1AM-6AM (GMT-5) or 7AM-12AM (GMT+1) on Saturdays/Sundays.

Don't even try it. Just. don't. do. it. if you care about your ELO or simply winning normals.
>> No. 3184 [Edit]
File 130681319456.png - (543.72KB , 835x358 , WHY THE FUCK CAN'T I CLICK YOU BUTTON.png )
>> No. 3425 [Edit]
File 130759606219.jpg - (396.41KB , 647x800 , 1a0ab2bfded681753ff30b8924ec2a76.jpg )

Spectator mode announced, and coming soon!
>> No. 3635 [Edit]
File 130852655312.jpg - (293.91KB , 1283x800 , carrelia.jpg )
I gave them first blood as an head start.

So, anyone still playing this or you all rage quitted and uninstalled? My friends list has been empty for weeks.

I think I stopped caring about my ELO now and just want to enjoy my games doing some crazy moves. Only way to enjoy this game without raging at bad team mates.
>> No. 3661 [Edit]
File 130870017296.jpg - (282.00KB , 1157x667 , itcantbehelped.jpg )
Always sad when you had a good game but end up losing. Still doing "crazy moves" and managed to steal a dragon on this Irelia game. I could probably have stolen that Baron too but Lux decided to ult.

If you get just a bit of farm and a few kills you're basically OP as Irelia and nothing can stop you.

Overall, I'm enjoy the game a bit more now. Didn't even rage when we lost, was a fun game. のヮの

>> No. 3664 [Edit]
I hate how I can't think of names to save my life.
>> No. 3891 [Edit]
File 131013311239.jpg - (213.98KB , 800x703 , 13987248_p2.jpg )
Poppy is my reason for this game.
>> No. 3896 [Edit]
File 131023772284.jpg - (271.21KB , 1230x1595 , 1310128480587.jpg )
>> No. 3905 [Edit]
File 131037379766.png - (43.94KB , 1360x1072 , XTu4F.png )
>> No. 3954 [Edit]
File 131083928782.png - (3.07MB , 1920x1080 , stalwartbob.png )
>> No. 4001 [Edit]
File 131105279332.jpg - (98.60KB , 619x624 , 1306691156456.jpg )
>> No. 4002 [Edit]
File 131105284620.jpg - (815.33KB , 1210x1605 , 1297806133783.jpg )
Sona is the best LoL champion (right behind Tristana)!
>> No. 4051 [Edit]
File 131139008799.jpg - (463.08KB , 958x610 , brand.jpg )
>> No. 4064 [Edit]
(who is right behind poppy)
>> No. 4075 [Edit]
File 131157130751.jpg - (95.09KB , 450x407 , 1309200675068.jpg )
>> No. 4110 [Edit]
File 131184356448.jpg - (205.25KB , 900x790 , teatime_with_cho__gath_and_sona_by_yumedust-d3axat.jpg )
>> No. 4111 [Edit]
File 131184406539.jpg - (542.27KB , 800x800 , 1311105297502.jpg )
>> No. 4112 [Edit]
File 131184460820.png - (222.12KB , 600x719 , annie___the_dark_child_by_witchgirl117-d41dnh8.png )
>> No. 4135 [Edit]
File 131198572592.png - (345.07KB , 344x1596 , 1311105542082.png )
>> No. 4166 [Edit]
File 131222314488.jpg - (498.55KB , 1300x808 , 1312151588489.jpg )
The way it should be...
>> No. 4173 [Edit]
File 131227557284.png - (128.60KB , 1013x1854 , 1312190867918.png )
>> No. 4176 [Edit]
Time to take the plunge.
>> No. 4177 [Edit]
File 131234305338.png - (1.00MB , 1022x640 , uguu.png )
oh cool, banners and...wait? New Jarv skin for Gold? I MUST DO THIS FOR MY HONOR! I swear I'll reach 1875 by the end of this month! Must. Grind. Elo.
>> No. 4178 [Edit]
I don't even care about the skin, don't even own Jarvan, I just want the shiny icon on my profile.
I'd be thrilled to even get Silver at least.
>> No. 4187 [Edit]
File 131245663921.jpg - (24.29KB , 400x400 , _Z201012301153592908.jpg )
>> No. 4188 [Edit]
File 131245665893.jpg - (64.78KB , 500x777 , _Z201105121534232341.jpg )
>> No. 4189 [Edit]
File 131245666810.jpg - (57.59KB , 500x666 , _Z201105121534233122.jpg )
>> No. 4190 [Edit]
File 131245667858.jpg - (58.23KB , 500x500 , _Z201107040932371757.jpg )
>> No. 4191 [Edit]
File 131245669514.jpg - (55.73KB , 400x588 , _Z201101241033163063.jpg )
>> No. 4192 [Edit]
File 131245671262.jpg - (36.83KB , 500x369 , _Z201107040933124882.jpg )
>> No. 4196 [Edit]
  Looks like fun.
>> No. 4197 [Edit]

