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File 140704968818.jpg - (665.09KB , 1050x840 , 23fc8716e6122308657698715621eb90.jpg )
18327 No. 18327 [Edit]
I don't fit in society but I can't fit in with Tohno-chan either.
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>> No. 18328 [Edit]
Can't be helped. Some compromise is needed pretty much everywhere.
>> No. 18329 [Edit]
No one fits in on Tohno-chan. Just ignore the faggots who give you a hard time for not being the picture perfect ideal floor shitting hiki neet otaku.
>> No. 18330 [Edit]
>not being the picture perfect ideal floor shitting hiki neet otaku
And yet it's still only you that keeps repeatedly saying that like a broken record. Not wanting normalfags here =/= only allowing 'truNEETs' here (most people here aren't even NEETs anymore IIRC). Stop crying and get over it already.
>> No. 18331 [Edit]
Sometimes people get angry and say things they don't really mean. Don't let it get to you.
>> No. 18333 [Edit]
I know how you feel.
But still, I know we won't fit in with each other, either.
People like us, we can't even connect with other people like us.
>> No. 18334 [Edit]
>People like us, we can't even connect with other people like us.
This is actually true to a large extent. I've even met people quite similar to myself both in reality and online, and our friendships turned sour very quickly. That being said, I never blamed them for it, and I still felt a stronger sense of connection with them than with normals.
>> No. 18335 [Edit]
And Tohno-chan is society too. Surprise!
>> No. 18336 [Edit]
> People like us, we can't even connect with other people like us.
This is contradiction. Similar people connect by definition, they are similar after all, excluding ones that don't want to connect in the first place, but such people won't create treads like this since they're don't care. Bottom line is, if you want to connect but can't, you are different.
>> No. 18337 [Edit]
>Similar people connect by definition
I don't think you're right. Even if you are, people like me have no substance, so any connection made is pointless.
>> No. 18338 [Edit]
So what? How having 'no substance' hinder your ability to connect? And what is the 'point' of connection you talking about?
>> No. 18339 [Edit]
You're wrong. People who are antisocial in nature can't connect with other people who are also antisocial.
>> No. 18340 [Edit]
File 140719628496.png - (257.55KB , 634x455 , you heard the lady.png )
You don't even have to fit anywhere.
I know it may be hard for some people here to understand but I will guide you to the light.
All it does it puts you under some shitty group.
Find something you really,really fucking like, and ignore everything else. Spend ALL your time into that thing until eventually you become master of your craft. You will be individual with a skill far beyond others. I can't even think of losers that spend their time playing shit like World of Warcraft or whatever. They invest their time in nothing.I dedicated myself to firefighting and nothing has made me greater person ever.
>> No. 18341 [Edit]
I don't understand a word of what you're trying to say
>> No. 18342 [Edit]
Hmmmm, good point. I guess what I am saying is that you should become dumb and not care about fitting in.Fit in your own criteria,not somebody elses.
>> No. 18343 [Edit]
You sort of have to consider whether your words will fit to some degree when entering a conversation or posting though, even here. Sure, I'm not one of those guys, but talking about 3DPD and a lot of normalfag stuff is still off-limits here.
>> No. 18344 [Edit]
I like the picture.
Motivates me for what needs to be done.
I am master of craft of sleeping.

Post edited on 4th Aug 2014, 5:55pm
>> No. 18345 [Edit]
Be the very best like no one ever was!
>> No. 18346 [Edit]
>People who are antisocial in nature can't connect with other people who are also antisocial.

They can, they just join the shittiest fanbases where everyone is accepted. Juggalos, Metalheads and Bronies, for example.
>> No. 18348 [Edit]
Look up the term 'antisocial' first.
Antisocial = hipster i.e. attention whore
>> No. 18352 [Edit]
>Antisocial = hipster i.e. attention whore
Antisocial in the extreme case means criminal.
>> No. 18386 [Edit]
This guy's right. "Craft" is definitely the wrong word though. Makes it sound like you need skills or a job (you don't). All you need is a something you can hyper-focus your attention into and you'll stop thinking about nonsense like "do I fit in yet?". There's a reason some shut-ins and crazy otakus aren't bothered by loneliness. It's all because they know how to shut out these nonsense thoughts by doing something else.

Time for you to get a time consuming extreme hobby, OP.
>> No. 18399 [Edit]
> There's a reason some shut-ins and crazy otakus aren't bothered by loneliness.
I laughed. And why such happy people gathered in this board called "So Lonely"?
>> No. 18400 [Edit]
Let's not making sweeping generalizations when I said "some", now.
>> No. 18401 [Edit]
> Let's not making sweeping generalizations
Okay, let's be specific. Who are you? Are you bothered by loneliness? If yes, then why don't you follow your own advise? If no, then why are you even here? I remind you again: This board is called "So lonely".
>> No. 18402 [Edit]
I am following my own advice. I was stating it because it was the only thing that's ever helped me.

