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File 134161845987.jpg - (212.43KB , 663x941 , b529a4c63b2e5ff6a4dbc6c5ba8e8392.jpg )
11025 No. 11025 [Edit]
I have a fetish for being naked in foreign places.

I will go to a place I have never been before, surrounded with the unfamiliar, and I will get completely naked, walk around, make noise, jump around, laugh, and take pictures. Then I masturbate to the pictures and after coming I get embarrassed as hell and self conscious, and immediately dress myself and delete all the pictures.

I have done this in hotel rooms, cottages I have stayed in, apartments, the woods, a few places. Once I did it in an abandoned church.
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>> No. 11026 [Edit]
what the hell man
>> No. 11027 [Edit]
Too lewd.
>> No. 11028 [Edit]
I, uh, alright
>> No. 11029 [Edit]
I... what? That's some funny shit right there.
>> No. 11030 [Edit]
I like falling asleep in public places. Seriously though... what the fuck man
>> No. 11033 [Edit]
Sure is /9/ in here.
>> No. 11044 [Edit]
Live the dream~
>> No. 11049 [Edit]
I have something close to that. I like masturbating near people.
I take my laptop and rub it on my crotch while tabbing through some lewd doujins or ero manga, with my back to a wall. As I gently rub the base of the laptop on my erect penis (or sometimes the edge of it if i am sitting upright), I cum right in my pants while there are people around me. I've done this many times while my siblings, parents, or guests are around.
I get worried sometimes that they might have a good enough sense of smell to notice the semen, but it never makes a stain through Jeans, and I can't smell it myself. After that, I just take a shower since I don't want to have all that cum dry up in my pants and underwear.
>> No. 11050 [Edit]
File 134183687524.png - (15.79KB , 250x332 , 1339257395043.png )
>> No. 11066 [Edit]
A while ago when I didn't have any sex toys due to me being to cowardly to order one online at the time and fingering myself just wasn't working anymore or at least it wasn't satisfying enough. I began to feel more and more desperate for something satisfying in my ass. I looked around and say that I had some blank CD's on a plastic stick, it was thin but I still gave it a try. I took the CD's off and lubed it up and moved it in and out as I fapped with the other hand. I started to go faster soon after I started because it just felt so good. In fact for the first time I came with minimal touching of my cock, just a little very light stroking was enough to give me a mind blowing orgasm. I just wiped it off when i was done and put the CD's somewhere else. It was so satisfying. I don't think it gets any stranger than that.
>> No. 11068 [Edit]
I've used a star wars lightsaber a few times. You can take the cheap plastic collapsible ones apart, and then stick the end of it inside.
>> No. 11069 [Edit]

I have one of those, but the end of it is all rough and chewed up so it would be like sticking a sandpaper-tipped dick into my ass
>> No. 11070 [Edit]
were you able to feel the force?
>> No. 11087 [Edit]
call me crazy, but I think this would be more suited to /ns/
>> No. 11094 [Edit]
I probably do tons of embarassing things but don't realise it. Most of the problems of my life stem from constant anxiety over making a fool of myself and the strategy of avoidance which I use to try and overcome it.Such is the life of someone with Aspergers.
>> No. 11125 [Edit]
Oh man, my sides hurt so much from all the laughter.

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