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No. 20018 [Edit]
It's hard to get a job without the advantages of nepotism and high social skills. Without education or work history. In the first place filling out an application is difficult. Each one takes 30-60 minutes to complete and many must be completed. It's hard to get ANY job, even the jobs that people say will hire anyone, that are easy to get. I saw a posting for a minimum wage job shoveling shit. Literally shoveling shit. The ad required applicants to be a certified sanitation worker and at least 2 years of related experience, in order to be qualified to shovel shit. I have to lie about everything to get a job. Fake references and work experience hoping that they won't verify it. I have to lie at the interview. Research common questions and acceptable answers, make up stories about things that happened while I was working in the past, adopt a normal persona as much as possible for those 20 minutes and tell them what they want to hear. The process is grueling.

After a lot of time and effort, and with a lot of luck I am finally able to get a low paying part time job. Every day when I wake up to my alarm I weigh the pros and cons of going to work while feeling very tired. More tired every day. Within the first few weeks, I always call in sick. I do it a few times, actually. Then I get fired for abusing sick time. That happened to me twice before I learned that I can absolutely never call in sick or I will be fired. I decided that if I am sick I will go to work anyway and leave the decision of whether I'm well enough to work to my employer. A while later I got a job as a cashier in a supermarket. I had been very reclusive for months previously so I was very anxious, but could function at a level capable of customer - cashier interaction. I actually wrote a flow chart on an index card and kept it in my pocket to practice. Hi, how are you, fine and you, fine thanks, etc. My coworkers were all teenage succubi and they seemed upset when I didn't gossip with them about our other coworkers. Several times I was sent outside as a replacement for the cart jockey. I enjoyed that a lot more. The workplace gradually became hostile, after two weeks I had a panic attack and left in the middle of my shift. After that I was fired.
>> No. 20019 [Edit]
Some people say that it's fine if you aren't social at work. Find a job that doesn't require it and let your ability speak for you. I found a job at a manufacturing plant. I let my ability speak for me. It said that I am not an able person. I was a slow worker and frequently made mistakes. Parts would be cut in the wrong size, they would be packaged incorrectly. I repeatedly mishandled the machinery and was fired in three days. A year later I got a job repairing games in the back room of an arcade. This was a dream job for me. Full time work with enough pay that I would (barely) be able to support myself. During breaks I could also play the games for free. Thinking of moving out of my parents house I was seriously determined. I would go to work every day on time and try my best. Basically, I failed. It took me hours to do simple repairs that other employees could complete in minutes. I repeatedly damaged expensive boards due to poor knowledge of electronics. Eventually I was relegated to cleaning the exteriors and sweeping the floors. When my work was inspected they found many spots that were unsatisfactory to the extent that the manager basically re-cleaned everything himself. I lasted nearly two months before being fired.

Maybe I'm just not suited to this life. I'm willing to work hard to stay alive but it seems like working hard is not enough. I don't have the ability to get and keep a job. Especially with surplus labor and at will employment an employer can hire very selectively and fire at a whim for any reason at all. I don't know what to do with these feelings of frustration. I want to support myself but I can't. My parents only think that I'm lazy of course and taking advantage of them so soon they won't support me either. This kind of social darwinism is really cruel. The people that can adapt and thrive as wage slaves are able to survive and the people that can't will just die. I hate it.
>> No. 20030 [Edit]
To handle social people you just politely agree with them until they stop bothering you. For the lack of ability you just have to practice and get better I guess.
>> No. 20158 [Edit]
Seems those places trusted they could hire you. The last one seemed to be giving you chances, how do you mess up mopping?
>> No. 20160 [Edit]
Applications are piss easy to do. It's always the same shit honestly. If you have an auto fill on your browser you can hammer out an app in maybe ten minutes. Nobody calls references anymore, it's a huge rarity. Plus since we're coming off of a recession where countless businesses have died, faking previous employment is easy as shit, just put down that you worked at that hardware store down the street that closed in 2011, or that fish pier that burned down a few years back, at least until you get enough good real employment for your record.

What pisses me off is two things: online applications, and interviews.

Online applications basically filter apps for incredibly lazy HR reps. Gone are the days of calling a place and asking if they looked at your application. Everyone in my family says "oh just call them" when half the time there isn't even a number, the other half they get annoyed with you for calling at all. Whenever a place offers paper applications I GO FOR IT because it increases the chances they will actually be arsed to look at the fucking thing since they can't just F9 the stack.

Interviews require some sort of social ability. I came up with a persona to get through this, but it's still incredibly difficult. Why does one need to be able to conduct some sort of social bullshit to become a dishwasher or cookie packer or some shit anyway?

As for me, I'm stuck in a freeter cycle with a seasonal business, a local amusement park. They don't have to offer benefits for full time work since they are seasonal, and every year after the season ends I look for a job, but always have issues trying to get a job, and once that email rolls in around March I pretty much have no choice but to go back to them for another summer of dealing with shitty brat teenagers and running ageing amusement rides for just over $8/hr.

Also, tips: people with the qualifications that job listings "require" will almost never apply for those jobs. That trend is a holdover from the recession. Now that employment is higher, employers are used to selling the position high because they were inundated with applications and had to limit the pool. Requiring sanitation cert for janitorial jobs or x years retail experience for a stocking job were done because there were far more applicants than positions back around 2008/2009 and they could afford to be picky. Now, these companies are having trouble filling positions. So since they are desperate they will probably take you if you haven't the "qualifications" but you should still try to say you will make up for it.

Some US nationwide stores I hear are hiring a lot lately:

Home Depot
Phone retailers (Verizon, Sprint, AT&T)

All but the last are offering decent pay for overnight stocking.

I would offer less retail companies as alternatives for people who can't fake/approximate social interaction well, but those are almost always highly localised. I did applications with two local medical supply companies as well as Raytheon and Mitsubishi since they have plants nearby and have several openings.
>> No. 20161 [Edit]
I got a job recently after being a NEET for the past four or five years. About a year ago I got one but I quit after my first day there for various reasons, now I'm on 40 hours a week.
I put out a dozen applications when I halfheartedly decided to get back to working, all but one got ignored, the one that didn't get ignored had me take an hour drive to an interview that I never heard back from. I think my problem was I was being way too honest, and I think that long gap of not working was really making things hard on me. So I applied to a place I found online giving fake info about being a high school grad, about how I've been working up till recently, and how I left my previous jobs instead of being fired. Job asked for some training certificates but that wasn't a problem, I was able to easily hack the site they referred me to and get the answers to all the questions and complete the 'training' in no time.
Now I sit in a small room being paid $9.50 an hour to play games and watch movies on my laptop, and occasionally walk around when I feel like it. Most of the time there isn't another soul in sight. Honestly I couldn't have asked for a better job.
Seriously, look into security guard work. It can be ideal for NEETs and hikki.

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