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File 131813975063.jpg - (466.88KB , 1280x720 , [FFFpeeps] Working'!! - 01 [720p][779E1134]_m.jpg )
6465 No. 6465 [Edit]
pan is the new (some)one!
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>> No. 6466 [Edit]
Also notice everyone this show goes by name "Wagnaria!!" now.

I've watched first 2 episodes and they seem good as s1 used to be.
>> No. 6467 [Edit]
The US name of the show is Wagnaria!! so I guess that's just what some people call it.
>> No. 6469 [Edit]
I have never once seen anyone call it 'Wagnaria!!'

If that is indeed the English name, that's kind of dumb...
>> No. 6470 [Edit]

Wagnaria is the name of the restaurant.
>> No. 6471 [Edit]
Yeah but if you're going to localize something Japanese into English, why would change the already English title?

But who really cares what the dub version is called anyway?

Post edited on 9th Oct 2011, 12:16pm
>> No. 6473 [Edit]
I still haven't seen the first series, but its on my list of things to watch. I guess maybe the title is a bit off-putting for a NEET. Am I the only one who feel this way?
>> No. 6475 [Edit]
I actualy liked that it was an anime centered around working, compared to the sea of anime we get about school life.
School isn't exactly a NEET thing you know, just saying.
>> No. 6476 [Edit]
i felt uneasy watching people working too
>> No. 6479 [Edit]
They aren't actually working.
>> No. 6493 [Edit]
this is the same reason i never even considered watching this series. terrible marketing mistake IMO considering the audience. it must be a pretty great show since its so popular even though they gave it that disgusting name.
>> No. 6495 [Edit]
>they gave it that disgusting name
>> No. 6497 [Edit]
And you're just going to pretend anime about school doesn't exist?

I imagine a ton of collage kids like to pretend they're still a NEET, even though they still attend school and or job training.

I never see NEETs complain about school anime, what the hell difference does it make if it's working anime?
>> No. 6502 [Edit]
One thing that you almost never see a school anime is people actually engaging in schoolwork. The anime schoolday consists of running to school with toast in your mouth followed by a few seconds at the shoe lock then proceed to the classroom for some chitchat about what to do after school. This is followed immediately by either lunch or P.E. and after that its straight off to the clubroom and the day ends with walking home at sunset.
>> No. 6503 [Edit]
yeah, what the fuck
>> No. 6504 [Edit]
This is indeed the case for most anime, but some shows such as Pani Poni Dash! take place exclusively in the school, I believe Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei was also mainly done in the classroom during class, along with who knows how many other shows center around school teachers.
Then there's countless anime about student councils or school clubs
also, let us not forget that students struggling with homework is a common occurrence.

Yes, you are correct, although the majority of anime is centered around students, they don't as you stated, show the actual classroom environment much and rather skip over it, because the Japanese school system is legendary for being a overly strict hell like no other, but, at the end of the day, after all is said and done, these are still students we're seeing here, they in their commonly seen school uniforms are constant reminders that they do in fact attend a school, along with that quick rushing of the school period of the day, they might be rushing past it, but they're still showing it to remind the audience they are students who attend a school.
So I must ask again, why are NEETs, who are constantly being reminded of school, not offended by this?
>> No. 6508 [Edit]
>their commonly seen school uniforms are constant reminders that i could be seeing pantsu any second

AGREE 100%
>> No. 6510 [Edit]
Because 2D schools are full of cute girls who do cute things and quirky but likeable teachers, as opposed to 3D schools are full of douchebags, 3DPD bitches/whores, and suffering. Anime schools are nothing like in real life. And seifuku are cute.
>> No. 6512 [Edit]
File 131822410069.jpg - (3.05MB , 4000x2715 , working.jpg )
and what, this show isn't full of cute girls who do cute things with a quirky but likable boss?
>> No. 6513 [Edit]
It's exactly what it is, which is why, title aside, no one should be umsettled by it.
>> No. 6515 [Edit]
Exactly, it's silly to be offended by this show.
Hell, if anyone in this show acted the way they did in a real job, they'd all be fired in a week. (except for maybe the two cooks.)
>> No. 6518 [Edit]
Inami is the cutest.
>> No. 6598 [Edit]

Not if there is bad management they won't.
At one of my past jobs the supervisor would put butter in customer's popcorn and drinks whenever they pissed him off.

It wasn't until new management came that the entire old staff was fired or quit.

Everyday with them was like something from Waiting the movie.

Wait a second...
>> No. 6648 [Edit]
File 131863633134.jpg - (73.67KB , 704x400 , [Ayako-Himatsubushi]_Working`!!_-_02_[H264][400p][.jpg )
This cast is kind of funny.

I think I might have to go back and watch the first season.
>> No. 6649 [Edit]
You're watching the second season without having seen the first?
>> No. 6652 [Edit]

It's going to sound really generic... brace yourself.

I didn't like Inami, and I felt like the series was focusing on her too much. I had initially picked it up for Poplar, but dropped it when it wasn't about her. I made it to at least ep 4 before doing so.

I watched ep 7, when Yamada was introduced.
I knew /a/ liked this character but I didn't expect her to be a troll.

Her, Souma, and Poplar are my favorites so far.
>> No. 6654 [Edit]
I disliked the first season for pretty much the same reason, so I can understand.
It's like they used Poplar as bait to lure us in, then sucker punch us up with Inami.
but this season doesn't really change anything about the first season you know, it is what it is, and what it was, was a show about Inami, violently harassing her coworkers for the sake of a twisted form of comedy
>> No. 6657 [Edit]
File 13186406032.jpg - (27.32KB , 800x533 , ceiling-fan-2.jpg )

Well, at least they started out this season focusing on different characters. First was Poplar and second was about Yamada. Though, it would be somewhat disappointing if the rest was devoted to Inami.

