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File 133138402371.jpg - (580.62KB , 2560x1600 , 0.jpg )
9198 No. 9198 [Edit]
Anyone else finding their ability to enjoy their hobbies is slowly starting to shrink? I've found that in particular with video games I really don't enjoy them anymore unless they directly appeal to my tastes, whereas in the past I would play anything and almost always enjoy it.
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>> No. 9199 [Edit]
Welcome to depression, please enjoy your stay.
>> No. 9200 [Edit]
File 13313849457.png - (142.68KB , 400x400 , a751969bf96cf8e951e24fd192cb318e.png )
That's pretty much me.

I can't really think of anything else to say.
>> No. 9201 [Edit]
Me too, I don't play any more new games or feel the desire to watch any anime anymore. I am mostly just interested in music now. It's not too bad though not caring about much of anything. I have an open fire pit in my backyard, so one of my other hobbies over many years became burning stuff. Just brings me happiness a couple nights a week to be outside burning wood for hours. I like to think about over time how much I have destroyed. It's just one of the few things I live for.
>> No. 9203 [Edit]

That's apathy more so than depression.

But yeah, it's the same for me. Especially bad with video games, can't get into any of them (and I don't play anything new because I don't have a good enough PC either way), I download something, install it, play for 10 minutes and forget about it. Not enough tables determining every meaningles stat maybe (I think I should go further back and play some hard simulator like Capitalism or something).

Yesterday I caught myself staring at the screen instead of watching my anime. As in, I was watching something and then I realized I don't really know what's going on as I haven't been paying attention and had to rewind last ~~3 minutes. Twice.

In my case it's not as much ADD/mental noise as general lethargy. I'd rather go back to sleep that read/play/watch [x].
>> No. 9205 [Edit]
I used to love video games, but now I like making fun of them more than playing them.
>> No. 9207 [Edit]
There are not any good videogames anymore. the last good game I played was bayonetta. I want something faster, heavier, and more technical.
>> No. 9210 [Edit]
I find myself looking forward to sandboxy games rather than level based story games these days, like starbound or project zomboid. too bad all AAA game devs want to do anymore is linear interactive movies so we need to rely on indie devs, who can sometimes be pretty unreliable. This is kind of moving towards /vg/ territory though so that's all I'll say on that matter
>> No. 9215 [Edit]
File 133144117651.jpg - (60.66KB , 606x703 , 1325288551016.jpg )
I feel that way with games...I used to be able to play on my computer all day and love every minute of it.

Now I don't really care that much...but I am not really sure if it is because I have changed or because they just don't make as many good games before (though it might be both.)
>> No. 9216 [Edit]
I think in the case of games, it's definitely the games.
Big title games are released few and far between, and almost everything is the same medicure mundane repetitive crap we've seen 100 times before.
It's all the same shit with a higher number following the title.
>> No. 9217 [Edit]
I so rarely play FPSs, why cant there be more like this?
>> No. 9220 [Edit]

>Big title games are released few and far between

'Big title games' are usually the ones which are the worst shit out there. Othen than reasons which have been already mentioned the biggest problem is that video games are a mainstream hobby now and 'big title games' try to appeal to everyone and thus settle for holding the player's hand (it's actually both hands by now, isn't it? some even won't let you walk and simply carry you) all game long.

One of my worst gaming experiences of last few years is playing Batman Arkham Asylum after everybody and their mom praised it. Jesus. Since then I avoid every 'big release' like a plague.
>> No. 9222 [Edit]
I don't think my ability to enjoy things has decreased significantly, but the amount of enjoyable things to read/listen to/play/watch has decreased. The rate at which enjoyable things are created is much slower than the rate at which I use up entertainment. Actually now that I think about it, my attention span for enjoying things is definitely more limited now. Anything that looks a bit boring, even if I've heard its good, I'll probably drop.
>> No. 9223 [Edit]
A million times this. I have avoided Skyrim and fucking Mass Effect 3 partly for this reason, that they're featured on the news and nobody will shut up about them.
>> No. 9224 [Edit]
Yep. I can barely bring myself to play any video game for more than five minutes without quitting now.

