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File 140056235325.png - (144.53KB , 475x579 , 129.png )
15437 No. 15437 [Edit]
It's midnight now and that marks our third anniversary. I feel her and I have grown so much in these 3 years and I'm honestly so happy I found her. I don't even know what to say I'm just so happy we've made it this far.
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>> No. 15438 [Edit]
File 140056275175.png - (197.45KB , 500x566 , 1333236838729.png )
Congratulations, that's a great milestone.
I hope you two have many more happy years together.
>> No. 15439 [Edit]
Didn't Katawa Shoujo come out in January 2012? So that would mean you had her as your waifu just from the trial?
>> No. 15442 [Edit]
>>15439 Yeah
>> No. 15443 [Edit]
Happy anniversary to you both.
>> No. 15444 [Edit]
I envy you, you know your anniversary.

Happy Anniversary and hope you guys stay in love with each other.
>> No. 15445 [Edit]
Happy anniversary! Hanako's a swell girl, I'm glad you're treating her well.
>> No. 15456 [Edit]
Happy anniversary! It's always heartwarming to see things like this. I'm glad you're happy, and I wish you many more anniversaries in the future.
>> No. 15525 [Edit]
Apologies for my lateness, but I'm thrilled to read this. Congratulations to you both!
>> No. 15528 [Edit]
It's 5 years for us in less than an hour.
Belated congratulations to you both.

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