I suppose you could say I'm not her number one fan.
>> No. 6677 [Edit]

After finishing season 1, I take back what I said about Inami. She's not THAT bad.

She has to stop with the violence though.
>> No. 6678 [Edit]
Her violence is her only real defining character trait, without which would otherwise be a bland boring character with no personality.
>> No. 6684 [Edit]
File 131872610869.jpg - (308.21KB , 1280x720 , [gg]_Working'!!_-_01_[49948C2F]_mkv_000772438.jpg )

I disagree.

I see potential for her to grow as a character, but it is hampered by that hitting tendency they've branded her with.

I daresay they all have potential to develop as characters, but I don't think this is that kind of series. Though, out of all the characters, I'd say Inami and Takanashi are the most developed.

Yamada will probably be next.
>> No. 6685 [Edit]

She would have a personality.
She just wouldn't be very interesting.
>> No. 6689 [Edit]
Everyone is born with potential, very few ever reach it.

potential... potential is a word I often find people use to discribe things that could be better but aren't, a way of convicing themselfs that the undisrable thing they have a the moment might not always suck, as much as it sucks at the time of making the claim.
To say someone has potential is practically admitting it's undesirable and that something is wrong with it.
I could say the worst thing you could ever think of has potential, but that doesn't mean it does, or that it might necessarily become better.
potential is a gamble on things yet to have happened, hopefulness in a fortunate future.

We could go on and on about what what the future might possibly bring good luck provided, but all we really have is what's given to us at the time being, that in this case being an annoying character who's only call to individuality is punching men at sight.
What is there to this character past that?
From what I remember, the bulk of the first season in spite of being dedicated to this (annoying) character, didn't so much explore the character as much as they explored her gimmick.
what do we really know about her aside from her hitting men at sight, and her father conditioning her to do this?
She might develop as character, but this is guessing at best.
>> No. 6700 [Edit]

Well... based on what I have seen of her so far.
The best we can get is Inami no longer hitting people. After that, she wouldn't be very interesting. She would pretty much just be around for the sparkles and bubbles factor (which imo Poplar does better).

The character that imo could use the most development is Yamada. She is the biggest mystery of all the characters. Though, I suppose that is part of her charm.

I'll avoid using "potential" in the future.
>> No. 6702 [Edit]
File 131878375148.jpg - (245.02KB , 600x800 , Inami05.jpg )

He should hit her back. It's the only way to cure her malfunction. Personally, I would put her in an arm-bar/knee-bar. This isn't Disney Land or the 700 Club. That shit goes both ways. If you hit someone, expect to get hit back in return.
>> No. 6705 [Edit]
Although I agree, and have said the same in the past, that he shouldn't just take it, maybe have an eye for an eye, and that it's also pretty damn aggravating they wont do this, because it's comedy when a girl hits a guy but drama when it's the other way around.
One does have to think though, wouldn't this screw her up in the head even worse?
I mean sure, she definitely deserves a taste of her own medicine, but it wont help her any since her problem is that she's scared of men, hitting her would probably reinforce her fears and make her even more violent.
Retaliation, as justified as it may be, could result in her going nuts, and murdering innocent men on the streets that would end with police being forced to actually do something ( seriously, how has she not been arrested on assault charges yet? )

Post edited on 16th Oct 2011, 1:24pm
>> No. 6709 [Edit]
File 131881463128.png - (214.70KB , 600x338 , Souma.png )

>Retaliation, as justified as it may be, could result in her going nuts, and murdering innocent men on the streets that would end with police being forced to actually do something

That actually sounds pretty entertaining.
>> No. 6894 [Edit]
I wonder why Takanashi doesn't fawn over Yamada. She's about the same size as Poplar.
>> No. 6895 [Edit]
Maybe he would if Poplar left and Yamada became the shortest person there by default.
>> No. 7245 [Edit]
What did you guys think of the newest episode?

I personally enjoyed it more than any other episode from season 2.
>> No. 7254 [Edit]
Is this show worth the watch?
>> No. 7255 [Edit]
I don't see why not.
It's not bad.
>> No. 7256 [Edit]
You’ll find out if it’s your kind of show within the first episode or two. Everything is worth a try for the new season, unless you don’t like anime.
>> No. 7540 [Edit]
Working hard for da monies...
>> No. 7624 [Edit]
I never really thought about it before, but they don't actually discuss payment and stuff like money very often do they?
>> No. 7671 [Edit]
How is it Kirio is able to block all of Inami punchs instinctively, which the other guys aren't, yet all of those guys are able to easily kick Kirio ass?
>> No. 7909 [Edit]
File 132484819425.jpg - (132.86KB , 866x684 , 7457456.jpg )
Saving the best for the last.
>> No. 8032 [Edit]
See, this is how you normally go about doing the last ep. Instead of forcing unnatural drama in a comedy show you do a normal ep, with normal comedy and normal development.

Like I said in the Ika thread, I hate last eps (and often put them on hold for years, like I did with Sunred which I haven't watched in almost 2 years) because parting with the characters I grew to love this much is always painful. But the ep was so normally cheerful I didn't really notice and now instead of being depressed it's over I'm just looking forward to S3.
>> No. 8341 [Edit]
that last ep was so... strange.
Maya suddenly becomes a legitimate character, with lines, and interacts with the other characters and stuff...
unlike new characters that would get tossed and interact with the rest of the cast normally, Maya has always been in the background, and silent, it it just comes of as so.. strange, when out of nowhere she's acting like a average character of the show, which she actually always was, but not...
man, it was just, ..weird.

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