- 5 capture points
- Map is a massive circle
- Center of map has power ups, called Greater Relics (like speed boosts).
- 5 further out powers that regen health fast
- Can't move/attack while capturing a node, more teammates that help the faster it captures
- Each player starts at lvl 3
- Each players starts with 1375g
- You level up MUCH quicker as well as get money faster
- No jungle
- Magic/Armor resistances changed slightly in this mode
- Some items (example is BV) are disabled in this mode all-together
- There are new items as well, "One of the new weapons is called Ionic Spark. It adds health and attack speed, as well as a proc that does a chain lightning attack to a few nearby enemies"
- Capturing points takes health away from the enemy nexus, until you win
- Games last around 20 minutes on average, compared to the 40 or so now
- Summoner spells Teleport and Fortify are unavailable in Dominion
- Instead you get Promote (Upgrade minion) and Garrison (buff/nerf team/enemy tower, choose 1 respectively)
- "Quests" pop up during the match, complete them to do bonus damage to enemy nexus
- Personal scores emphasized over team scores, as well as there's a new scoreboard
- No ranked Dominion play
- Enemy capture points shoot at you like towers unless you're capturing them
- It takes about 4-10 seconds to capture a point (depending on how many allies help)
- "Renown system" that rewards players for helping the team rather than stacking kills
- The Nexus begins with 500 health
- Capturing points also enables minions to spawn to help capture points at other locations
- No wards in Dominion
- New Ping system and new Announcer
>> No. 4211 [Edit]
  You are all now 1800 elo Master Yi players.
>> No. 4232 [Edit]
File 131287578884.jpg - (397.89KB , 1280x1024 , Nocturne.jpg )
I love doing this kind of shit. All chat is fun to mess around with.
>> No. 4574 [Edit]
  Dunno if anyone watches the Nunu Bot series, but I figured I'd drop it here anyways.
>> No. 4629 [Edit]
File 13157307745.gif - (146.43KB , 678x674 , 1314220046877.gif )
>> No. 4630 [Edit]
Started playing about a week ago after seeing you guys talk about it so much.

I am really enjoying it so far, I play Annie, Master Yi and Lee Sin. I am getting better every game which is strange, it has been a long time since I have not known the mechanics of a game in and out first time playing it.

My name is Brosef Smith if anyone wants to play sometime.
>> No. 4820 [Edit]
File 131738561823.jpg - (357.48KB , 1200x1872 , 1317038753837.jpg )
posted for nerub in case he hadn't seen it
>> No. 4871 [Edit]
No I hadn't seen it yet. Thanks!
I think Irelia is such a beautiful champion.
>> No. 4890 [Edit]
File 131837484292.jpg - (355.10KB , 1276x799 , dohohoho.jpg )
For all its faults this game can still be utterly hilarious.
>> No. 4891 [Edit]
So mad he started generating CD-keys, OF RAGE.
>> No. 4913 [Edit]
File 131879680159.png - (19.57KB , 656x492 , 1318169800661.png )

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