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File 135236474115.jpg - (68.62KB , 800x517 , Leorio.jpg )
10838 No. 10838 [Edit]
Does your waifu/husbando have a character song? If they do, post it! If they have multiple ones, post your favorite.

This is Leorio's song, it gives me the biggest grin whenever I hear it... It's so uplifting and happy!

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>> No. 10839 [Edit]
File 135237587192.png - (1.01MB , 750x1076 , cc4ff8d82f1a8bc90f81cd7bce98f16f.png )
Not exactly, but her stage theme is commonly used as one

I love it, It's one of my favorite Touhou songs, if not my favorite.
>> No. 10840 [Edit]
More or less the same.

It was never one of my favourites and I can barely associate it with her though.

Post edited on 8th Nov 2012, 4:25am
>> No. 10841 [Edit]
  She sings one version of the ending. Its kinda cute and pretty soothing.
>> No. 10843 [Edit]
  Yes and I love this song. Lyrics fit perfectly for her.
>> No. 10844 [Edit]
File 135240558199.gif - (17.04KB , 400x400 , 5609291.gif )
Hell yes she does! i listen to them at least once a day, i love both of them, i can't choose which one is my favourite.



The lyrics fit for her personality so much, i really love them.
>> No. 10846 [Edit]
  Yes she does, and I think is one of the most beautiful songs ever made. At least for me.
I think that after all, Kanata kara no requiem's lyrics not only fit her well, but also fits those who want something that is very, very far away from them.
Anyways I love this song. I also like the OP/ED of Ouverture which I consider other character songs for her.
>> No. 10850 [Edit]
File 135242580758.jpg - (59.11KB , 512x384 , 13381777.jpg )
Not really. The whole 24 EFFECTS album is pretty much that for her, though.
There are also plenty of songs I know that I think could fit her, though only one or two have lyrics.
>> No. 10855 [Edit]
  Yep! I try to listen to my favorite of her's at least once a day, both because it's her's, and, well, it's damn good.

That character song EP of hers is 10/10, easily. Fourth favorite album of all time, in fact.
>> No. 10859 [Edit]
  Not really her music though in the anime version of Omamori Himari, aside from the standard ED, there were some episodes with ED that is sung by the character's voice actress and has a different lyrics from the original ED of the anime
>> No. 10869 [Edit]
  She has a few. This one's my favorite, as it expresses her sentimental nature very well.
>> No. 10872 [Edit]
  There's a track in the OST called "Setsumi's Theme," but I'm honestly not that fond of it, and it doesn't even appear in the game. So I chose the (much better) insert song, which is sung from her perspective.
>> No. 10874 [Edit]
  Just the two. I prefer Shoes of Glass over the other one though.
>> No. 10876 [Edit]
  Though it's not my favorite song in the series, I still enjoy it. At the least, I think it captures her personality nicely.

I really enjoyed the version of that song they used in 7.5 and 12.3, personally.
>> No. 10877 [Edit]
  This and Love-Colored Master Spark.
>> No. 10884 [Edit]
  She has two character songs, I had to upload and mark it as unlisited because of how anal Lantis are about copyright - but this song is my favorite.
>> No. 10891 [Edit]
Audio Various - Moeru Ishi ni Natte (Theme of Reki) - (5.75MB - 320 kbps - 44.1 kHz , 09 - Moeru Ishi ni Natte (Theme of Reki).mp3 ) Length: 2:31
This is the song that is titled as her theme, but I can't really think of it as so. Haibane's ost, Hanenone, had been very dear to me for a couple of years before I finally got Seinaru Shoukei, the album that her theme is on. I remember being pretty excited to hear her song, expecting dramatic strings and piano, or perhaps plaintive guitar; something rather somber and melancholy. You can imagine my surprise when I heard this, which to my ears sounds to be performed by a recorder quartet. The translations of the lyrics that I've read weren't all too exciting either.
>> No. 10892 [Edit]
Audio Kou Otani - (2.42MB - 128 kbps - 44.1 kHz , Haibane Renmei - 19 - Ailes Grises.mp3 ) Length: 2:39
This is what I feel Reki's true song is. Hanenone is excellent overall. To me, Kou Otani has an interesting melodic style; simple to the point of almost seeming elementary, but highly affective.
>> No. 10900 [Edit]
Cynthia has a pre-battle and a battle theme. She has three different versions of her battle theme, with slight differences in each of them.
>> No. 10975 [Edit]
I have this as my alarm and my ringtone on that off chance I get a call. It always makes me smile and makes me feel better.

>> No. 10976 [Edit]
that is my alarm also

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