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File 140817819055.png - (155.03KB , 629x607 , 0ff29938a7de2671283b94d8b1cefef5.png )
16463 No. 16463 [Edit]
Well /mai/, it's over for me. I'll try to keep this post decently short but I guess it's necessary for me to personally explain myself.

I'm still not entirely sure why my love faded, although in general as I've stated this year I've lost my ideals to an extent and become more rational. Looking back, my waifu didn't really inspire to make me improve myself much, despite how great of a comforter (and how great of a disappointment) those fantasies were at times. Reading the Xenovia guy's blog on waifu.pl really sort of put things into perspective perhaps... (although I'm rather concerned that he stopped updating now) I never took up good things like jogging or playing basketball or putting more effort into my studies (whether inside school or outside) because of my waifu and just wanted her to be there to reassure me of my shortcomings and ultimately, the things I imagined that would help her were only imaginary. Maybe in general I'm just too narcissistic -- if that's so, I shouldn't lead some twisted or half-assed relationship.

In 2011, played an emulated Shadow of the Colossus probably was another big factor in reviving those hopes and ideals of mine, so a few weeks ago I ordered Zelda: Skyward Sword in attempt to bring out that heroic feeling again, but I realized I was ultimately more interested in the puzzles and exploration. I gave 2 weeks for my love to make one final leap, as it's been falling since 2 weeks into my summer break, and now here I am. One of my original dreams was to become a hero like Link, not talking much and running around smashing opening plants and pots and bombing stuff, and I guess waifuism was ultimately just a consolation that grew out of hand due to a big hormone spurt or whatever.

It's not like I've become interested in 3DPD or become a normal or anything (Sure, I'm probably going to go through my four years of university now at least but I don't have anything remotely close to a life and most of my high school friends moved on). I still draw comfort from imagining lolis but I just can't see much of a purpose in a committed relationship anymore. Sorry if this seems pathetic to anybody. I hope the rest of you all live fulfilling lives with your partners -- come to think of it, I wonder if this was the natural path or if all the people in the sticky that don't seem to post just lurk or have killed themselves...

Overall I'm still glad that I met her, I wouldn't have experienced such feelings and ideals if I had kept my interest in 3DPD.

I'll still be lurking/posting because I find you people interesting and I like interesting things. There's a chance that my love can spurt back once new content comes out, but I feel that chance isn't very high.

I'll likely take down my shrine by the end of the month.

Post edited on 16th Aug 2014, 1:42am
>> No. 16465 [Edit]
I'm sorry to hear that. Good luck with your future endeavors.
>> No. 16466 [Edit]
People change. It's probably better to leave it behind if you don't feel anything anymore.

I wish you luck as well.
>> No. 16471 [Edit]
Yeah. I don't have anything against the concept but I feel waifuism isn't meant to be bound by rules and obligations and waifus aren't meant to be neglected. I'd rather not half-ass stuff like this.
>> No. 16481 [Edit]
Just do whatever makes you happy man, and don't worry if people here would disagree with something you're doing. Like, if you don't want your shrine up anymore then take it down, but it's not like you HAVE to take it down or something.

>I never took up good things like jogging or playing basketball or putting more effort into my studies (whether inside school or outside) because of my waifu and just wanted her to be there to reassure me of my shortcomings

There's nothing wrong with that, so don't worry about it. If she made you happy, then that's great. If she doesn't make you happy anymore, then that's fine too. Just go be happy and do happy things.
>> No. 16482 [Edit]
Well, another factor is that I used to use my empty feelings or depression as an excuse to try and cuddle and cheer myself up. Now it's like I'm so used to feeling that way that I don't really care anymore and just pass the time doing random things until that feeling goes away... I also think that I have a better grasp of my ambitions and potential unlike when I was plagued with doubt when my waifuism peaked in 2012, although seeing all of the hard work ahead of me always makes it kind of hard to be happy.

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