My attention span is wrecked so I can't read books, even with movies I have to keep an imageboard tab in the background to check every few minutes. I feel so pathetic
>> No. 9226 [Edit]
It's gotten difficult for me to actually sit down and read manga. Anime is even a bit of an issue - I'll only follow series I absolutely love now, and not give anything else a chance. Feels like shit, man. Reading holds no interest to me, anymore. Can't sit down and read a "real" book, either. It's just absurd, I think. Very emotionally draining, because you're bored of everything you like, so you end up either simply browsing the internet in a stagnant fashion, or doing things you hate.
>> No. 9227 [Edit]
I actually liked Arkham Asylum, but hated Arkham City despite it being hailed as "better"
>> No. 9228 [Edit]
Things grow old. It's highly amusing nobody in this thread has yet pointed that out.
>> No. 9250 [Edit]
This here. I obviously don't know any of your personal situations, but you can't expect to play video games and watch anime for hours on end every day and not tire of it eventually.

I'm assuming most of you are in your late teens and early twenties. This is just anecdotal, but my passions and interests underwent a pretty major shift during those years, and some of the things that I loved the most before then (namely drawing, video games, and film) became, and remain, completely unappealing to me. The only thing that has stuck with me past this period is music, and even then there have been long stretches where I didn't care about that either.
>> No. 9255 [Edit]
There have probably been a dozen threads on this topic already. Its a classic symptom of depression. It also sounds like some of you are experiencing information overload.

HOWEVER, its interesting to think about the points brought up about games actually getting worse. No doubt 'AAA' games have become more casual/accessible.

With anime I think its a case of most people being introduced to the best anime early (Cowboy Bebop, Evangelion, Ghost in the Shell, Miyazaki). Then they realise that stuff is very rare, anime isnt a genre and most anime is aimed at kids.
>> No. 9257 [Edit]
I personalty like anime aimed at kids.
But I can't really enjoy it or most other types of anime anymore, none of the kids anime I've been watching seems to have that innocent charm I once enjoyed, it all seems dark and violent to some degree now...
But I might be imagining that..
and as for the other stuff, it seemed like in most cases lately, I'm only watching it to pick it apart and look for reasons to call it shit.
That or I go into a sort of melancholy trance state in which I just don't care about anything while watching.
Almost like I'm staring past the screen..

or maybe it really is a matter of rare quality with anime, I mean, I've seen a lot of shit lately, but I recently enjoyed that first half of fate/zero and kaiji before that.
>> No. 9258 [Edit]

>most anime is aimed at kids

If you said 'most anime is infantile' I would wholeheartedly agree but saying it's aimed at kids is simply false.
>> No. 9260 [Edit]
People change over time.
>> No. 9270 [Edit]
File 133158993419.jpg - (57.27KB , 500x640 , 4e8e423f2ff741d738839380549ab94e.jpg )

>I want something faster, heavier, and more technical

Just play fighting games
>> No. 9274 [Edit]
>none of the kids anime I've been watching seems to have that innocent charm I once enjoyed, it all seems dark and violent to some degree now...
Pretty Cure did that with mahou shoujo... I wish they made another Doremi again.
>> No. 9275 [Edit]
Indeed, but it didn't stick out as much for me with the first two seasons of it.
I guess becuase I tried to look past the fights and focus more of the slice of life oriented first half of each ep.
Now I can't see past the violence.
But it might have something to do with the fact that they incorporated (older) men into their demographic in latter seasons.
I could swear more often than not, in the early seasons of pretty cure (when people still called it pretty cure) the bad guys would just show up out of nowhere at the end of the ep and it would have little or nothing to do with anything from the rest of the ep, they'd fight for maybe 5 minutes, if that and go back to what they were doing.
But still, those fights can be kind of intense, as shown in this vid for example.

Ashita no Nadja, another show by the same creator and made for kids had some really fucked up themes to it at times, such as but not limited to NTR, gold digging whores, and the main character getting mugged(multiple times) just to name a few.
I had actually been wondering if Doremi had stuff like that in it, being from the same creator of those two, I had been thinking of jumping back into it, since I saw the first season so long ago I can't remember anything about it.
>> No. 9281 [Edit]
File 133166715662.jpg - (246.03KB , 639x4796 , 1331549381659.jpg )
The later episodes of Doremi are some of the best anime ever, it grows from just a cute magical antics show to an emotional coming of age show with magical antics. It does deal with some darker issues later on, such as discrimination, parental neglect, death, the competitive schooling system in Japan, the end of childhood, etc. but it does it really tastefully and sweetly.

