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File 136811168928.jpg - (1.13MB , 1200x900 , 1365684364986.jpg )
14751 No. 14751 [Edit]
So do any of you actually consider yourselves to be comparatively 'successful' in any way or another?
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>> No. 14752 [Edit]
Nope, not successful in any way, shape, or form.
Just stuck living a failed life. I wouldn't delude myself by thinking otherwise.
>> No. 14753 [Edit]
File 136811679944.jpg - (1.08MB , 3000x2250 , 1361352335095.jpg )

No, but I enjoy this life, back when I tried leading a normal life with ''friends'' I would wind up depressed and miserable. Being lonely sucks but it is better than the pain that comes with a social life. If anything the thing I regret is not having enough money to have one of those rooms full with wallpapers figurines and computer monitors everywhere, and buy pretty much anything I want.

In the sense that I have no friends, feel like puking when I see the outside world, and have my share of social problems and other personal problems then yes most people would say I am a loser and failure. But I truly am happy like this. It is painful realizing that I will never go to that perfect 2D world, or meet my waifu, but escapism through 2D things, computer, music and internet is something in life that brings me great indescribable joy.

Also I don't remember where I got the picture from, I didn't take the picture either but it matches with what I am saying pretty well. So don't ask me where it is from and why the person decided to take a picture of it with his camera I was simply looking through my folder and though it matched well with my post.

Post edited on 10th May 2013, 6:19am
>> No. 14754 [Edit]
>> No. 14755 [Edit]
Well, I do have a M.A. in Experimental Psychology, and I've had part-time, demanding jobs before; outside of those things, I'm not sure.
>> No. 14756 [Edit]
Somewhat, going by my individual defintion of "success", which is a hedonistic one based sololy upon my own happiness. Of course that clashes heavily with the Ford Driver perception of "success", as working my ass off for next-to-nothing and devoting the majority of my life to 3D women would personally bring me nothing but misery.
>> No. 14757 [Edit]
Yes, as a musician and as a human.

It is painful realizing that I will never go to that perfect 2D world, or meet my waifu

I can hardly wait to find whether this really is the case.
>> No. 14758 [Edit]
>I can hardly wait to find whether this really is the case.

What do you mean?
>> No. 14759 [Edit]
There's no need to be successful unless that's the only way you'll feel content with yourself.
>> No. 14760 [Edit]
I agree, your enjoyment of life is much more important. Like I said in my other lengthy post this is how I get enjoyment.
>> No. 14762 [Edit]
Let's leave it at this until I've achieved some results before saying any more.
>> No. 14763 [Edit]
You're not making any sense, I have no idea what you meant by:
>I can hardly wait to find whether this really is the case.

Post edited on 10th May 2013, 8:22am
>> No. 14764 [Edit]
He's just trying to be mysterious.
>> No. 14767 [Edit]
File 136820977335.jpg - (75.79KB , 623x528 , 23457970729543.jpg )
You said musician. Are you also moonlighting as a mad scientist or ordering your inherited enterprises to make 2D waifus a reality or what? If so Haruhispeed and come up with something cuter than pic related. Desktop GUI or holograms are fine.
>> No. 14770 [Edit]
No: I'm a series of frauds.

>as a musician
would or have you share your stuff on /cr/'s music threads?
>> No. 14782 [Edit]
Copy this guy but make a chinese cartoon version
>> No. 14783 [Edit]
Haha, no, I'm just a human who's found himself in love with a girl not from here, like a lot of people on this site. There is nothing for me to create, either.
A desktop GUI, hologram, and similar 'solutions' would probably drag me into a depression.

I can't remember. Regardless, after I accidentally all of my recordings a few weeks ago, I haven't found the motivation to re-record all of my songs. A straining amount of gigs aren't quite helping either, but I'm leaving this band soon and I'll probably focus on my own projects from that point on. I'm pretty excited.

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