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File 137673130745.jpg - (43.26KB , 500x500 , 543554.jpg )
15766 No. 15766 [Edit]
How do you find people treat you in public? Are they nice, does it seem they pity you or are you treated badly for being shy or awkward?
>> No. 15767 [Edit]
They treat me just the way I want them since I stopped being shy and awkward quite a while ago.
>> No. 15768 [Edit]
I can't tell if I get stared at a lot or if it's just paranoia.

Other than that, nothing springs to mind. Usually if there are people around and I start talking (say, at a counter) everything seems to go quiet, though. Maybe my voice sounds funny.
>> No. 15769 [Edit]
They probably feel annoyed or something, whevenever I say anything whatever conversation is going on just stops.
>> No. 15770 [Edit]
People are often pretty nice or at least not aggressively bad, and I usually try to be at least civil back, even if I don't initiate the contact.

Except when I'm in my hometown. There is no one here that is really tolerable. In large cities, the sheer amount of people tends to give you a sense of anonymity; if you're weird, it doesn't matter because New Yorkers have seen it all before and likely don't care. Ironically, I've found that most people in large urban areas are MUCH more easy to deal with than those in "down-home" small towns.

Post edited on 17th Aug 2013, 3:13pm
>> No. 15771 [Edit]
This. When I'm walking around, it seems like everyone stares at me (more than just a glance, which is to be expected of human instinct to look at things that are moving), and it really bothers me. I've never had any problems with clerks, doctors or other mild business exchanges- though this may be due to my efforts to act as polite and 'normal' as possible.
>> No. 15772 [Edit]
I know what's that like, I try as hard as possible to avoid people and blend in when I absolutely must go outside, and I'd say I'm a fairly normal looking person not fat a bit skinny maybe, but not enough to draw attention to myself. And still it feels like wherever I go people are staring at me, but I have a feeling this is just paranoia. According to some people I always look downwards a lot and have a gloomy atmosphere around me, that could be part of it maybe, but I hate eye contact and I'd rather not pay much attention to the world around me.

Most people ignore me unless I talk to which I get made fun of for my horrible English accent since I recently moved to Germany. It's a different matter when I am around people more than just passing them by on the street or whatever, since I am around them everyday they notice me more and realize I am a weak kind of person and then I will sometimes become the victim of childish jokes and the like. But in the past when I would try to make friends people would find they like me, overtime I slowly become more open with people though and less shy and they get to know more and more of the real me and the more annoying sides of my personality and most people get sick of me at that point and stop talking with me/end the friendship/etc. This has happened more times then I can count.

Post edited on 17th Aug 2013, 4:31pm
>> No. 15773 [Edit]
Fine, I guess.
Only problem in public I have is where to look at.
For example if I'm walking and someone walks towards me (to pass), I get really anxious. I can't decide whether to stare at my feet, the ground, my mp3 player, the sky or passing cars. I always try my hardest not to stare at other people.
Additional info: being 191/120 I apparently scare other people when I'm on on evening/night walks.
>> No. 15774 [Edit]
>For example if I'm walking and someone walks towards me (to pass), I get really anxious. I can't decide whether to stare at my feet, the ground, my mp3 player, the sky or passing cars. I always try my hardest not to stare at other people.

Oh Haruhi, this. On top of that since I am becoming anxious my breathing becomes more rapid therefore making me breathe through my mouth and I try to hold my breathe so other people won't notice. In other words I am overly paranoid. I kind of feel like I need to avoid their gaze too and I always wonder if they are looking at me so I look at them but quickly look away, man walking past people on the street is just so shitty.

Post edited on 17th Aug 2013, 6:50pm
>> No. 15775 [Edit]
I look people straight in eyes wherever I go. They do the same. They usually fold first. I am under the impression that I am able to communicate with them through feelings rather than words (because I don't know how to do the latter properly).
>> No. 15783 [Edit]
I say hi. They say hi. We go about our day.
>> No. 15784 [Edit]
I'm detached from them, for the most part. It is neither positive or negative. When it comes to interacting with people in a business venue or church, though, then I'm a bit more friendly.
>> No. 15826 [Edit]
They treat me nicely, for the most part. I can't differentiate between them being genuinely nice, or if they just pity me, though.
>> No. 15827 [Edit]
I just don't know how to look at people's eyes. I try but every time I try, I just can't do it. It feels exactly like a magnetic force, pushing my gaze to the side of their head. I try but I really can't make my eyes look at someone's eyes.
>> No. 15828 [Edit]
Try looking between their eyes, either at their forehead or below. They might ba able to tell if you're looking over their head, so don't.

This. I try to be as polite as I can. But when I walk down the street people stare. I hate it. I'm not crazy either, I think. When I walk with my mother or a work collegue they sometimes comment that people are looking at me... But I'm pretty normal, besides being kinda tall. I freak out over it a lot.
>> No. 15829 [Edit]
I've tried to look between their eyes too but I can't do it. Even if I'm not looking at their eyes, their eyes are still fully in my view and my brain just won't let me do it. It seriously does feel like some magnetic force is pushing my stare away from their head, I just don't know what to do.
>> No. 15847 [Edit]
I got eew'ed at the mall for literally walking past a group of people.

I really hate people.
>> No. 15849 [Edit]
What I do is just look a their nose and defocus my eyes
>> No. 15858 [Edit]
The only people outside my family I interact with are the people I do some work for: 2 or 3 persons inside a cubicle. They treat me nicely since they respect my work, though I'm not sure this count as "in public" behaviour.
>> No. 15865 [Edit]

That happened to me recently as I was entering the subway coming from a mall. And this is so unbecoming of me, but that time I was kinda moody (sleep deprived). I could tell by looking at them that they were uneducated and poor people (noticed then one of them had an old phone). I casually sat in front of them with my new laptop, put it on my lap, took out my Samsung Galaxy S4 and started playing with it on the bench in front of where they were sitting. Like hey, if you're gonna rub on my face that I'm not good looking, I'm gonna let you feel all sorts of poor while we're on this train.

Replying with the same coin is lame, but it felt good on that day to let it out. I won't do it again though, sorry.

Other than that, I don't get badly treated, but as someone else said, I guess maybe it's out of common courtesy.
>> No. 15875 [Edit]
That isn't the right way to react. Its like with trolls. If you get angry or react in any way, you lose.
>> No. 15904 [Edit]
That looks like a good way to get mugges, but...uh I have a HTC now.

Oh, some people said I looked like Tay Zonday and implied I was a 'nerd' when walking to a local pharmacy down the street yesterday. Damn (male) ratchets. Woner how they'd react if I was wearing Tripp pants and/or a collar and a weeaboo-ish hat....
>> No. 15905 [Edit]
You haven't seen those WorldStarHipHop videos where someone who was picked on just knocks the fuck out of his tormentors have you. That is more of I guess....banning trolls and tracking their IPs down and mailing them child porn......
>> No. 15916 [Edit]
You're gonna flip out and bash a stranger who just made an assholish remark?

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