It's more of an issue of how it's handled I think, Doremi feels innocent compared to some newer kids' anime because it's conscious about how heavy the subject matters are and handles them maturely but still kid-friendly instead of being cynical about them. It's still far from heavy watching though, it's 90% cute and funny magical girl/elementary school antics. There's no fighting or violence much either, there's some mild family abuse (eg. slapping) in the later seasons but it's taken seriously.

Pic related, third season has a long arc about a girl with heavy social anxiety and panic attack issues who stops going to school.
>> No. 9283 [Edit]
The only thing I've been playing lately is blazblue. Lately I can't even get up to play though. I want to play it, but I can't? I'd rather just lay on my bed.
>> No. 9284 [Edit]
You've probably played it a little too much. Try playing something else for a while or take a break and just do something else that you'll be able to enjoy.
>> No. 9289 [Edit]
>My attention span is wrecked so I can't read books, even with movies I have to keep an imageboard tab in the background to check every few minutes. I feel so pathetic

You are not alone.

I have not read a physical book to completion in almost two years. The last time I tried I got an exhausting headache after two hours. I probably couldn't watch a movie without irc or an imageboard open, and I've watched maybe five episodes of anime in the last year. The only game I can play is Touhou, and only a couple runs at that. I spend 12-16 hours a day on my computer but I can't make myself do anything that requires more than five minutes of concentration max. I can barely even read a long thread or article. So my days consist of waking up, skimming through thousands of websites, staring at irc, and refreshing boards until I'm tired, and then I sleep again. I guess I still like music but I tend to loop the same songs for hours too because it's too much effort to listen to anything new. I am sleepy and have headaches all day and want to change but I get actual anxiety attacks leaving my computer.

Anyways, to not be completely off topic, I can't really enjoy anything the way I used to because I can't focus on anything. If I force myself (and it's actually forcing myself to watch an anime or something, I'll enjoy it a lot but then just revert to my usual routine of nothing at all.

Post edited on 14th Mar 2012, 2:26am
>> No. 9293 [Edit]
I'm kinda the same way in that if I force myself to do something other than use the internet to death everyday I'll feel its worth it. Even if it isn't watching anime but just playing on my ps3 or something.
>> No. 9294 [Edit]

Yeah you described me, pretty much. I'll start up an episode of anime, then close it within a few minutes. Story driven games are also a chore, I'm mostly about fighting games and shoot em ups these days. I'm better when it comes to reading though, usually if I can immersed in something good I'll be able to read for hours at a time. I also tend to just listen to the same few albums over and over again, searching for new music is too much work.
>> No. 9352 [Edit]
Sometimes our old hobbies and time sinks lose their flair and shine. When that happens, one should look to find something new and shinier. Don't be afraid to forget about what you once loved. Because when you're doing something new, all of a sudden you may remember that old thing that you loved so much. And when you pick it up you'll find it familiar, inviting and refreshing. Shine is relative. Try something new.
>> No. 9360 [Edit]
All your feels are belong to me

Seriously, half the time I don't even have the concentration to finish a post on a chan in one go. I'm constantly bouncing my leg or arm as though I'm full of eergy, but I'm always exausted phsically and mentally.

This is how normals see it. "oh just pick up another hobby or go outside, it'll be fine!". Hah.
>> No. 9364 [Edit]
What other answer could there be? What's wrong here is your perspective. No there is no quick fix, there is no "snapping out of it". Don't just lazily write me off and say I'm a "normal".
>> No. 9413 [Edit]
I was starting to think I was loosing interest in anime becuase of my depression problems, seems like most anime I watch as of late is stupid boring or just shit.
but then I find myself really enjoying old anime, like Macross, just got into that and it rocks!
So now I'm thinking it's more to do with a lot of anime just being crap...
also been thinking a lot about what someone in this thread said, about anime generally being really infantile.
between the overblown action, casual hyper violence/gore, and way many characters act like they just hit puberty, I'm thinking it's kind of true.
Which might be why I like the older stuff and lighthearted anime for that matter, because it doesn't take itself to seriously.
I do however try to take anime seriously as a whole and get offended when people take jabs at it, because hell, it's all I got...
but the individual pretentious trash that tries to pass itself off as deep and meaningful while still generally revolving around tons of gore and fanservice (such as the stuff Shaft makes) I can't get behind.

