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File 143500652321.jpg - (102.29KB , 610x866 , Blood C.jpg )
23362 No. 23362 [Edit]
Time for the third (and the last) June watch-together. In hopes that it will live up to its reputation as a truly craptastic show we've decided to watch Blood C. It's another last second announcement but it can't be helped.

The schedule is as follows:
▶ Episodes 1 and 2 this week on Teusday (23th) at 8:30PM GMT
▶ Episodes 3 and 4 this week on Wednesday (24th) at 8:30PM GMT
▶ Episodes 5 and 6 this week on Thursday (25th) at 8:30PM GMT
▶ Episodes 7 and 8 this week on Friday (26th) at 8:30PM GMT
▶ Episodes 9 and 10 this week on Saturday (27th) at 8:30PM GMT
▶ Episodes 11 and 12 this week on Sunday (28th) at 8:30PM GMT

As always we're using syncplay. You can download it here: http://syncplay.pl/

Room: tc
Address: syncplay.pl:8995

We're using this release: http://www.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=390898

Fingers crossed!
>> No. 23363 [Edit]
>Blood C
Yeah no thanks. I stopped watching gore porn when I stopped being an angsty teenager.
>> No. 23366 [Edit]

Well, just to clarify: we're not wathing this because we expect it to be good and fun. We're watching it just to see how awful it actually is.
>> No. 23367 [Edit]

some of us suffered enough through the TV airing of the series. The show is garbage from the plot, to the character interactions.

You're better off skipping straight to the Movie for the CGI dragon.
>> No. 23372 [Edit]

>The show is garbage from the plot, to the character interactions.

You make it sound better and better. I'm starting to look forward to this now.
>> No. 23373 [Edit]
Sounds fun! I'm in.
>> No. 23384 [Edit]
Don't say you weren't warned.
>> No. 23402 [Edit]

Eh, I feel I got lied to. The last 2 eps were really crap but everything before that was simply boring. I think much of the bad rep this series has gathered stems from it being pretty gore-y which I couldn't care less about, one way or another.
I expected it to be shit enough to be shit enough to be worth watching but in the end it was just average bad I guess. I've seen worse shows in Spring season alone.

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