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File 132391375454.jpg - (79.96KB , 636x776 , k0Szl.jpg )
11902 No. 11902 [Edit]
Ever see these? There's one in my neighbourhood.

I'm studying just in case I depend on them someday...
>> No. 11904 [Edit]
no, but somebody spraypainted the awesomeface on a street sign near my house and it's been there for like 3 years
>> No. 11905 [Edit]
i want gun-toting triangle man and kind cat lady to get married
>> No. 11906 [Edit]
which one did you find?

is there any specific area to look for them?(like are they usually written on trashcans, walls, rocks, or just wherever?), and do they stand out?
>> No. 11907 [Edit]
i think they're like a hundred years old so their reliability is questionable
>> No. 11908 [Edit]
Kind woman tell sad story? Sounds useful.
>> No. 11909 [Edit]
No use going this way, pointed at an abandoned shanty near my house.

It's funny. I see them spraypainted in the street on very seldom occasions, but I live in a rural area...
>> No. 11910 [Edit]
I've never seen any such signs, but then I don't go to hobo places that often (like downtown for example.) I can see how a standard set of signs would be useful for them. But with free internet in libraries, they probably have sites they can check up on too.
>> No. 11921 [Edit]
I;ve only seem hobo signs on the internet before, but I gotta tell ya I am curious about the origin of most of these, like the theives one, 2/10 must mean something?
>> No. 11923 [Edit]
2/10 of what you previously had, is probably what you're left with after a visit from a thief.

Post edited on 15th Dec 2011, 7:41pm
>> No. 11926 [Edit]
Wow, I've actually seen a couple of these back when I was going to school and had a possible future;_;

I thought that they were marks made and left because of construction work, but learning that this is some sort of hobo communication is pretty awesome.

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