Post edited on 27th Mar 2012, 3:25am
>> No. 9416 [Edit]
File 133300979339.jpg - (230.99KB , 1600x1200 , KotOR II.jpg )
I know what you mean. The last game I was completely immersed in was KotOR II and that game was released over seven years ago. It's a shame that most WRPGs nowadays are terrible action games masquerading as RPGs.
>> No. 9417 [Edit]

It was me who said anime are infantile in 99% of cases.

>Which might be why I like the older stuff and lighthearted anime for that matter, because it doesn't take itself to seriously.

This is exactly why I love Slayers so much. It never took itself seriously. 'Don't worry, I struck you with the dull edge. ... Wait, it's double edged!?' Etc. Also comic relief moments during pretty dramatic scenes are oh so common in it. At the same time it's the reason why everything starting with season 3 sucked - it was way too plot focused.

>but the individual pretentious trash that tries to pass itself off as deep and meaningful while still generally revolving around tons of gore and fanservice (such as the stuff Shaft makes) I can't get behind.

I always bash everything that tries to be serious and fails miserably but I really like anime/manga that are created by people who know they won't get Nobel prize for their writing and they couldn't give less of a shit about that. If more writers would stop pretending that they can actually write decent stories and think of themselves as high and mighty they could probably produce something of decent quality. As it is they get an F + 'talk with me after class is over' from me.
>> No. 9429 [Edit]

I'm baffled by people that are able to watch almost every anime that airs each season. I tried watching a few shows in January and I didn't stick with any of them. I don't use sites like MyAnimeList but if I did then the "dropped" section would be about ten times larger than the completed section.
>> No. 9435 [Edit]
I wish I could maintain concentration to pursue a hobby. I used to have a sleeping bag and a bunch of quilts covering my window so no natural light would enter my room. Time disappeared and I couldn't maintain any concentration to do anything besides browse the *chans. It would be pretty cool. I would wake up in the middle of the afternoon and I would feel like it was 3 in the morning. Interesting how light or lack thereof can trick your body. I am able to better maintain concentration now, but it is still an extreme problem on my part.
>> No. 9448 [Edit]
When you're a NEET, you have a lot of free time but not much money to do anything with, and when you don't much like 3D or popular music played on radios, there isn't much else to do.

I damn near lost all interest in videogames, so I end up with watching 20 anime at a time.
Not that hard to cram in 10+ ep a day when you never leave your room and the only alternative is sitting on your ass in front of a pc, or maybe laying on the floor while watching the ceiling for a few hours.

Post edited on 2nd Apr 2012, 9:02pm
>> No. 9452 [Edit]

>10+ ep a day

I don't mean to brag but 10 eps is small time. When you think about it 5 eps = 2h so that's 4h spent on anime. If you're a NEET you might be following the awake 12h/sleep 12h schedule but still, 20 is not as much as it seems. I was watching 17/day for a long while and I still had time for games and books.
>> No. 9455 [Edit]
It struck me earlier that I actually spend more time watching LPs than I do playing games myself. I am the ultimate lazy
>> No. 9461 [Edit]
yeah I realize that, used to be I could barely do 3 a day.
I'd be getting more in but I procrastinate way to much, also problems with drifting attention.
>> No. 9465 [Edit]
You are not alone. English or Japanese!
>> No. 9502 [Edit]
Hey, don't be hating on yourself for enjoying LPs. Personally, I like watching people with good humor/personality play games I wouldn't. It dodges the issue described in the op quite nicely, I feel. I don't think being selective about your appreciations is such a bad thing, but if you suffer from chronic nostalgia I can definitely see it turning quite problematic for the subject.

