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File 130732538557.jpg - (614.80KB , 1137x1101 , FloorGoban_JPG.jpg )
7963 No. 7963 [Edit]
Do any of you enjoy Go or are in interested learning it?

I've been playing a bit as a break to try and get away from LoL, I've been enjoying it quite a bit since people on KGS are really nice to newer players.
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>> No. 7964 [Edit]
It is a favourite game of mine.

Also the most aesthetically pleasing setup. Few games are more beautiful to watch in progression.
>> No. 7965 [Edit]
It's a nice game, I quite like it, even though I suck at strategy games.
>> No. 7974 [Edit]
Can't even play. But I was quite crazy about shogi back in the day. Great game but stuff like that is (ironically) ruined by it's looong history. You honestly need to read a few books to be at least decent at it.

Shame, as there aren't many good abstract strategy games out there.
>> No. 8034 [Edit]
File 130749531812.jpg - (63.89KB , 500x406 , 1292728342140.jpg )
Wait wait wait.
A discussion about 2P board game on Tohno-chan.

My Go board has been played on three times in the five years I have owned it what is this.
>> No. 8036 [Edit]

There's online versions of Go also, playing against yourself
>> No. 8038 [Edit]

I don't really have a problem playing people online

I have my own set, but it'll never get much use other then myself
>> No. 8986 [Edit]
I've become obsessed with the game, I spent so much money on resources its not even funny

To bad I'm utterly terrible and has yet to win a game
>> No. 8990 [Edit]
Playing the physical version would suck, I don't want to flip all the peices after every move.

I wouldn't mind playing online though. I don't have flash or java though... perhaps a javascript version, or I think GNU/Gnome has one too.
>> No. 8992 [Edit]

I think you're thinking of Othello/reversi
>> No. 9297 [Edit]
I'd tried to start playing. But I didn't want to look like a complete noob on the online networks. So I played only against GNUgo and spent some time solving problems too.
But then, it became quite boring after a while. It's been some weeks since I last played a game.
>> No. 9317 [Edit]
Back in 2004, I was infatuated with the game thanks to Hikaru no Go. Bought a set and learnt the rules from a manual. But because my sister and cousin, who were the only people I had to play against (I did not think of playing online), soon stopped caring, I too gave up on it.
>> No. 9373 [Edit]
File 131136211378.jpg - (161.99KB , 1024x768 , IMG00016-20110722-1608.jpg )
I've become even more obsessed
>> No. 9374 [Edit]
File 131136215232.jpg - (154.07KB , 1024x768 , IMG00018-20110722-1609.jpg )
>> No. 9412 [Edit]
I started learning but eventually got distracted, as always. It's enjoyable, but you lose motivation when you realize pretty much everyone is better than you... I wouldn't mind playing again, but alas, I'm terrible and would probably be a bore to even a beginner if I were to do so.
>> No. 9840 [Edit]
Would any of you be interesting in playing/learning the game? I could probably set up a little club room on KGS
>> No. 9843 [Edit]
I'm up to it.
>> No. 9866 [Edit]
I'm in. When I get my laptop back and manage to learn to play it.
>> No. 9964 [Edit]

Make an account on KGS, really simple


At the top, go to Rooms > New Rooms > TohnoC Go

If I'm in there just ask and I'll teach you the basics. I'm not very good but the whole thing could be fun
>> No. 10024 [Edit]
Have you been online since that post?
If so I believe timezones will be somewhat of an issue here.
>> No. 10060 [Edit]

Nah, sorry about that. I've been doing things that kind of disable me from playing well.

Sorry about that, online right now though
>> No. 10083 [Edit]
Nah, it's okay. I just wondered wether I was searching for you there at the wrong times.
>> No. 10357 [Edit]
I was going to try and play on KGS, but got too intimidated because I'd lose terribly, so I went and looked around the internet for some bots. I keep losing against Aya. Guess I'm not ready to play real people yet. I do realize most of my mistakes, but I can't see any other way to play, so I end up making them anyway... I've also been reading some random stuff on http://senseis.xmp.net/, some of it's pretty complicated. I need to get more acquainted with Go terms and things like that. I've never won a game but I'm already addicted.
>> No. 10359 [Edit]

Its better to just play games and have a good time, start in the beginner room with 9x9 and go from there

People are VERY nice in the go community, I've yet to see an asshole.

Main thing you get that sucks is people will leave games instead of taking the lose
>> No. 10360 [Edit]
File 131630454360.jpg - (249.10KB , 705x702 , me vs aya.jpg )
>People are VERY nice in the go community, I've yet to see an asshole.
I took your advice and tried playing 2 9x9 games (lost them both, but they were against around 12kyu players, so I guess that's to be expected, seen as I just started playing this week.). Both the players were very nice though.