Things aren't so black and white, you're not either brimming with faultless happiness or stuck in an eternal depression. Most people fluctuate between the two pretty regularly. I've been a shut-in for 6 years now, and there's always going to be periods when the loneliness catches up to me, hence, I find myself back in places like this board. Does that mean distraction doesn't help? No, because it helps most of the year, moments of weakness can't ever be avoided and will pop up from time to time. Especially in between figuring out what to do with yourself next. It's preferable to have periods of loneliness than to be consumed by loneliness 24/7.

>This board is called "So lonely".
Yeah? And? I have no friends, family or acquaintances, and loneliness isn't exempt from my life. I used to brood in intense loneliness, more so in the past than I do now, but what's the problem?

My apologies of course, if complaining is preferable to analyzing situations, by all means, I'll stop posting and just go back to lurking. I've probably become too comfortable with my shut-in lifestyle as of late to talk to anyone anymore anyway. Not-fitting-in is the topic of this thread after all, and this isn't a concept I'm foreign to.
>> No. 18403 [Edit]
Are you an idiot?
>> No. 18404 [Edit]
who says not being bothered by something makes you happy?
>> No. 18423 [Edit]
>but I can't fit in with Tohno-chan either
It's one of the only places you fit in. The one defining thing that links us all together here is not our passion for anime, manga, or games. Because we coincidentally like those things the number of places we can find friends is limited. The desire to find a place to belong is what links us. If you want to belong here, than you do, and a comradery exists between us, even if we're not real friends.
>> No. 18430 [Edit]
The wonderful thing about being anonymous is that if you do not completely fit in, you can just refrain from mentioning the characteristics that make you stick out.

In reality, I think few of us would really be compatible with one another, since we are varying degrees of asocial and mentally disturbed. However, through this board, one can put in as much of themselves as they wish and get out of it as much as they desire.

TC does not attempt to be a replication of an actual, culturally adjusted, social life. However, the format does do a good job at emulating the bare minimums of social interaction on your own terms, which common society does not easily enable.
>> No. 18485 [Edit]
You say that like it's easy having to refrain from talking about many topics that pop up in these circles a lot.

Also, to all the people who say "you don't need to fit in anywhere", why do you think this site was created? Why do you think other kinds of chans were created?
Obviously because they didn't feel 'at home' on the original anymore. So they created their own home to gather like-minded people so they CAN feel like they fit in a place.
>> No. 18731 [Edit]
I know how you feel. Tohno-chan is too proper and uptight to call home. It makes me uncomfortable, and it's a lot harder to convey how I feel. If I had a choice, I'd be posting in lowercase right now with little to no punctuation, and I'd attach a picture of Wojak. What's so terrible about adding a little bit of lightheartedness to negative or pessimistic posts? Also, I grew out of anime and moved on to cinema.
>> No. 18734 [Edit]
No one's forcing you to stay here. You can go post on some cinema website with all the lowercase shitposts and 'hilarious' pictures you'd like.
>> No. 18735 [Edit]
Can't please everyone.
>> No. 18744 [Edit]
I'm apparently too normal too fit in here because I've been in an abusive relationship, but I'm not normal enough to fit in anywhere else. At least you have other people to talk to about your suffering, I have no one, not even here or anywhere else.
>> No. 18745 [Edit]
If it's something of the past I wouldn't say it matters too much unless you bring it up all the time.
>> No. 18746 [Edit]
I bring it up when talking about my problems because it is one of the major causes.
>> No. 18749 [Edit]
Go tell a shrink about it then. We don't care about or want to hear about your relationships.
>> No. 18750 [Edit]
abusive relationships are pretty normal.
>> No. 18752 [Edit]

>because I was in an abusive relationship
Don't try playing that. NO type of relationship discussion is welcome here. It doesn't matter if it's a standard relationship, a happy 3D marriage, an overly stereotypical "I was 'abused' by one scumbag, I hate men now" relationship, a story about a cheating ex 3DPD, or anything else. If it's about (3D) relationships, we don't want to hear it. Period.
>> No. 18753 [Edit]
Well it's one of the main reasons I don't leave my house anymore.
>> No. 18754 [Edit]
Listen to >>18749. There are counselors specialized in that field. They'll listen to you all you want and tell you exactly what you want to hear (even if it's not entirely grounded in reality). Don't talk to us about it.
>> No. 18762 [Edit]
What is this board for then? It's part of my shut in problems.
>> No. 18763 [Edit]
I can't tell a shrink about it either, I can't leave my house. You know, shut in and all that.
>> No. 18765 [Edit]
dont be a dick bruh. we're all lowlifes.
>> No. 18766 [Edit]
Well, then just don't mention it directly. You can make references and tip-toe around the subject, but talking about it directly will only piss people off because nobody wants to hear about 3D relationshits. Although we can't really do it all too successfully, this site is about avoiding anything to do with real life and avoiding people (mostly women) and their shit.
>> No. 18769 [Edit]
Speak for yourself.