I take way too much joy in seeing people rage hard over the overwhelming mediocrity of mainstream games (esp. AAA titles). It's about finding humor where humor's due, and avoid basking yourself too intently in the vision of despair.
>> No. 9588 [Edit]
>I like watching people with good humor/personality play games I wouldn't
This. Some of those guys are hilarious. It almost feels like having friends again. ;_;
>> No. 9589 [Edit]
>It almost feels like having friends again

This same exact thought has ofter crossed my mind
>> No. 10222 [Edit]
I am bumping this thread because this is happening to me hard. I'm in an endless state of 'cannot be arsed'. I've been trying to watch more anime this year, but I've only managed to watch two 13 ep series. I'm 'following' a bunch of shows this season, but the episodes just keep piling up in my unwatched folder, and I pause all the time when watching to fuck around on the internet. I can't bring myself to start shows that I enjoy and know are good. The same applies to games. I'm lucky if I last longer than 20 minutes without just shutting it off to go waste time on youtube or something. I'm in a 12/12 sleep schedule right now because I go to bed as soon as possible due to there being nothing to do.
>> No. 10223 [Edit]
I can't bring myself to watch any anime most of the time either but when I actually force myself to before going to bed I really get a lot out of it.

I watch LP's and other game stuff all the time too even though I'm just not into gaming much anymore besides some older games I always liked. Gives me something to do all day. Also been watching videos by that user Retsuparae lately. Their videos always make me laugh.
>> No. 10224 [Edit]
>I pause all the time when watching to fuck around on the internet

I do this too.
>> No. 10225 [Edit]
If you like Retsupurae check out LesBeardly, he is pretty similar.
>> No. 10236 [Edit]

I started to cut my net connection in the evenings because


>when I actually force myself to before going to bed I really get a lot out of it.

I always fuck around on net but when I think that'd I'd have to get up ad reconnect the router then restore the network... That's too much. So instead I do what I can do, i.e. I watch anime.
>> No. 10267 [Edit]
>Anyone else finding their ability to enjoy their hobbies is slowly starting to shrink?

I have been mindlessly scrolling through a couple image boards for the past four hours. Nothing interesting to talk about and it has taken considerable effort for me to stop and actually type this. Games are boring me. TV sucks. Hollywood movies are propaganda bullshit. Even anime doesn't hold my attention like it used to.
>> No. 10270 [Edit]
In the past 2 weeks, I've completely lost interest in everything I do. No music, no books, no anime. I don't even feel like thinking most of the time.
>> No. 10295 [Edit]
I'm too depressed for anything but sleeping in bed.
>> No. 10414 [Edit]
Same here, I just want to have a way to turn off my brain altogether sometimes just to pass time. Any days during the week I'm actually expecting something in the near future whatever it is, time seems to move like a snail. Like I suddenly become trapped in some void where minutes are extended into hours and all those hours are filled with anxiety based painful hunger and thirst that no amount of anything can make go away. I also do not sleep well because of this, I go to bed around 11 maybe 12 or later if I'm doing something on the internet. When I lay down it is like a game to me, making myself fall asleep is that hard when my mind just won't shut up and turn itself off. When I actually do manage to fall asleep I wake up super early and I can't get back to sleep. I woke up at 6 AM today and was pissed because I knew the hours were going to drag on forever after that. I seriously felt like the morning was not going to end.
>> No. 10466 [Edit]
Ever since I got this job my love for them has came back. Before though, pretty much the same as >>10270
>> No. 10852 [Edit]
I am the opposite. Ever since I got my job everything has been depressing and uninteresting. And the job is only 12 hours a week.
>> No. 10854 [Edit]
File 134032132272.gif - (177.37KB , 245x222 , 131395751344.gif )
I'm starting to feel that way with visual novels and games.

Most of what I download is Japanese only, and it makes reading through dialogue extremely tiresome. I can't handle a huge flood of text thrown at me all at once, with me reading a single sentence in a Haruhi damn minute. It's overwhelming and whenever that happens I end up dropping whatever I'm doing to go dick around on the internet. To think I put so much effort into studying before, and now I can't even bother to control my autism for a few hours to play/read something.

I can't believe how long it took me to write this. It makes me wonder if I'm literally becoming stupider or something.
>> No. 10855 [Edit]
Sometimes it will take me several minutes to type something, and when I'm done I will think "I hope this doesn't look like a shitty block of text". Then after I submit and see the post it's only like 2 lines of text
>> No. 10856 [Edit]

I always think this too.

Though, recently I discovered you can adjust the size of the message box on /tc/, which is really nice if you actually do type walls of text.
>> No. 10905 [Edit]
I held a loaded gun to my head.

Then remembered that I have a dog that needs me, I havent written a note, and I wanted to see the finale of Lost.

I was dissapointed.