Also, I fucking hate Aya (the bot). For a minute in the beginning I thought I had a chance, but either I blew it or it was just my imagination. I think I need to focus more on getting the corners early in the game. I had them for a while but there was too much room and she (or should I say it?) managed to make a comeback. I could have had a chance if I had managed to see that the stones in the middle were vulnerable, but when I realized it it was already too late.

Also, T-C should allow .sgf files.
>> No. 10361 [Edit]
I was black in that game, forgot to say. You could probably tell by my horrible game anyway.
>> No. 10377 [Edit]
File 131638782071.png - (342.10KB , 705x705 , aya.png )
Lost again by 12.5 (including komi of 6.5). I think it was my best game so far though. It's annoying when you realize the mistakes you made but you can't see any other way to play. Also, I'm going to try and catch the Meijin title matches, since Pandanet is streaming it. Honinbo title holder vs. Meijin title holder, should provide some interesting matches. Haruhidammit I'm getting addicted to this game.
>> No. 10389 [Edit]


Go is so good. So good I'm tempted to try and establish a club and play with real people. Even though I can barely talk to people!
>> No. 10394 [Edit]
I've thought of going to a Go center near where I live, but I'm too intimidated knowing they'd all be better than me. And I've never even seen a goban live or anything!

I might try and get some books, though. I need to practice my openings, I think that's my biggest problem right now. I always set up foundations that aren't really unstable, but they're always too centered, meaning I end up losing the corners.
>> No. 10407 [Edit]

You leave near a go center? You should go !

I wish I had the opportunity
to play with real people
>> No. 10412 [Edit]
File 131655543490.png - (592.38KB , 695x693 , go.png )
Near as in, about 20km away. I think I might be able to go there on weekends though. Friday I'm going to check it out.

Also, I finally gave in and decided to play with handicap. Started with 3, and even though I played horribly I won. Gonna keep playing with 3 for a bit until I can win by a larger margin (a 7.5 victory with a handicap of 3 stones isn't really anything to brag about, in my opinion).
>> No. 10430 [Edit]

Some live go!

I really need to learn a Haruhi damn asian language
>> No. 10749 [Edit]
Ugh, didn't play all week and ended up not going to that go center because it's too intimidating. I can barely talk to people as is, it would be terrible if I went. I just ordered Iwamoto's Go For Beginners, though, and played a game on the KGS Teaching Ladder with a super friendly guy who taught me some things.
>> No. 10775 [Edit]
File 131777928990.png - (558.57KB , 1600x900 , aya.png )
KGS, IGS and Aya can't agree on the score of this game. By my calculations, I lost by 19.5 (W97.5, B78), but by KGS's and Aya's, I lost by around 60 points. IGS actually tells me I won. What do you think? I think I need to learn how to count
>> No. 10781 [Edit]
Oooh, I get it now. Thanks, I still have some problems seeing which groups are alive or dead. The right side on that game was an absolute failure on my part, considering that was my territory in the beginning. I ignored a few stones that seemed harmless and suddenly all I had was that upper side.
>> No. 10854 [Edit]
Pretty interesting blog: http://gooften.net/
>> No. 10855 [Edit]

So jealous
>> No. 10874 [Edit]
File 131829082893.jpg - (42.33KB , 301x425 , the second book of go.jpg )
Bought this yesterday, so far it's an excellent introduction to some concepts that are probably very basic for any good player, but are new to me. I also finally got a ranking on KGS: "19k?". At least now I don't have to tell someone my estimated rank before challenging people.
>> No. 11060 [Edit]
I finally went to the club here where I live. Played a game against a 15 kyu (5 stone handicap), and I actually think it was the most fun I've had playing so far. I ended up losing, but I learned a lot, especially about the importance of keeping sente in the endgame. Real stones feel so good. Much better than playing online!
>> No. 11063 [Edit]
I'm thinking about checking out the local Go Association club, if only so I can see how a real board feels. But I'm kind of scared of calling or showing up out of the blue, and I'm not creepy enough to spy on them. Oh well.

Any other books people would recommend?
>> No. 11065 [Edit]
Depends on how good you are, but I'd say if you're a beginner, >>10874 helps a lot. What I've been told is to just play as many games as possible in order to get more comfortable with the game and understand why certain moves are bad on your own, etc. Also, ask for reviews after your games, especially when you lose.

And from what I experienced yesterday, most go players are always glad to help out beginners. I just popped up out of nowhere and they all gave me a warm welcome and were very friendly.