To repeat: 3D relationship shit is not welcome here. First and foremost. Nobody here cares about whether it's "related" the board subject or not. That doesn't give someone a free pass to break the rules so blatantly.
>> No. 18770 [Edit]
Well as you can see this is why I am afraid to post here. I don't fit in here apparently but I don't fit in anywhere else as a weird shut in, either. I didn't make this thread but I definitely understand what the OP feels like. At least you have somewhere to go to talk about your problems and people who understand.
>> No. 18772 [Edit]
Stop being so melodramatic. If being able to talk in this small imageboard with each other anonymously qualifies as "having people who understand", by that logic you can go virtually anywhere on the internet and mention that you were abused in a relationship and subsequently be showered in sympathy. There are actually innumerable forums and other outlets for people to talk about that subject (have you ever tried looking them up?)- and being a "shut-in" has absolutely no bearing on your standing in an online environment where it's irrelevant, so it can't be used as an excuse.

And yet with all of the forums dedicated to talking about abuse and recovery from it, with people of 'your kind' instead of us I might add, why would you want to bring 3D relationship discussion here, one of the extremely few places where it's forbidden? It's very disrespectful. Really, I would wager that you're simply on the wrong site. The primary focus of TC is not emotional recovery.
>> No. 18773 [Edit]
You didn't belong here in the first place. I'm also a shut-in, only difference is I enjoy the forbiddance of 3D. I'd hate to see this precious place collapse if we allowed the wrong crowd.
>> No. 18774 [Edit]
There are no places to talk about being abused that also has people who understand what it's like being a shut in. I'm not here for recovery, just to talk with like minded people.
>> No. 18775 [Edit]
That doesn't matter, like he said, this place isn't some place for emotional recovery
>> No. 18776 [Edit]
Too bad. No one here cares about your 3D problems. You're not special because you were in a relationship. Go away.
>> No. 18777 [Edit]
>Go away.

>but I can't fit in with Tohno-chan either.

You're only proving my point and OP's point more.
>> No. 18778 [Edit]
What point? That you don't fit in here and no one wants you here whining about 3D?
>> No. 18779 [Edit]
What kinda retard are you?
You're proving your "point" yourself so why don't you get the fuck out
>> No. 18793 [Edit]
Nothing short of an application or exam to get into the website will stop your 'normalfag' bogeyman from browsing the site. Why don't you go suggest that on /fb/ instead.
>> No. 18798 [Edit]
Someone's bitter.

I don't believe they were complaining about their prescence (or the prescence of your kind at all), but rather telling that person to leave if they insisted on breaking the rules and discussing 3D relationships. Try to actually read what's being said before crying next time.
>> No. 18799 [Edit]
But people do complain about presence: http://tohno-chan.com/fb/res/5168.html

If its not him specifically, then there are plenty of other users which do.
>> No. 18800 [Edit]
Confine your bitching to that thread then. Don't crusade all over the site like an idiot.
>> No. 18801 [Edit]
Ive got no idea what your beliefs are personally, but its highly likely that thread pertains to you. Meaning if you don't like 'normalfags' to read what you writ eon this site then you should go do something about it instead of complaining.
>> No. 18802 [Edit]
>if you don't like 'normalfags' to read what you writ eon this site then you should go do something about it instead of complaining.
What are you even talking about? Who said anything like that? As I recall, the only one raising complaints here is yourself.
>> No. 18803 [Edit]

Just keep your drama containted on /fb/ or get out.
>> No. 18804 [Edit]
This guy >>18776 and this >>18803 said to 'get out'?
>> No. 18807 [Edit]
What does telling an idiot to leave have to do with "not wanting normalfags to read what we type"?

Are you legitimately retarded or just trying to troll?
>> No. 18808 [Edit]
Are you? Hes clearly saying to leave the site. This thread kicked off with people generally being supportive but now they're saying to GTFO. Which one do you fucking want, Tohno-chan?
>> No. 18809 [Edit]
They're telling you to GTFO because you're being a drama queen and generally being an idiot. Case in point: Someone telling you to leave is not anywhere even close to the same as "not wanting normalfags to read what they write". I've never even seen a single person in the years I've been here say "I hope normalfags don't come along and read what I'm typing". Nobody here gives a fuck about that, it's just some shit you made up. Do you think NEETs can't have past relationships too? It doesn't matter who's talking about it- "normalfag" or social outcast- if you come in here and start insisting on discussing it, and then crying when you can't, we're going to tell you to leave. Especially when you start up the crossboard drama and use lies that reek of a victim complex to make your "points".

Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.
>> No. 18870 [Edit]
This was my last post before I did leave:

The rest after that wasn't me. I lurked here for a long time and rarely posted, but that was the first and only time I ever mentioned my past relationship here, in a thread about not fitting in here.
>> No. 18914 [Edit]
Why does who wrote what matter? It doesn't. The only thing that should matter is the thing being said. Assume any post can be written by anyone. *chans are notorious for applying labels to people even though the whole structure of these forums is to prevent that, to the point where they even creat unique terminology for it (*-fag).

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