Then I got turned off suicide because I didn't want to end my life remembering that lame ending.
>> No. 10935 [Edit]
I wrote this today. I usually write these things to feel better, but I just feel worse now...

My main issue with considering schools is that Penn State is like, twelve campuses, which invariably seem to be in the middle of nowhere. I have no idea which ones offer Japanese language, and I may end up spending my first two years on a campus that doesn't even offer it. 

My second issue is, while tuition to the Assbutt township campuses is around $17,000, I have to spend $24,000 tuition to go to Penn State Park, the main campus, equally in the middle of Nowhere Specialstown. To graduate I have to spend either my first or last year there. 

Transportation is a problem basically. Also mom seems to think because I applied to one of their tiny satellite campuses close to NYC that I blew my chances of ever going to Penn State at all.

I figure Northeastern is the only affordable school in the region that even offers Japanese. Also being located where it is it would be a great idea to go there. I can go home when I want, I have Boston to walk around, I would get to hang with you probably and I could cut room and board expenses out because Dad would have no excuse to not let me live at JP house, he even said himself he wanted to start a college fund for me and help out however he can. 

However I want to get my credit up before I apply to NEU. So question here. Is there, within your knowledge, a good community college I could go to in the area of the T? I could go there for a bit and then do my transfer. That could pressure Dad into giving me the keys. 

Even as I type this I get discouraged and feel a weight in my chest, I feel pathetic. I don't want to go to a school with nothing near it and no public transportation. I don't want to ever live anywhere secluded ever again. But I keep feeling like I am unworthy of any of this. I just don't know what to think of myself in this context. I am naïve in thinking I can live in Japan, huh? Twenty and barely a base knowledge of the language, and can't even get a shit job or go to college. Laying in a house in the middle of nowhere without a license or hope of independent transportation, and looking at the massive expenses of things, I just get so discouraged. Just... I don't know even. 

"Oh go into the military or some shit. That will help." really? Will it? I don't think so. Pretty sure that I am the worst candidate for that kind of thing, not even kidding. This isn't a bandaid fixer for your life. It is an enormous risk in so many different ways. Also, I pretty much hate the cheer the hometown at the gladiator games in the sandbowl shitty situation I would be in the middle of. I do not care for this nation's mentality regarding national defence as the main pride point. I don't want to take part in a bunch of revised humourless frat boys being lauded at home while they piss on the Hiroshima memorial or throw puppies off cliffs abroad, I'm pretty sure if I have anger issues at home the military is the worst place I could go. You want me to kill someone mum? Really?

This is the first time I actually wrote out my issues. I have no interest in working doing anything but immersing myself in things I am suited for. I am pretty much useless unless I want to do something because I just get depressed to the point of being physically weak. It's insane. I can't think of any solutions, and I can't explain my malfunction to anyone because it's either "you're a hard worker or a lazy shit, there's no excuse! And the only solution to laziness is negative reinforcement you asshole! Any other response is just coddling!" I may have a serious problem but nobody can (or is willing to) help or offer advice beyond "Just get a life!"

I want to do something. I do. It's just, everything is really difficult for some reason or another to get involved in. 

I really am just useless. Just, Haruhi damn. I have no idea why you haven't told me so. Give up give up give up give up give up give up give up give up. You always fantasise about shit that will never happen! There is no reset button, no hope, no chance, there's just black and white! All or nothing! There is no Haruhis or kami to save you, you waste of fucking carbon! Shit is a better use of space than you! You are human litter! Do or die, that's what they say! You had your chance to do, now just fucking die! You want to live in Japan?! From the moment you were conceived that was a fucking fallacy and you know it! Why do you even want to consider it still? Fucking, fucking weeaboo! Why should anyone give you a second glance?! You know what, piece of shit? Burn it all. Your manga and DVDs, your shitty flags, your kamidana (oh that was a riiiich lie you told yourself, as if you could follow Shinto at all) all your books, games, just stop playing. Figs? You know what, just give a list and see who wants what! Do it! 
Ex 001 Konata cosplay ver figma
018 Tsuruya figma
035 Kagami cosplay ver figma
100 Append Hatsune Miku figma
Konata OVA cosplay statuette
Erica Hartmann statue
Yuki Nagato fraulein revoltech
Mobip Yoshika Miyafuji
Konata x Yoshika Miyafuji cosplay minifig, Comptiq special
The rest is jus useless, burn them as well. 