Also, real stones and board are just excellent. Much, much better than KGS. You might have some trouble visualizing certain shapes because of the perspective and that the stones aren't always places perfectly, but it feels so good. I had my hand on the bowl most of the time while I was playing (which is probably considered rude, but I couldn't help it).
>> No. 11187 [Edit]
It seems we Yamashita Keigo is now not only the holder of the Honinbo title, but also the Meijin. SGFs can be found here: http://igokisen.web.fc2.com/news.html
>> No. 11188 [Edit]
Also, since I can never find the TC room open, if anyone wants to play a 21k, feel free to challenge me on KGS. The username is shyin.
>> No. 11216 [Edit]
I've never heard of this game until now. It seems extremely interesting and I am definitely going to learn more about it.

>> No. 11217 [Edit]
Excellent! You may have already found it, but Sensei's Library is an excellent site to start with, it's like a go wiki basically. Their beginner pages are very useful. If you ever want to play, the username's in the post above you.

Post edited on 30th Oct 2011, 9:03pm
>> No. 11303 [Edit]
I just lost a game as black by exactly 6.5. This would have been jigo if it were a few centuries ago. And it would have been a victory for me if I had taken some time to read before responding to a certain invasion ( ˃ Д˂)
>> No. 11392 [Edit]
Well do to a lot of thinking I've deciding I'm going to focus all of my time on go.. Maybe I'll help me clean up my life a bit

I plan on training as much as possible and going to the canada open next summer.

Lets see if I can pull a Hikaru
>> No. 11393 [Edit]


And away we go~
>> No. 11404 [Edit]
Followed. I want to see your progress and hopefully it will also keep me motivated. We should play sometime ~
>> No. 11405 [Edit]
Played some spanish guy earlier today. He took literally 2 or 3 minutes for each move. Asked for 5 additional minutes twice. Then I took 2 minutes. to think about a move and he actually said "wake up", and then called me "toto". I think he assumed I didn't know spanish. I ended up resigning when I lost a group because I honestly didn't want to play him anymore, so why bother trying to continue? What a fucking jackass. I'm wondering if I should report him.
>> No. 11432 [Edit]
File 132095913450.png - (494.57KB , 837x837 , aya.png )
Apparently I've gotten significantly better. I played against Aya again this morning (15 minute game before class) and lost, but just by komi. Pretty good result when just a few weeks ago I was getting my ass kicked and losing by 80 or 90 points.
>> No. 11462 [Edit]
Might actually be going to the Canadian Open. Neat.
>> No. 11814 [Edit]
Consistently winning agains Aya by some 30 points now. Feels good to know you've improved.
>> No. 11832 [Edit]
I played Go some time ago, I'm EGF 2D which is about AGA 4D.
>> No. 11833 [Edit]
Jesus. You're probably the strongest player around here. How long did it take you to get to that rank? Did you take any lessons?
>> No. 11834 [Edit]
About 1,5 years. Didn't take any lessons.
>> No. 11835 [Edit]
Nice. I guess people improve at different rates, but I hope I can get to your level in 1,5 years. Any tips for a beginner (15 kyu)? I've just been playiing the most I can, but I think I need to read up on opening theory, so I started Opening Made Easy yesterday, and it's shedding light on some situations where I never knew what to do.
>> No. 11839 [Edit]
I would just play a lot and read every book you find interesting. Solving Life/Death and Tesuji problems can't be wrong. I especially liked the "Elementary Go Series".

Post edited on 10th Dec 2011, 1:10am
>> No. 11840 [Edit]
There's a go club about an hour away from me. Do you think it would help me improve enough to be worth the trip?
>> No. 11843 [Edit]
Ever since I've been going to the go club near where I live I feel I've improved a lot, so yes. And playing face to face is pretty fun too, the only problem is that it's harder to review the game.
>> No. 11848 [Edit]
I just killed my first dragon (senseis.xmp.net/?Dragon). Feels fucking great. Granted, it was due to my opponent's mistakes, but still!
>> No. 12168 [Edit]
I'm FINALLY getting around to playing more. I hope to actually get more games in and start doing the blog.

Room is set up now. Should be around for a bit, trying to get a few people in~

KGS go server

Log in/create an account

Rooms > rooms list > New rooms > TC Adventures
>> No. 12559 [Edit]
Every move I make when I'm playing someone much better than me looks terrible afterwards. What is this sorcery?
>> No. 12560 [Edit]
I quite like Go

I make every move with intuition, since I haven't invested any time in learning strategies

It works surprisingly well
>> No. 13928 [Edit]
Takemiya 9p vs. Zen19 5d, being streamed here: http://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv84183657

Zen won the first game with 5 handicap by 11 points. Next game will be soon.
>> No. 14154 [Edit]
On KGS right now, say something in the beginners room if you want to play drunk me

ginseng is name
>> No. 23201 [Edit]
File 138405616775.jpg - (69.50KB , 615x319 , really___.jpg )
I decided to learn and this happened on my first try at KGS Go Tutorial.

I'll better give it a few more tries.

Post edited on 9th Nov 2013, 8:39pm

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