Clear your walls off Haruhi damnit! Look at the faux wood board panelling! That fake shit is you, that's your mirror from now on! You are fucking nothing! You've covered yourself in fake interests for years because you are nothing! No personality! It's all just a fucking act, you treat your life like a shitty masquerade! You're nothing, you just cover yourself in cloth to hide your nothing! Do you even like Japan, really? You can't even clean a bathroom, you're so useless! 

Why are you even fucking writing this? 

You wanted secrets? Here they are. 
>> No. 10936 [Edit]
I'm not really giving my things away, or killing myself, just expressing... Some sort of emotion. Not doing so well today. Woke up crying because now I don't even need an external force to destroy my hopes, dreams and aspirations. I internalized the destructive cycle.
>> No. 10944 [Edit]
Think hard about what you're signing up for. College is one of the most competitive, cut-throat environments in existence. If you start lagging behind the coursework, or fail to make any friends, you will probably never catch up. I say this from experience: I am 22 and dropped out, wasting a lot of money. During exams, groups of friends would sit together and exchange notes, send text messages to private tutors who'd help them out, use these fancy programs on their modern phones to solve problems (I have a phone from 2003 so I have no idea how this works) and even bring a spare one in case the professors confiscated it. None of these methods were available to me since I made no friends. I felt like I was way behind the curve, as if everyone was taking the elevator while I was stuck on the first floor and I could not get out because I kept failing the exams. This sensation overwhelmed me and I had to quit. I hope this does not happen to you because it's a horrible feeling.
>> No. 10954 [Edit]

All right, I just spent the last couple of hours (yes, really) trying to organize a response to everything you've said here, but I'm having a rather difficult time of it, so I think it's best I keep it simple and just say this: if you really want to learn Japanese, you absolutely do not need to take classes. I'm sure these websites have been linked elsewhere on this site before, but if you haven't already (or even if you have) please give them a look

Listen. You can do it. It's too early to give up on those dreams. It might seem impossible right now, but you will grow. The journey is a long one, and the first step is the most difficult. But every step forward makes the next one easier, and however long the journey is, it is finite. If you just keep going in the direction of knowing more Japanese, one day you must arrive at your destination. This is an undeniable mathematical fact. When you decide, REALLY DECIDE, to learn Japanese, and you work to be better every day--then right when you make that decision you pretty much know Japanese already. Of all the millions of possible futures that lay before you, only those in which you know Japanese will remain.

You are not worthless. You're just not there yet. You're like a tiny seed. You may appear small and insignificant, but a seed grows. Think of the biggest tree you ever saw. Now realize that at one time, that tree, that enormous, monolithic behemoth of existence was once small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, once small enough to be cast aside and thought of as worthless. But that seed grew. Every day it grew and grew until one day it was that tree.

That seed is you. The potential for greatness lies inside. That's the real you.
>> No. 10981 [Edit]
Whatever hobbies I once had have now been replaced by trying to get a cheap fix over the internet.
>> No. 10983 [Edit]
I just spent the last few hours figuring out I have over 60 unplayed games on my computer, almost every one giving me at least 4 hours of gameplay.

I can't get past the title screen on any of them before quitting.
>> No. 10984 [Edit]
Couldn't have said it better myself
>> No. 11005 [Edit]
You're like me, I don't even bother with games anymore because that is all that happens. I stick to a small handful I will always play till the servers shut down.
>> No. 11012 [Edit]

I'm like this too. I found an 80 gig partition filled with PC games recently. Realized I didn't finish any of them and just cleared the space up.

I think it's age if anything.
>> No. 11036 [Edit]
I just watched Castaway on the Moon.

It made me feel happy and sad multiple times, I don't know why but it just hit me like a train full of bricks. I am feeling good.
>> No. 11037 [Edit]

That is indeed a lovely film.
>> No. 11042 [Edit]
Not to derail the thread but I just watched this because of you mentioning it. It was great. Have any more foreign survivalish movies such as that one? I have no idea about asian movies.
>> No. 11045 [Edit]
If you're going to watch any asian film, go for All About Lily Chou-Chou.
>> No. 11096 [Edit]
I wish, but the only hobby which I actually devote time to each day is browsing the net, and I hate it.

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